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backTpack vs conventional backpack

Why it Works

Unlike backpacks or messenger bags, BackTpack, with its balanced side bags, applies the load to the body’s vertical axis, thereby eliminating posture distortion and decreasing the effort required to carry the load, in obedience to the laws of physics. The load feels lighter and you stand straighter.

The Center of Gravity

When we support a weight, we have a new center of gravity -- the combination of our body's center of gravity plus the center of gravity of the weight we are supporting. When what we carry is balanced left-right or front-back, or is on top of the head, its center of gravity aligns vertically with ours.

However, if the weight is off-axis (in front, to one side, or behind), we must lean away from the load to keep our new center of gravity over our feet so that we don't fall. Posture must change to accommodate the bag we carry, and the heavier the load, the more we must lean.

Line of Force

The force applied to support the load must go through the center of gravity of the load. So again, when the load is balanced, or on our head, the supporting force is simply equal to the weight we carry, and in the opposite direction: straight up!

When the weight is off-axis, we must pull in a direction such that the direction of the pull goes through the center of gravity of the load. This introduces a horizontal component to the force, which is added to the weight, meaning that more force is required. Put another way, a heavy backpack requires you to lean forward and pull forward with your shoulders. This is why you see hunched shoulders and forward heads with backpack use. With the same load in a BackTpack, you eliminate the forward pull.

It is also the reason that people say, "The load feels lighter!" when they try on a BackTpack loaded with the contents of their conventional backpack.


Two large compartments on either side
Multiple pockets inside and out (12 in total)

Cell phone pocket
Pen pockets inside each compartment
Large zippered pocket inside each compartment
Large open-topped pockets
Small outside pockets on the right and left

Adjustable shoulder straps

Padded for comfort
Secured in place by an adjustable sternum strap, so they never fall off your shoulders

Adjustable LAP-STRAP

This unique feature is essential for spinal health. Since you should not apply a load to a flexed spine (as when seated), the LAP-STRAP transfers the weight immediately off the shoulders and spine to the thighs without removing shoulder straps
The bags will remain accessible at our sides if you choose to remove shoulder straps

Padded bottoms and side panels against your body

For durability and comfort
Hang loop for storage on a hook
Additional features in Models 2, 3, and 4 (see below)
In sizes for kids and adults from 4'0" (120 cm) and up
Sizing Information (see below)

Feature summary

Lap Strap 12 Pockets Cell Phone Pocket
"Briefcase" Handles Magnetic Closure Bottle Holder
Key Fob Headphone Port Hip-Loading Belt Attached
Inside Loops Crinkle Nylon Fabric Available Sizes S, M/L
Main Compartment Size (LxHxD): 14"x13"x3.5" 36x33x8.9cm Fits 15" laptop

 Crinkle Nylon fabric

Briefcase handles for easy carrying, with snap fasteners for holding bag together when not worn
Water bottle holder outside Left front
Key fob inside Left
Headphone ports on each side
Loop to secure hydration pack inside each side
No velcro closures, zipper or magnet only
Hip-Loading belt, with hip width adjuster
Heavy duty construction: bounce tested with 50-pound load for 48 hours 

One size fits all shoulder and hip widths

Main bag dimensions: 14x13x3.5 in. (36x33x8.9cm)
Weight: 2.1lbs. (953g.)
Volume: 637 cu. in (10.4 Liters) Per pouch, 1274 cu. in (20.9 Liters) Total
Holds laptop: 15 in. long (38 cm)
Colour: Black / Khaki (40) Khaki is interior only

Fit & Use Instructions

BackTpack is a therapeutic system, designed by a physical therapist to improve habits of posture and body mechanics. This requires changing ingrained habits. BackTpack must be fit correctly and its unique features understood for proper function and benefit. The goal is to have your best posture, especially when carrying a load. BackTpack will not do it for you but will allow and facilitate this optimal posture.

1) ADJUST FIT WITHOUT LOAD Adjust Shoulder Straps (f) so that tops of bags are near elbows. Bags should hang straight and loosely at sides. Adjust desired hip width using the Adjuster (e-1) at back of the Hip-Loading Belt (e). Do this by tipping the Adjuster to 90 degrees from webbing and slide Hip-Loading Belt to the desired position. 

