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WorkFit Floor Mat
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Welcome to Special Needs Computers online (since 2002). Call us if you need any assistance at 1-877-724-4922 or the red Chat Tab (bottom right) or the Contact Us Page.

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Special Needs Computers combines consultation, training, and after-sales support; while balancing economics and professional expertise with your unique needs and requirements.   We focus on the use of technology to overcome the barriers to one’s quality of life and/or employment.  We work cooperatively within the medical and technological professions.  Please visit our Showroom, two minutes from the QEW or call for specific product availability.  Our Mission Statement is “We help you help yourself!”


1) We provide the latest solutions in Computer Ergonomics solutions for all
2) We provide the latest solutions in Assistive Technology - Vision; Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC); etc.
3) We provide consultation, training, and after sales support


1) Professionals with 15+ years experience serving everybody from governments, school boards, rehab centres, multi-national businesses, small business, libraries, therapists, hospitals, school boards, courts, seniors, individuals, individuals with a disability, etc.
2) Over 40 years professional Information Technology (IT) computer experience
3) We are ADP Vendors (2002) – Vision and AAC
4) Registration: ADP; DUNS; WSIB; VAC; NCAGE; Blue Cross; QNESST; Coupa; etc.


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New Products
Two Part Saddle Seat Stool with Backrest For Dental Hygienist
Two-Part or Split Style Seat Ergonomic Saddle Chair or Stool
Saddle Style Split Seat Ergonomic Saddle Chair or Stool
Accessibyte Quick Cards
Typio Online
Accessibyte Arcadet
Accessibyte Online
Swivl Starter Kit
Philips SpeechMike Premium Touch Dictation Microphone
Braille Labeler BL-1000
Patriot 12"  VRM - Video Reader Magnifier
MagConnect Wheelchair Mount for iPad mini 3 | 2 | 1
MagConnect Bold M Wheelchair Mount for iPad mini 3/2/1
Tactile Floor Studs
UbiDuo 2 SGD
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$7728.00 $7590.00
Penclic Mini Keyboard K3 Office - 2.4GHz USB Wireless
Equity Adjustable Activity/Computer Table with Tilt
Elevo Sit-to-Stand Desktop
Braille Business Card Embosser
3M Multi-Touch Display - 65"
3M PCAP Multi-Touch Displays
Switch Adapted Happy Birthday Bear
12 Tablet and Chromebook Wall-Mounted Charging Station
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Dual Height Adjustable Standing Desk Frame - HAD3H
$1518.00 $1380.00