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  • Dolphin Guide

  • What is Dolphin Guide?

    • Dolphin Guide makes your computer easy-to-use by offering a simple menu system that shields you from the complexity of the modern computer. Dolphin Guide empowers you to browse webpages, write letters, send emails, scan and listen to documents and much more. And because Dolphin Guide reads out everything aloud, you can never get lost or confused.
    • Dolphin Guide HandsFree allows the same features to be controlled by voice commands.
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Dolphin Guide online demonstration - Part 1 of 3

Dolphin Guide online demonstration - Part 2 of 3

Dolphin Guide online demonstration - Part 3 of 3
  • Who uses Dolphin Guide?

    • Dolphin Guide is ideal for seniors or anyone who has never been taught to use a computer and who may have deteriorating sight, be partially sighted or completely blind.10 reasons to love Dolphin Guide.  We're confident that once you've tried using Dolphin Guide you will never look back.
  • Here are 10 reasons why our customers love Dolphin Guide:

    • 1. So easy to learn - Dolphin Guide is so easy to use. Right from the start a helpful voice will walk you through installing the software to writing an email.
    • 2. No need to remember lots of hot keys - Guide will prompt you to make choices from the menus along the way so you don't really need to remember any keyboard controls.
    • 3. No complicated messages - Guide talks to you in simple terms and won't baffle you with confusing computer jargon.
    • 4. A friendly voice - choose a human sounding voice to talk you through your daily computing tasks; you will come to know Dolphin Guide like a close friend!
    • 5. Keep in touch - Dolphin Guide provides you with all the modern tools you need to keep in touch with friends and family around the world. Impress your grandchildren with an email, instant message or Skype phone call!
    • 6. Never get lost - With step-by-step menus you'll never get lost in a maze of windows. To go back to where you started simply press Escape and listen out for the options.
    • 7. You won't break it! - Some people are scared to sit down at the computer for fear of breaking something. Dolphin Guide offers you a secure working environment where it's hard to do anything wrong.
    • 8. Help in times of trouble - if you get a bit stuck and need some support then press 999 on your computer keyboard to connect to the friendly Dolphin Guide product support team who will be happy to answer your questions and get you back on track.
    • 9. Make new friends - Connect with like-minded people in the Dolphin Guide user forum and the wider Internet community beyond.

    • 10. Rediscover your independence - Dolphin Guide enables you to take control of your own correspondence. Try the scanning feature to read your printed letters or listen to your emails read aloud as soon as they arrive. You can even shop online, listen to the radio and read Internet news.
  • Dolphin Guide awarded VPAT certification

    • Dolphin is delighted to announce the awarding of VPAT certification to Dolphin Guide in the US. The certification was awarded after an independent overview accessibility examination by AFB Consulting, the consulting division of the American Foundation for the Blind.The purpose of the Voluntary Product Accessibility Template or VPAT, is to assist Federal contracting officials and other buyers in making preliminary assessments regarding the availability of commercial "Electronic and Information Technology" products and service with features that support accessibility.
    • See details below
  • Key Benefits of Dolphin Guide

  • Easy-to-use

    • If you don't want to get into the technical details of your computer, but just want to email, surf the web, scan & read letters, then Dolphin Guide is perfect for you!
  • Easy-to-learn

    • Designed to be extremely easy-to-learn, Dolphin Guide does not require users to remember complicated shortcuts. Simply listen and follow the simple instructions.
  • Never get lost

    • You'll never get lost as the simple menu system with clear and uncluttered screens makes navigation through Dolphin Guide extremely easy. To move around the menus, just use four keys: Escape, Enter, up and down arrow keys! There is even no need to use a mouse.
  • Help wherever you need it

    • The Help menu is always accessible, any time you need a little extra support. Press F1 and Dolphin Guide will help you wherever you are and can even describe what to do next. There's no need to worry about getting stuck or confused.
  • The complete package

    • Dolphin Guide comes complete with all you need to write documents, scan and read books, send and receive emails, browse the internet, communicate using Skype & MSN instant messenger and much more. So there is no need to choose, buy or install any other applications - enabling you to really keep it simple.
  • Fully accessible

    • In-built human sounding speech and magnification make Dolphin Guide an ideal solution for all visually impaired users, as well as people who have never used a computer but would like to give it a try and keep up with technology.
    • The male and female voices included in Dolphin Guide read out the text on every screen, even when typing your own emails, letters and correspondence, so you are always in control!
    • The crystal clear screen magnification means you can always make the most of your remaining sight, ensuring Dolphin Guide is ideal for partially-sighted users and those with deteriorating sight.
    • Human sounding voices makes a huge difference and are available in many different dialects such as British English, American English, Australian English, French, Spanish, Dutch, German and many others.
    • Dolphin Guide can also be fully customised, so you can alter menus, fonts and colours to your individual needs. You can even adjust the speed of your favourite Dolphin Guide voice!
  • Retain your independence & your privacy