2) LOAD bags evenly with flat items, similar to the weight you are accustomed to carrying. Now try the bag on with a load in order to experience its benefits. 

3) PUT ON as a vest, with embroidered label on the outside of the back panel. If heavily loaded, start in the sitting position and put on one shoulder strap at a time. Make sure that the straps are not twisted. Stand as tall as possible, heart high, head high, making the body like a tall “T”, shoulders relaxed. Adjust and fasten Sternal Strap (c) at upper- to mid-chest. 

4) STAND AND ADJUST STRAPS so they are even, with tops of the bags near elbows so you can get into them easily. If the contents are bulky you can use bag as an armrest, hands comfortably gripping shoulder straps. Fasten Lap Strap (d) loosely. This IS NOT a hip-loading belt. The Lap Strap is for load transfer onto thighs when sitting in an armless chair or when squatting to pick something up, etc. If you wish to use the Hip-Loading Belt (e), adjust for your size at its Front Buckle (e-2). 

5) FINAL FITTING Sit in an armless chair with the bags on either side of the chair, Lap Strap (d) loosely fastened so that bags hang to sides for access. (Hip-Loading Belt not fastened) While sitting tall and shoulder straps on, make sure all the weight has transferred onto Lap Strap across lap. If the weight of the bag has not fully transferred from shoulders to the thighs while sitting tall in this armless chair, lengthen the Shoulder Straps (f) until you feel all the weight onto your lap without a lot of slack in the shoulder straps. This is the correct length. Next unbuckle the Lap Strap and see why it is such an important feature for sitting in an armless chair! Fasten the Lap Strap again and remove the shoulder straps to experience the freedom and convenience of being able to access contents while sitting, and without spinal loading. This unloading system in sitting is an extremely important health feature of BackTpack... Be sure to put the shoulder straps back on again before getting up!! 

6) HIP-LOADING BELT (e) If you have pain with any loading, spinal deformity, recent injury or surgery, or are planning to carry a heavy load for long distance, we recommend the Hip- Loading Belt. Fit the belt at the Front Buckle (e-2) to your waist or where you are most comfortable. Then fasten the Hip-Loading Belt to take some or all of the weight from shoulders and spine. The Hip-Loading Belt should not be used with prolonged sitting due to abdominal compression. Use the Lap Strap (d) when sitting. The Hip-Loading Belt may be stowed away when not in use.

backTpack setup



BackTpack Proclaimed “The One”

"I am so excited to say that I have finally found my best friend and I have become a whole new person because of it! I stand a little straighter, feel better about myself, and my life has become a lot less stressful! After years of trial and error I have found THE one! I am proud to BACK T PACK! I have finally found the right backpack! Who did you think I was talking about? A boyfriend? "
-Sommer, September 2015

Grad Student Ecstatic About BackTpack

"I finally was able to try out my BackTpack this week during my Doctor of Pharmacy program orientation - WOW! After years of heavy loads during my undergraduate years, as well as having spine surgery about six months ago, it was magic when I put the shoulder straps on. It felt like nothing was there! I had a lot with me too - notebooks, my planner, my laptop, a bottle of water, my pencil case and some snacks :) This is a life-changing product for those who have had spine issues. I wish I knew about BackTpack when I was an undergraduate! Thank you for also assisting me with my order in deciding which bag was most appropriate for me! I am really excited to use this during pharmacy school! I cannot express how grateful I am for discovering BackTpack!"
-Megan W., August 2015

BackTpack’s Design is Exactly What is Needed

"We purchased these for our Citizen Corps volunteers to use during disaster response. They are perfect for loading supplies into while working in the field. The design is exactly what is needed to prevent back strain while wearing the pack for long periods of time. Couldn’t ask for a better product!"
-Anne P., August 2015

We Love Our BackTpacks for Travel

"I can NOT imagine life without our BackTpacks!! They have traveled with us all over Europe multiple times, on domestic travels, hikes etc. On flights they count as a personal item but I can get more in them than I can in a carry on.We love love love our BackTpacks and are still amazed that they look brand new! What an amazing product!"
-Tom & Julie D., June 2015

