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AngelEye Smart Glasses

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AngelEye Smart Glasses

AngelEye smart glasses are the first smart glasses in the world that use computer vision and AI technologies to assist blind people to perceive the world and travel. They use binocular stereo cameras to simulate human eyes and convert visual information into audible signals. As the sensory extension for the visually impaired, the AngelEye smart glasses help vision impaired individuals perceive the world and travel safely.


Dimension: 185mm x 160mm x 50mm
Power: 3.5W
Weight: 100g
Standby: 6~8 Hours
Charging: 1.5 Hours
Support: Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

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SKU: AngelEye Smart Glasses

AngelEye Smart Glasses Features

FAQ Smart Glasses

Why is there no sound after the smart glasses are powered on?
Check whether the smart glasses are powered on. If the power indicator is on, check whether the connection between the glasses and the controller is working properly. If the problem persists, check whether the volume of the glasses is adjusted to the minimum. In such a case, increase the volume.

What should I do if the controller is overheated?
It is recommended to use the smart glasses at about 25 °C. Since the temperature is low in winter and the smart glasses are sensitive to the temperature, you will feel the controller hot. Since the temperature is high in summer and the heat dissipation of the controller is enhanced, you will also fell the controller hot, which is a normal phenomenon.

When I go up and down the stairs, the smart glasses sometimes do not broadcast. This also happens for other obstacles. What is the reason?
It is recommended that you lower your head when using the smart glasses so that low obstacles can be scanned. Currently, the AngelEye smart glasses can recognize obstacles that are more than 15 cm above the ground.

When there is a wall in front of me, why do my glasses not prompt me of the obstacle ahead?
Currently, the smart glasses cannot collect the specific features of transparent, smooth, and pure-color walls, so there will be a delay for broadcasting obstacles.

The doorbell sound raised in obstacle bypassing mode is too noisy. What's the matter?
It is a reminder made by the glasses to the user after scanning the obstacles in front. The prompt tone for the obstacles in front is the doorbell sound. The prompt tone for the obstacles in front-left and front-right is the drumbeat sound. The closer to the obstacles, the more frequent the prompt tone. The farther away from the obstacles, and the less frequent the prompt tone.

Can the legs of the smart glasses be folded?
No. The smart glasses legs are built-in with high-precision components, which cannot be folded. Forced folding will cause damage on the smart glasses.

What if the glasses are too big?
You can use the lanyard provided with the smart glasses package. After wearing the smart glasses, hang both ends on the legs of the eyeglasses and adjust them to the appropriate tightness.

Is the cable above glasses pluggable?
The pluggable cable will affect the stability of the connection. Therefore, an integrated cable is used.

What do the water drop sound and the doorbell sound mean in follow-me mode?
The water drop sound indicates that it is safe in the front and the user can walk normally. When the left ear hears the doorbell sound, the user can adjust the direction to the left. When the right ear hears the doorbell sound, the user can adjust the direction to the right. After the adjustment, the user will hear the water drop sound, and then can continue walking.

What should I do if it cannot be charged?
Check whether there is power in the socket first. The charging port is on the left side at the bottom of the controller, which is covered with a dust-proof silicone pad. Before charging the controller, you need to remove the silicone pad. There is an interface of the eyeglass cable nearby. If the controller cannot be charged, it is probably that the charging cable is plugged into the interface of the eyeglass cable. In this case, you need to insert the cable into the charging port again.

Why is it used for less time than the working hours in the advertisement?
The working hours that we claim is acquired through the simulation of customers' normal use in daily life. If the obstacle bypassing prompt sounds continuously for a long time in the environment with obstacles, the working hours will be shortened accordingly. It works the same way as a cell phone in terms of the battery.

What color is the controller of the AngelEye smart glasses when they are fully charged?
When the controller power is less than 10%, its indicator turns red. When the controller power is between 10% and 30%, its indicator turns yellow. When the controller power is greater than 30%, its indicator turns green. The indicator is always on after the controller is powered on. The indicator flashes when the controller is being charged.

Do the AngelEye smart glasses need to be charged? Do they have a built-in battery?
The main body of the AngelEye smart glasses does not have a power supply, which can greatly reduce the weight of the glasses. The controller connected to the glasses has a built-in battery, which can be charged for use. Generally, the glasses with full power can be used for more than 5 hours.

Who are the target users of the AngelEye smart glasses? Are they suitable for people with light sense?
The AngelEye smart glasses are designed for blind people. If you have a sense of light and can't distinguish objects, you can also use the AngelEye smart glasses. They are high-tech smart glasses to assist the blind to travel and perceive the world.

Why is the controller so big?
The size of the battery body is directly proportional to the battery capacity. The controller is big because a battery of a large volume is used. In some scenarios where users will go out, a larger battery will be more convenient for them to travel and make them stay longer outside.

What features do the AngelEye smart glasses have?
When traveling with the AngelEye smart glasses, you can use the obstacle bypassing mode or the follow-me mode. In obstacle bypassing mode, you are notified of the distance from the obstacle by the frequency of rings. In follow-me mode, you are notified of which side is safe in the open environment.

Does the AngelEye smart glasses support the recognition of cars coming from nearby?
No. Currently, the AngelEye smart glasses support only the recognition of static objects. It cannot recognize fast moving objects because it cannot capture their images.

Can the AngelEye smart glasses recognize buses and traffic lights?
Currently not. The recognition of buses and traffic lights is limited by various factors, such as the order of vehicle arrival and the direction in which the glasses can collect data.

What obstacles can the AngelEye smart glasses recognize?
Currently, the obstacles that the AngelEye smart glasses can recognize include people, doors, stairs, tables, chairs, columns, trees, garbage cans, cars, motorcycles, bicycles, cups, beds, chairs, sofas, and mobile phones.

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