    • Take back control over your life. Dolphin Guide allows you to manage everything from your finances, to what daily news you read.
    • Why wait for someone else to read your post and correspondence when Dolphin Guide can do it for you.
    • Make new friends in the Dolphin Guide user forum and the wider internet community beyond.
  • Dolphin Guide Features

  • Write letters and documents

    • Write, edit, save, retrieve, spell-check and format all letters and documents. Dolphin Guide takes you through the whole process of writing letters and documents, using clear audio instructions and reading out text as it is typed. Text can be formatted in the normal ways, such as aligning left, centre and right, making it bold and changing its colour and size. The on-screen text can be magnified and, in addition to Dolphin Guide reading out text as it is typed, your document or letter can be read back as a whole or in smaller word, sentence or paragraph portions. Your letter or document can be saved and finish another day, or it can be printed out automatically in large print. Dolphin Guide can print on may different paper sizes and also includes a function to automatically print envelopes. Letters and documents can be saved in a number of different formats, including Guide, Microsoft Word, Rich Text, Plain text and even spoken MP3.
  • Spell-Checker, Dictionary and Thesaurus

    • Dolphin Guide includes two spell-checkers and a 250,000 word dictionary and thesaurus! The first spell-checker checks the spelling of words as you type them. If Dolphin Guide detects a spelling mistake it instantly makes a sound, so you know to go back and correct the last word. The second spell-checker is a full spell-checker that will check every word in your letter, document or email, etc. When a spelling mistake is detected a list of suggested corrections is displayed, for you to pick one from. You can also type a correction manually or choose to ignore the word altogether. Both the spell-checker, Dictionary and Thesaurus can all be used anywhere in Dolphin Guide where you are typing text.
  • Scan and read books & documents

    • This feature turns your computer into an easy-to-use reading system. Printed documents are scanned by Dolphin Guide and then displayed on the screen in large print and also read out. The reading speed can be adjusted to your needs. For reading bank statements and similar documents, Dolphin Guide has a special column mode, ensuring that text is read clearly and logically. After reading, documents can be edited, saved or printed.
  • Send and receive e-mails

    • Send, receive, reply to, edit, forward and save emails. Dolphin Guide makes sending and receiving emails unbelievably easy! Dolphin Guide automatically connects to the Internet and retrieves any new emails awaiting delivery. The new emails are put in a list where you can pick which ones to read. The Dolphin Guide voice will speak out the selected email, as well as showing it in large print on the screen. If photographs or other images have been attached to the email, Dolphin Guide can magnify them instantly at the touch of a button! After reading the email you can reply to it, delete it, print it in large print, forward it to someone else, save or view any attachments or just save the whole email to read again later.
    • When writing a new email, you can select someone from your address book or simply type in the email address. Dolphin Guide then asks you to type the subject of the email, then asks you to type the actual message. When complete, your message can be spell-checked then sent. Dolphin Guide automatically connects to the Internet, then tells you if it's been sent successfully. All the emails you send are saved in a separate list, so you can read them again if you require.
  • Surf the Internet

    • Access information for work & study, book your holiday, shop online or just go surfing with the Dolphin Guide browser. With just three keys on the keyboard, you can read any page! Simply use the left and right arrow keys to move about a page and the enter key to follow links. It's that easy! Additionally, when you move about the page, Dolphin Guide highlights and reads out each piece of text. Each page can also be magnified if required. If you don't want to see any graphics, you can easily switch to a text-only view with customisable background and foreground colours.
  • Magnify Handwriting, Diagrams or Pictures

    • Images, hand written letters, diagrams or just about anything placed on your scanner can be magnified on screen. Simple controls allow the images to be zoomed in and out, and moved left and right and up and down. Different colouring combinations can be applied, so you can turn black writing on an white page into yellow writing on a black page! Many other colour combinations are also available. Your zoomed image can be saved, altered and printed.
    • screenshot of magnified handwriting
  • Listen to Internet radio stations and podcasts

    • Listen to Internet radio stations and podcasts from around the world. Simply select from the list of radio stations, then press enter to listen! The Dolphin Guide radio station player has easy-to-use on-screen controls that can be used to start and stop the radio station and control its volume. The radio can even be left playing in the background, while you use other parts of Dolphin Guide!
    • Dolphin Guide also includes a BBC Radio Listen Again Player. Any radio show from BBC 1 through to BBC 7 from the past 7 days can be replayed at the touch of a button. It couldn't be easier.
  • Print, resize & crop photos

    • Plug a digital camera into your computer to instantly view and magnify photos. The images can also be printed out.
  • News Reader

