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Desktop Video Magnifier - MLV-13


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Desktop Video Magnifier - MLV-13

MagniLink Vision Desktop Video Magnifier with Text to Speech

The MagniLink Vision (MLV-13) is an award-winning HD desktop video magnifier that provides a stunning visual experience with high resolution, bright colors, extraordinary picture clarity AND OCR technology or the text-to-speech funtion!

With MigniLink Vision TTS, text can be read aloud character by character, word by word, line by line or paragraph by paragraph.

Speech and text are synchronized and the magnification level, colors, and contrast can be adjusted at the same time. This makes it easy to actively follow the text, but it is also possible to sit back and listen to the whole text - with the internal speakers or with connected ear plugs.

There is also a silent mode, where the text floats on the screen - and al the user needs to do is focus on the screen and the text conveniently floats across the screen.

The HD camera, along with the HD monitor, provide for a true HD experience at 720dpi for unbeatable image quality. The large monitor is 23” in diameter and can be tilted back 45 degrees and its height can be adjusted between 4” to 7.5” away from the table. These adjustments allow for a perfect ergonomic set-up that will help eliminate neck strain and make for a comfortable user experience.

The magnification range of the MagniLink Vision (MLV-13) is between 2x-60x and there are 13 viewing modes from which to choose. The X-Y table features friction brakes, a curved front that eliminates sharp edges, and 8 bright LEDs for illumination – LEDs whose brightness can be adjusted, if desired.  In addition, the system is modular.


Superior Picture Quality: HD camera and HD monitor ensure superior picture quality of 720dpi with sharp text and images
Magnification Range: 2x-60x (on a 23" HD screen)
Viewing Modes: 13 viewing modes (color plus 6 other artificial colors)
Monitor Height: Adjustable monitor height between 4" and 7 1/2" above table
Monitor Tile: from 90 degrees to 45 degrees
Reading Table: Ergonomically designed X-Y reading table with adjustable friction brakes
DPC: Dynamic Picture Control will adjust lighting automatically
ROPC: Reading Optimized Picture Control adjusts color and contrast; minimizes flicker and ghosting
EUC: End User Configuration - users can set magnification mins & max, number of colors, line guide colors and thickness, etc.
Compatibility: Compatible with Mac and PC laptops
Text to Speech Function: Yes, Text to Speech function using OCR


All MagniLink Vision models:

1: Can I change the height of the screen?

Yes, the screen is height adjustable to fit the user’s most comfortable viewing position. Place your hands on the soft touch coating on both sides of the screen and slide it up or down. You can also tilt the screen.

2: What extra functions does the “5 Push” panel have compared to the “3 Push” and “2 Turn Knob” panel?

The “3 Push Panel” and “2 Turn Knob Panel” has controls for on/off, magnification, natural and artificial colors. The “5 Push Panel” offers more functionality for an optimal picture and reading mode; guiding line, change of contrast and focus lock. It can also be used with the DVI switch and for lighting configuration.

3: Is it normal that the light slowly flashes yellow when the unit is turned off?

Yes, when the system is in standby mode. When you turn on the system it flashes green and during usage it is constantly green.

4: Will the unit start with the same settings as before I turned it off?

Yes, if you turn off the system with the off button. If you pull the cord or there is a power outage, the settings will not be saved.

5: Is it normal that the autofocus motor is slower when autofocus is on and faster if the autofocus is off?

Yes, that is normal.

6: Why does the green LED indicator suddenly flash yellow?

The reason is that the autofocus is locked in a fixed position. A yellow continuous light means that the system is not using the default settings.

7: Can I change the lamps of the system myself?

No, the LEDs have extremely long life. If they need to be changed, contact your distributor.

8: How do I lift the system?

You should not lift the system by holding the lamp houses, the screen or any plastic parts. It is best to lift the system by the basic structure, for example the arms that go out to the lamp houses.

FAQ MagniLink Vision Split / Student

1: Is connection to Mac possible?

Yes, MagniLink Vision Split is independent of operating system.

2: What connection is needed to connect a Mac?

Vision connects using HDMI. To connect a Mac you need a conversion cable from DisplayPort to HDMI.

3: How is display resolution set on a connected Mac?

Go to Settings – and then to Display- and change setting per monitor i.e. one settings window for each monitor will appear. Choose ”Preferred resolution for the connected screen for LVI screens 23” (1920x1080) and for 18.5” (1366x768)”

4: Is it possible to adjust pan and tilt speed of the distance camera?

Yes, by using the EUC software (order it for free – product code MLV-A102). Click on pan/tilt section. There are 5 sectors each for pan and tilt range. Each sector can be individually set.

