Integrex Sensory Systems (EDUCATION)

Integrex Sensory Systems (EDUCATION)

Integrex Sensory Systems

Innovative, interactive technology for special needs education, corporate presentation and kiosks.
Integrex is a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative, immersive sensory systems, interactive floors and interactive screens for special needs, presentation AV systems and digital kiosks. Specialising in both hardware and software Integrex provides a range of fully mobile, powered, height adjustable interactive multi-touch screens for business and education.

For over forty years the Integrex team has been at the cutting edge of technological development and is experienced in designing bespoke systems, including interactive floors, providing full installation, training and support.

In 2001 Integrex was awarded the DTI SMART Award for Innovation; and won a second SMART award in 2002. Integrex is a Microsoft Certified Partnther.

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