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The Fehn Chair

Lead time: 5-7 weeks
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Fehn Sit Stand Chair - 700S

The Fehn chair combines movement and better posture to end work-day back pain and fatigue. You can’t just sit, or just stand; we’re designed to move.

SIT: The Fehn’s ergonomic seat tilts forward at an angle, moving your pelvis into a neutral posture thereby reducing strain on your spine.  Mounted on a pivot, the Fehn frees you to rock, move, and stretch while you sit— without thinking about it. These small movements increase blood flow, relieving muscle strain and fatigue. 

STAND: When you don’t want to sit, the Fehn’s seat quickly and easily flips under your desk and out of your way: no adjusting your desk height or moving bulky furniture.  It can also be folded all the way down into a compact shape for easy storage and transportation. 

MOVE: Multiple foot rests allow you to naturally shift through a wide range of postures, whether you’re sitting or standing on The Fehn. You’re free to move, without sacrificing comfort or support.  The upper foot rest doubles as a sit up and stretch bar, so you can sneak in some exercise or fully stretch your back while you work. 

Custom made: USA
Lead time: 6-9 weeks
Limitations: Standard desks; Standing desk with cross beam between legs
Includes: free ergomomic setup and optimization session via video or phone
Warranty: One-year
Seat fabric: Black/Blue
Maximum weight: 250 lbs. either model
Shipping: 40"x30"x14" 53 lbs.

The Fehn Sit Stand Lean and Move

Fehn 700S Models

Fehn 700S Standard: 4'11" - 6'0" Height range
Fern 700S Tall: 5'6" - 6'2" Height range


Fehn Specifications


Spring tension seat adjustment
Seat depth adjustment
Seat height adjustment
Ergonomic seat with full 360 degree rotation and adjustable rocking motion
Mulitple footrests
Support a variety of postures and inspire movement
Fehn 700S Features

Standing Desk Compatibility

Not compatible with regular height desks 
Works best with adjustable height standing desk
Standing desk without cross-beam between legs

Leg Posts: 30" minimum clearance required
Table Top: 25" minimum depth required

Two Leg Sit To Stand Height Adjustable Desk 
Three Leg Sit To Stand Height Adjustable Desk


Is it hard to set the Fehn up?

No! Just a few simple adjustments allow you to adjust the Fehn to suit your body. To benefit fully from using the Fehn and to optimize your comfort, we strongly suggest you follow these instructions on our setup page. Spending just a few minutes setting some critical adjustments will allow you to take advantage of the full range of comfortable positions the Fehn offers, and will help bring some movement, fun, energy, and health back into your workday.

Does my height/weight matter?

Built in adjustments allow to Fehn to be customized to suit a wide range of heights, weights, body types, and working styles.

The Fehn Standard Model has a maximum safe weight capacity of 250lbs. and can be adjusted to suit heights between 4’11”and 6’2”. The Fehn Tall Height Model also has a maximum safe weight capacity of 250lbs. and can be adjusted to suit heights between 5’6” and 6’2”. If you are taller than 5’11” we generally recommend you get the Tall Height Model so you have more wiggle room for adjustments. If you need a chair that accommodates height and weight ranges outside of our current two models, please contact to discuss a custom order.

How much room do I need to fit the Fehn?

Though the Fehn looks bigger than many traditional office chairs, when the Fehn is setup under your desk properly, its footprint is similar to that of a traditional task chair such as the Herman Miller Aeron chair. Many people find that they actually save space when using the Fehn, because they can flip the chair under the desk when standing and don’t need to have multiple pieces of furniture (a stool, a chair, exercise ball, etc) in order to stay comfortable while working. It is important that you have the right desk for the Fehn to fit and function properly in your office. Please review these desk compatibility specs or contact us at to confirm desk fit before purchasing a Fehn.

Will the The Fehn work with any standing desk?

The Fehn is designed to fit most common adjustable height standing desks. The Fehn is designed for movement and a standing desk is needed in order to use the Fehn comfortably and take advantage of its unique movement inspiring features. As a result, the Fehn is not compatible with a traditional height desk; nor standing desks with cross-bar between legs. Please carefully review these desk compatibility specs before purchasing the Fehn. You can also contact us at if you have questions about desk fit.

Is there a discount for volume orders?

If you are ordering 4 or more Fehn chairs, enter discount code “fehn4” at checkout to receive $50 off each Fehn.

SKU: 700S-R - 4'11" - 6'0" Height range - 250 lbs. max. 
SKU: 700S-T - 5'6" - 6'2" Height range - 250 lbs. max. 


