X-Bows Keyboards (ERGO)

X-Bows Keyboards (ERGO)

X-Bows Keyboards

Natural Ergonomics For Better Typing
Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboards
Satisfying Keystrokes
Mechanical keys for just the right typing feel

Standard keyboard wristX-Bows Wrist

Relative Finger Strength: We have moved some of the most commonly-used function keys to the middle of the keyboard to be pressed by the thumb or index finger

Natural Wrist Alignment: The first benefit you’ll notice when you begin typing on X-Bows is that your arms and wrists sit at a more natural position. The angled key layout promotes a more comfortable straight wrist angle.

Ortholinear Key Layout: When you extend your finger, it doesn’t curve the way that a standard keyboard’s layout does. The staggered design is over 100 years old and was never intended for comfort. Our ortholinear design reduces finger travel and fatigue.

Reduced Wrist Movements: On a standard keyboard, you are forced to slightly bend your wrists to reach certain keys. These micro movements add up and can cause injury. X-Bows is aligned to the natural movement plane of your fingers and greatly reduces the need for wrist movement.

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