5: Can distance camera positions be pre-programmed?

Yes, first adjust the distance camera to the intended preprogrammed position. By pressing one of the buttons marked I, II or III on the control panel for at least 3 seconds. Then the positions will be saved. You need to change pan, tilt and zoom to set a new preset mode.

6: What are the advantages of the function for optical center?

It is always an advantage to place an interesting object in the center of the picture. When changing size of the video window the object of interest will always stay in the middle, thanks to the function for optical center. This will increase efficiency since it minimizes the need to change paper position (reading camera) or change camera position (distance camera).

7: Can the distance camera be placed on the wall or in the ceiling?

The distance camera can be placed on a wall by using the accessory “wall bracket”. Maximum recommended distance between camera and split box is 10 m. This is valid for SD as well as HD cameras. Right now, only SD cameras can be ceiling mounted with corresponding ceiling bracket.

8: Is there a model available without a reading table?

Yes, see the model overview, page 45. This can be useful when viewing handwriting and other hand craft is the main task or if there is limited space on the desk top.

9: How is the system fixed if there is no reading table?

As standard there is a table clamp with two screws.

10: Can the system be used only with distance camera and without reading camera?

Yes, there are three input sources possible on the split box, so it is possible to have two distance cameras and one computer connected.

11: Is there a foot switch available?

Yes there is a footswitch available as an accessory. Foot switch is practical to use to rapidly switch between full picture modes.

12: Can the system be used without a computer?

Yes it is possible. The system works with only one or two cameras connected. You can also use the system only for computer work, without camera(s) started.

13: What is the advantage with hardware split (HW) compared to software (SW) split?

HW split makes it possible to split two HD sources simultaneously which is not possible with SW solutions today. HW split does not require a computer to split the screen between 2 cameras and makes the system independent of operating system.

14: Is it possible to make a snapshot or video?

Yes by using LVI’s MagniLink S software (optional) for PC or Mac, this is possible for both reading and distance camera (product code MLV-A101). The software can be downloaded as a free trial version at It includes the same functionality as for the MagniLink S (Student). In this case, PC/Mac has to be connected by USB cable to the MagniLink Vision unit.

15: Is it possible to use the system with an interactive whiteboard?

Yes, make sure that the computer (not the computer connected to MLV) connected to the projector is set to 60Hz, to make sure that there is no interference in the camera picture on the whiteboards. Tip: There are also other ways to connect the pupil´s PC to Interactive whiteboards by software, please read the specific systems “How To” to see how.

FAQ MagniLink Vision TTS

1: Can MagniLink Vision TTS be connected to split box and distance camera?

No, this is not possible at the moment. It is however possible to switch between Vision TTS and PC computer via the LVI switch box (MLV-A100).

2: How to order the Vision TTS module?

Vision TTS is ordered as one unit, in principle consisting of MLV-12 (HD/23”/5-push) equipped with touch screen and a TTS-box. Item number MLV-13 (or MLV-13-2 for 18.5” which means MLV-09 equipped with touch screen and a TTS-box).

3: Can a MLV Premium be upgraded to MLV TTS?

Yes, if it is an MLV-12 or MLV-09, there are upgrade-kits available, containing a touchscreen and a TTS-box. MLV-12 (23”): art nr: MLV-A109, MLV-09 (18.5”): art nr: MLV-A109-2.

4: Are larger screens than 23” available?

No. Synchronized reading and text does not normally require a larger screen than 23”. Larger screen could make orientation more difficult.

5: Is it possible to connect headphones?

Yes, there is a 3.5 mm stereo output jacket on the TTS unit. Note that text can also be presented in “silent mode” on the screen, where the text “floats” horizontally on the screen on a fixed vertical position.

6: Is it possible to save text?

Yes, you can save and open text on a USB-stick (enclosed).

7: Is it possible to scan a full page (A4)?

No, though the Smart Start function will still make it convenient to scan the text, as the same text will not be read twice when the page is moved and re-scanned.

8: Is it possible to update the unit?

Yes, the unit will be updated through the built-in True Update. It is also possible to order more voices (see the Accessories-section, page 42-44).

9: Can Vision TTS be used as “normal” CCTV?


10: Which languages are available / how do I update with another language?

Vision TTS is normally delivered with English + 1 Local language. Many Nuance languages/voices are available as accessories. Order desired language and perform these steps:

1. Unzip the to the root directory of the USB memory stick.
2. Insert the USB memory stick into the TTS unit.
3. Press the ”Update” button.

Camera: HD
Screen size: 23.0"
Control panel: 5-push
Magnification: 2.0 - 60x


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