    • Dolphin Guide includes two news readers: the first is for reading Internet news and the second is for reading UK news supplied on CD from TNAUK (The Talking Newspaper Association of the UK). News headlines are shown in a list, with more details displayed at the top of the screen. All headlines can be both magnified or spoken out with the preferred voice.
  • Calendar & Reminders

    • Enter appointments in a calendar and choose to be reminded of important events. View your calendar month by month, day by day or hour by hour. Filter your calendar to show just free or just busy times.
  • Address Book

    • Store postal addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses and notes for all of your contacts. The address book can be searched to quickly find a particular contact. Once found, you can browse or print their details, print and envelope, send them an email, write them a letter or have Dolphin Guide actually dial their telephone number. As with all other parts of Dolphin Guide, the address book can be magnified and the Dolphin Guide voice clearly speaks everything out.
  • Play CDs and MP3s

    • Play a normal CD with your computer. Dolphin Guide will get the CD title, artist and title of all the tracks automatically from the Internet and show them on screen where they can be spoken out or magnified. On-screen controls allow you to play, start, stop, pause, skip-forward or skip backwards through the tracks. You can leave the CD playing, while you go and use other parts of Dolphin Guide. If you have downloaded an MP3 or you have a CD with MP3s on it, Dolphin Guide can now play these as well!
  • Calculator

    • Use the calculator for basic or scientific calculations! The calculation and answer can be magnified and, as usual, Dolphin Guide will read it out.
  • Additional voices available to enable Guide to read out text written in a foreign language.

  • Comes as CD/DVD only.

    • Male and female voices come as standard with Guide
    • Additional voices are also available to read out text and websites written in a foreign language
    • No need to limit yourself to just one language, e.g. switch between French, German and English
    • Different accents for the English language also available, such as Australian
  • Additional Voices Available

    • Catalan - Catalan (Female) Nuria NEW!
    • Chinese - Cantonese - (Female) Sin-Ji
    • Chinese - Mandarin - (Female) Mei-Ling
    • Czech - Czech - (Female) Zuzana NEW!
    • Danish - Danish - (Female) Nanna
    • Danish - Danish - (Female) Ida NEW!
    • Dutch - Belgian - (Female) Ellen
    • Dutch - Netherlands - (Female Claire
    • English - Australian - (Female) Karen
    • English - Australian - (Male) Lee
    • English - British - (Female) Emily
    • English - British - (Female) Fiona
    • English - British - (Female) Serena
    • English - British - (male) Daniel
    • English - Indian - (Female) Sangeeta
    • English - Irish - (Female) Moira
    • English - South African - (Female) Tessa NEW!
    • English - U.S. - (Female) Jill
    • English - U.S. - (Female) Samantha
    • English - U.S. - (Female) Donna
    • English - U.S. - (Male) Tom
    • French - French - (Female) Virginie
    • French - French - (Male) Sebastien
    • French - Canadian - (Female) Julie
    • French - Canadian - (Male) Felix
    • German - German - (Female) Steffi
    • German - German - (Female) Beate
    • German - German - (Male) Yannick
    • Greek - Greek - (Male) Alexandros
    • Hindi - Hindi - (Female) Lekha NEW!
    • Italian - Italian - (Female) Silvia
    • Italian - Italian - (Male) Paolo
    • Japanese - Japanese - (Female) Kyoko
    • Korean - Korean - (Female) Narae
    • Norwegian - Norwegian - (Female) Nora
    • Norwegian - Norwegian - (Female) Stine NEW!
    • Polish - Polish - (Female) Agata
    • Portuguese - Brazilian - (Female) Raquel
    • Portuguese - Portuguese - (Female) Madalena
    • Russian - Russian - (Female) Katerina
    • Spanish - Castilian - (Female) Isabel
    • Spanish - Castilian - (Female) Monica
    • Spanish - Castilian - (Male) Diego
    • Spanish - Americas - (Female) Paulina
    • Spanish - Americas - (Male) Javier
    • Swedish - Swedish - (Female) Ingrid
    • Turkish - Turkish - (Female) Aylin
  • Call us if you need assistance -1- 877-724-4922

  • Dolphin Guide Training Options and Delivery

    • Telephone Training
      • High quality training on Dolphin Guide from the comfort of your own home
      • Available in short, affordable slots from our experienced in-house trainers at a time to suit you
      • Adaptable to suit your requirements
      • First half hour Price: $50
      • Each half hour thereafter Price: $55
      • Travel fee depends upon you location
    • On-Site Training
      • One-to-one training at home or at your place of work by Dolphin Guide accredited trainers
      • Half day or full days available
      • Training tailored to suit your needs
      • Learn at the pace that's right for you
      • Dolphin Guide is so easy-to-use - no more than 1 day needed!
      • Price includes travel to your home or place of work
      • Half Day Price: $500 + Travel
      • Full Day Price: $950 + Travel




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