The chair is a marvelous design. I have found myself using all its features, from sitting and stretching to leaning in multiple ways. It also looks great and seems to have been manufactured to very sturdy specifications. Having used it for a few weeks, I cannot imagine going back to a regular chair.
Shahzad B.

I purchased a lift-up style “standing desk” several years ago, but found that standing for extended periods of time was not comfortable on my feet, or back. Over time I used it less and less, and returned to spending hour upon hour, back in my expensive but uncomfortable office chair. After spending nearly thirty years in various uncomfortable office chairs, my body has paid the price. Day after day, I would leave work tired and stiff, and would have little energy for the rest of the day. Joint pain in my back, hips, and feet, became something I simply expected after long hours at work. I have only been using The Fehn for a couple of weeks now, but I was sold from the moment I first got on The Fehn. I hesitate to call The Fehn a chair, because it is like no chair I have ever used. I felt my back instantly shift into perfect posture, and it is nearly impossible to slouch. This alone is a game changer, but I think the real magic of The Fehn is the many positions you can easily shift into while working. I am constantly moving my feet to the different supports available, allowing me to remain on my feet nearly the entire day without fatigue. The benefits of using The Fehn are evident immediately. During the day, I can leave my desk and move about the office without first needing to stretch and take those first uncomfortable steps on sore feet. I have suffered from chronic hip pain that I now know was caused by extended periods of sitting. My hip pain has vanished! When I leave work, I have reserves of energy that I never did before, and stiffness and fatigue aren’t keeping me from the things I enjoy.

I cannot recommend The Fehn more! If I could easily carry The Fehn home with me, I would. Instead, I just have to look forward to coming to work tomorrow.
Carl Brakob
P.S. I am a guitar player, and before bringing my Fehn to the office, I spent several hours playing guitar on it at home. Any guitar players looking for the perfect platform to perform from should consider The Fehn.
Carl B.

Now that I am working from home full time, I need a better home office set up. The Fehn has made my days so much more pleasant. The ability to stretch and move while on conference calls (which seem to be endless) has been a game changer.
Amy H.

I got a Fehn about 3 month ago and love it. I’m an architect and my job requires me to constantly change my seat position with whatever task I’m doing whether that be computer work or drafting. I have previously used a desk that adjusts in height. I constantly change from a seated position to a standing position, however I find that I stay seated a majority of the time until my body feels fatigued, which then reminds me to stand up. With the Fehn, I’m up all the time…I’m much more conscious of my position and with the Fehn I constantly change positions from sitting up high on the seat with my feet under me to sitting with me feet extended. I also lean a considerable amount of the time with my feet on the floor. I also stand, with the seat tucked under my table. There are more options with the Fehn than just standing and sitting, which I really like. The bonus with the Fehn is the ability to bang out a few sit-ups while I’m seated…that along with the change in my posture has led to a much stronger core and it feels great! I’ve already recommended the Fehn to a handful of clients…Great Job!
Mark Schulman, AIA LEED AP

Thank you for designing and building the Fehn. It is a crucial component of my home office. My back care routine includes your chair and the alternative muscle engagement feels great. I’m feeling stronger and happier doing deskwork - which academic research requires. I think the chair allows my hip flexors to be strong and not tight. I’m riding my bike more now and I just bought a new one! So thanks again. My illiopsoas is happier now!"
Rose G.

I’m constantly moving around and I love the freedom to switch between seated and standing modes so quickly and easily. I’m noticing a huge improvement in my energy levels at my desk, especially in the afternoon.
Ross J.

I was first drawn to the Fehn for it's aesthetics. It is a work of art with amazing functionality and versatility. After years of working in a standard office setup, I was ready for something new and the Fehn delivered. The ability to easily change positions throughout the day suits me, with my tendency to fidget, I can sit, lean or stand and each in a variety of ways. I love the way my office looks now and feel better after a day of work, less back pain and more energy.
Nick K.

I tried the Fehn chair at SXSW 2019 and ended up buying one! My back, hips, overall posture seem better now after a few months of use. Highly recommended if you work at a desk a lot and have pain from sitting for long periods. I particularly love the adjustability and the multiple levels of propping up your feet as I love having my feet and legs elevated. I don't know if I could go back to sitting in a regular chair while working at a computer!
Luann W.

The Fehn saved my back! It is such a great alternative to constricting traditional chairs.
Emily D.

Fantastic customer service, great setup and orientation meeting and the chair is amazing!
Micah T.

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