BackTpack Allows Activity While Being Safe and Convenient

"This product is amazing! I have been looking for something like this since I became a white cane user over four years ago. As a blind/visually impaired person, our hands are already occupied with our guide dog and/or white cane. We have to bend a lot to care for our dogs who are our eyes as well as use our hands to “see” things. A purse or traditional backpacks are such a hazard for your back and at greater risk of theft. They are also a nuisance, sliding off your shoulder when you bend over. To be able to carry all you need at your sides and bend and stretch in active ways while being safe and convenient is priceless. Carrying toys, treats, and water for my dog…while also carrying my wallet, iPad, iPhone, keys, spare hat/shades and water for me…no longer a hassle with BackTpack. I am truly amazed and thrilled with this product."
-Tracey T.S., June 2015

BackTpack never wears out

"I have only one complaint...It never wears out so I can get the latest model!"
-Penny V., May 2015

BackTpack Get an A+ from a Retired Physical Therapist

"As a retired physical therapist, I give the BackTpack an A+! This postural, functional double bag is wonderful for school children, those with back pain issues, the blind, and anyone else who must use an assistive device to locomote. Senior citizens appreciate the BackTpack when going to the library where books will be exchanged and transported. This item also gets a positive response from fishermen and new mothers! Anatomically, posture is critical to our health, and the BackTpack reinforces the spine’s natural 3 curves. The BackTpack is well made and undergoing wonderful upgrades, because the brilliant family who created the BackTpack really listens to YOU, a rarity in today’s environment. Finally, the price is right, since you are getting 2 well-made bags for the price of one! I strongly recommend the BackTpack."
- Marian J., August 2015

BackTpack is Awesome

"Awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! What a great product!"
- Jeff C., June 2015

BackTpack, the Way to Go Hiking

"Having gone on long hikes with BackTpack, I can categorically state that this is the way to go hiking! From @4,000 feet up to 10,000 on a multiday trip, no problem. Traveling to Europe from the left coast, no problem. Glad I bought one of these many years ago!"
- Peter, August 2015

I Will Never Wear a Regular Backpack Again

"After wearing my BackTpack, I will never wear a regular backpack again. After two years it shows minimal wear and tear, and I have used it every day. I have used it for my mile-long walk to work, for travel to art lessons, and as my only luggage on plane trips. I love it!"
- Sister Hilda, June 2015

BackTpack, an Ideal Pack

"My husband and I are each officially the proud owners of one BackTpack 4 apiece. Tim has a black khaki and I have a violet mango. They're very easy to put on as well as to adjust. They are very comfortable and allow one to put belongings in very convenient places without even needing to remove the pack from the body to access them. Not only are there enough pockets, but I have a few gadgets with belt clips, and the pack has enough straps so I can clip the gadgets to my body without the need for a belt. Thank you for creating the ideal pack to accommodate all of my needs."
- Diane, May 2015

BackTpack Facilitates Upright Posture

"The unique design of the BackTpack distributes the weight of the contents perfectly between the shoulders and pelvis. Unlike other backpacks which can place their weight on the upper back or unevenly on the torso, the BackTpack facilitates upright posture of the user and supports ease of movement. It is highly recommended for people who have back or posture issues due to low muscle tone."
- Sandra Rosen, Ph.D., COMS, PT

What is your return policy for retail customers? 

If you have an item you believe to be defective, please return it to our warehouse for repair or replacement at our option, within 1 year of your purchase. We will not refund your purchase price. Please send the item to our Returns Department at: 577 Bonnie Ct., Salem OR 97304. With your item please include your name, address and daytime telephone number, as well as a copy of your original receipt for your purchase, and $10.00 for return shipping. 

Our warranty is for manufacturing defects only. Damage resulting from misuse, abuse or from normal wear and tear is not covered. Items sent to us that are not defective under these guidelines will be returned to the customer. 

How should I clean my BackTpack? 

We recommend hand washing all of our items with a mild detergent or dish soap. This should be perfect for an all over cleaning. We do not recommend machine washing, though customers report success with machine washing as well. If you have a spot or stain you may want to visit a dry cleaner before applying any cleaning solutions to the bag. They should be able to help you determine the exact stain and how best to remove it.

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