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NexTalk Access - Deaf TTY Communication Software

NexTalk Access - Deaf TTY Communication Software

NexTalk Access - Deaf TTY Communication Software


NexTalk's ACCESS Communication Platform is the Perfect Communication Tools for Homes, Businesses and Schools.

  • Video Remote Interpreting (For American Sign Language Interpreters)
  • Audio Remote Interpreting (For Spoken Language Interpreters, over 400 Languages)
  • Video Phone Calls
  • Text Relay Calls
  • SpeechPath - Captioned Telephone Calls (Computer based, no third person on the call) 
  • TTY Calling and TTY Call-Managemen

Call Features by Edition

VRI: Video Remote Interpreting: VRI is a Video and Audio call between an American Sign Language interpreter, a Deaf person and a hearing person.
ARI: Audio Remote Interpreting: ARI is an Audio only call between a spoken language interpreter, a non-English speaking person and an English speaking person.
VP: Video Phone: Video phone is a point-to-point video call between two people who know American Sign Language.
VRS: Video Relay Service: VRS is a Video and Audio call to an FCC Authorized American Sign Language Interpreter and a hearing person.
TRS: Text Relay Service: TRS is a Text and Audio call to an FCC Authorized provider who types with the deaf person and speaks with the hearing person.
TTY: TTY/RTT: TTY is a point-to-point text call between two people or between a person and a company.
VCO: Voice Carry Over: VCO is a Text and Voice call placed with and FCC Authorized Provider. This is used by an individual who can speak, but not hear.
HCO: Hearing Carry Over: HCO is a Text and Voice call placed with an FCC Authorized provider. This is sed by an individual who can hear, but not speak.
IM: Instant Messaging: IM is a point-to-point instant message call between two individuals.

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NexTalk Tech Support Request

Please call us at 801-274-6001 (Monday through Friday - 8 AM to 5 PM Mountain Time) to get support for any of our TTY Call-Management or Deaf, Hard of Hearing Software.

The guides, brochures, diagrams and sales presentations provided on this page are PDF files.

Quick Reference Guides: ACCESS Quick Reference Guide

Install Guides: ACCESS Install Guide

User Guides: ACCESS User Guide

Call Flow Diagrams: ACCESS Call Flow Diagram


Sales and Marketing Presentations: ACCESS Presentation

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