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Lexilens Glasses for Dyslexia

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Lexilens Glasses for Dyslexia

The innovative reading aid for dyslexics
Improve seamlessly your reading ease & speed.
Effect strength depends on your specific needs.

No training required
Instantaneous response 
Compatible with prescription lenses
Designed for kids
Rechargeable Battery
Universal design
Two sizes: Kids and adults

Lexilens helping young girl read

Simple: Switch it on, your ready toenjoy reading. Some testify a real pleasure to read, they gained confidence and improved relations within their environment.

Stable: Nose maintains stability of the frame in reading position so you can focus on your reading.

Comfortable: Arms designed to seamlessly fit a large diversity of heads, especially when kids grow up.

For kids: Use Lexilens at school without worrying about battery level.​ Long lasing battery. Two days of operation with any battery charging. Battery level indicator boost mode if user is tired balance settings for more comfort.

Intuitive App for Setting: Using an app is necessary to set up Lexilens according to the type of dyslexia. Lexilens adapts to the specific needs of each dyslexic.  Lexilens connects easily and quickly to the smartphone via Bluetooth and Lexilens app is totally intuitive.  Availble: GooglePlay and APP Store.

Made for mobile usages: Lexilens using is thinked to be convenient and mobile. A rigid case is furnished and protects your Lexilens eyewear against shocks during transport.  Lexilens works with a rechargeable battery. The length of 1.5 metres of the charging cable makes Lexilens possible to use during the battery charging. It takes 3 hours to fully charge Lexilens.

What is Dyslexia ?

“Dyslexia is a neurological difference and can have a significant impact during education, in the workplace and in everyday life. As each person is unique, so is everyone’s experience of dyslexia. It can range from mild to severe, and it can co-occur with other learning differences. It usually runs in families and is a life-long condition.

It is important to remember that there are positives to thinking differently. Many dyslexic people show strengths in areas such as reasoning and in visual and creative fields.”

Left-right asymmetry of the Maxwell spot centroids in adults without and with dyslexia.

How do Lexilens work?

In most people, one eye is dominant over the other. We realize this because to aim with accuracy, we close one eye to keep only the dominant eye open.

Two French researchers at the University of Rennes discovered very recently that people with dyslexia usually do not have a dominant eye. Their scientific discovery received an award from the French National Medical Academy.  

Both eyes transmit primary images and mirror images of the same quality to the brain. Unable to sort, the brain merges the two images. The dyslexic reader therefore sees badly detached letters, mirrored letters (like b instead of d), words that overlap, leading to a greater effort of deciphering.
LEXILENS® the electronic spectacles neutralize the mirror image

-British Dyslexia Association.

How effective are Lexilens?

More than 2500 dyslexics purchased LEXILENS across 22 countries.
92% of LEXILENS wearers expressed a change in their lives
86% have noticed improvements in their academic performance thanks to LEXILENS®
Wearers express greater ease of reading, the letters stand out better, as well as the lines, the contrasts are also improved.

Online survey automatically sent to LEXILENS ® users after 30 days – 130 respondents
IPSOS phone survey – 352 respondents (January 2022)

Lexilens helping young girl read


Customers Reviews

"It was very complicated for me to read. It took a lot of energy. I got the pairs of glasses in December 2020, it's a relief to have this solution, in a few minutes you can see straight away that my reading is more fluid. I don't confuse words anymore, I surprise myself reading too fast. It's impressive, it's even overwhelming, a real solution for me to start a new life."

"I was dyslexic from a very young age. It did indeed cause me problems both in learning to read and in my relationship with others. When you put on Lexilens, the fact that you can spot a word in a sentence, you are much faster, and it requires much less intellectual effort. I find it easier to expose myself to my son, he appreciates it more when I read stories because I read as well as Mum and in the end, the discomfort I had as a child has totally disappeared."

"At the beginning it's true, I said to myself, I'm dyslexic, that's how it is. Before Lexilens were created, I didn't want to read anymore, even when I discovered manga. When I tried it and I saw that it worked, I understood that it could exist and that it could help many people I really found it incredible but it was real, I said WOW in my head I could not explain it, it was really a WOW !"

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