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ErgoUP 18" Double Leg Rest

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ErgoUP 18"  Double Leg Rest

Elevating Leg & Foot Support Ottoman provides relief from chronic pain, injury, post surgery recovery, swelling, or vascular issues that require elevation of the lower extremities - allowing workers to remain on the job, relieved from pain and more productive. It easily attaches to the post of most office chairs and provides ergonomic support to one or both legs. The rolling ottoman simply swings to the side of the chair when not in use for those that require elevation of the foot or leg for part of the day or to make it easier to get in and out of the office seat. The leg support ottoman is fully adjustable in height, distance from seat and the free floating padded cushion automatically adjusts to a comfortable position for many different body types.

ERGOup Provides an Easy way to Elevate your Legs at Work to Increase Circulation.  Many conditions require you to elevate your legs. ERGOup provides comfortable support to the entire leg and increases circulation in the lower extremities. Some of these conditions may include but are not limited to:

Knee Injury
Bunion Removal
Back Pain
Vericose Veins
Heavy Leg Syndrome
Neuromuscular Disorders
Cardiovascular Disease
Side Effects of Certain Medications

If you work sitting at a desk or computer for long periods of time, you may need to elevate your feet during your work day. Many spend the majority of their waking day in an office seat. ERGOup not only provides you the means to get support when needed but also to take advantage of this time to take care of your body - All while you work.

Working with your Legs Elevated is More Comfortable

Working in a semi reclined postion or with your feet elevated transfers your weight different, descreases fatigue and increases circulation. All of this leads to increased comfort and therefore increased producivity.

ErgoUP Double supporting both legs

The ERGOup Attaches to your Chair

1) It works with YOUR chair. So no need to buy a new chair.
2) It attaches! This is important for a number of reasons. when your leg is positioned at an ideal ergonomic angle, the leg support would be pulled in closer to your chair if it were a free floating ottoman, taking it out of the ideal position. ERGOup rotates 360 degrees around your chair, allowing you to swing it to the side or back into the supporting position without over reaching. An ottoman or foot rest that is not attached would not have this benefit. Its easy to get into and out of your seat by simply swiveling the support to one side or the other.

Pad size: 12" D X 18" W

Padded 18" Double Leg Rest for office

ErgoUP 18 has been designed to provide single or double leg support. This design supports both legs at or under your office desk. The wide, flat leg rest provides padded comfort while keeping the feet & legs elevated.

The ErgoUP 18" is a dual leg & foot support. Larger persons may be more comfortable using the 18" model to support a single leg. Fully adjustable in height & length. Rotating cushioned pad adjusts perfectly to the user.

SKU: 18-FSB - 18" Leg Rest with Black Fabric and Standard Foam (Default)
SKU: 18-FMB - 18" Leg Rest with Black Fabric and Memory Foam
SKU: 18-VSB - 18" Leg Rest with Black Vinyl and Standard Foam
SKU: 18-VMB - 18" Leg Rest with Black Vinyl and Memory Foam
SKU: 18-LSB - 18" Leg Rest with Black Leatherette and Standard Foam
SKU: 18-LMB - 18" Leg Rest with Black Leatherette and Memory Foam


SKU: XL Coupler - Extenstion For Big and Tall People

User Instructions

ERGO Up Leg Support will fit nearly any office chair. No tools are needed for installation and it should take only a few minutes. First make sure all the parts are included in the box. The leg support should be completely assembled and should look just like the picture to the right.

Step 1 Preparing the chair

Most office chairs have a telescopic plastic sleeve thatInstruction covers the main chair cylinder. Normally there are three sections. You must slide the bottom section up so that it exposes the chair cylinder. This is where the leg support attaches to the chair. 

Step 1 Preparing the chair

Step 2 Attaching to the chair

Open the Velcro tie strap, leaving it threaded through the support adapter. Now wrap the strap around the cylinder and through the “D” ring. The D-ring is chrome metal component on the strap. When the strap is through the D-ring pull it tight and press the Velcro pieces together. The leg support is now ready to adjust to fit you. 

Step 2 Attaching to the chair

Step 3 Adjusting the leg support Instruction

First make sure your chair is adjusted correctly. If you need help with that you can go to this web address for instructions on adjusting your chair. 

Step 3 Adjusting the leg support Instruction

Now lets adjust your leg support; First, set the distance by moving the back edge of the pad so that it is directly behind your knee. You can make this adjustment by us-ing the horizontal adjustment. The final setting is the height. It is recommended the height set so that the knee is comfortable and does not raise your leg off the seat of the chair. Always follow your doctor or physical therapists recommendations for posture support first.

ErgoUp Measurements

Pad rotates: to match leg
Pad height adjusts: 14" - 24"
Pad distance from ahir adjusts: 16" - 26"


Q: Why does ERGOup attach to my seat?

While using a conventional office ottoman or a simple stack of books/boxes can work to temporarily elevate your legs, it may lead to increased strain or injury to other areas of the body. 

ERGOup provides proper elevation of the legs and feet, partly because of the fact it attaches to your chair. Simply resting your foot on a stack of books or a box does not support your knee. This may work to temporarily elevate an injured foot or ankle, but will definitely NOT work for knee injuries. Additionally, long term elevation using this method can lead to knee injuries, as the knee becomes hyper extended without proper support. An unattached ottoman will also slide or roll toward your body when the knee is kept in a proper ergonomic position. Once the ottoman slides closer, the ergonomic position is compromised.

Q: How does ERGOup attach to my seat?

ERGOup is fitted with an adjustable velcro strap that attaches around tech post of most standard office seats. Simply slide the sleeve that covers the post of your office seat post and attach the velcro strap.

Q. Will I need any tools to attach the ERGOup to my seat?

NO. ERGOup Leg Support easily attaches to office chairs with a velcro strap. No tools or assembly required!

Q. Should I buy the 12" or 18" Model?

If you plan to elevate both legs at one time, you should consider the 18" Model.  Smaller body structures can use the 12" model to elevate both legs at one time, but it is designed primarily to elevate one leg at a time.

Q. I would like to work in a reclined position. Will SNC help?

Yes! We can be combined with a high back office chair (preferably with head rest) to create a reclining office chair. Working in a reclined position reduces pressure on the spine and can relieve chronic back pain.

Q: Will ERGOup fit my chair?

A: Probably. Let's run through a couple questions first.....
Does your chair have a single post holding the seat? If not, our support will not work. The ergoup attaches to the post of most standard office/computer chairs.

Is your chair base the shape of a pyramid? If so, our leg support probably will not fit your seat. Otherwise it most likely will fit.
The distance between the floor and the top of the base of your chair should be less than 8" to properly use ERGOup.



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