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Children's VELA chairs

VELA Children's chairs is a range of safe chairs for activities, developed for children and young people with special needs. The chair is perfect for use in school and at home since the central brake provides stability for working, and when the child has to get into and out of the chair. These children’s chairs have optional electric height adjustment, e.g. for assistance with getting into and out of the chair or to vary the seat height while the child is sitting in the chair.
VELA focuses on ergonomics, which is reflected in our many options for standard seat systems – all our back and seat cushions can be customised.

VELA Children's chairs provide support and security for children and adolescents with movement and balance problems. The brake ensures easy entry and exit. VELA Children's chairs provide stability and security through a robust frame and VELA's well-known central brake function.

The ergonomic seat and back system is specifically designed for children and provides an optimal sitting comfort, as both the back and seat can be adjusted in many different ways to suit the individual child. The seat cushions on VELA Children's chairs can be divided into "zones" that can be individually customized. The seat has a basin with a soft and a hard side that can be turned - as needed.

VELA Children's chairs gives the child a unique opportunity to grow in the chair as the seat and back can easily be changed. At the VELA Tango 100 ES / S, the upper part of the chair can be replaced when the child becomes so large that there is a need for an adult chair. This also means that the chair can be used for both children and adults in recycling terms.

The central brake ensures safety and is a good way of directing the child’s attention during a particular task, e.g. with additional support from a shaped seat and supporting armrests. This helps the child to stay focused, for instance if the child is restless and easily distracted. Adjustment of the seat height, depth and tilt plus backrests and armrests ensures the optimum conditions for an ergonomic sitting position when performing tasks during the day.

VELA Children's chairs comes with manually adjusted seat height, or with electric height adjustment function, meaning the child is able to adjust the height themselves, e.g. during activities or when getting into or out of the chair.

Benefits of VELA Children's chairs

VELA Children's chairs are an asset for children with disabilities, particularly in the legs, back and lower back, as a result of e.g. juvenile arthritis, CP, muscular dystrophy or dwarfism.
They provide a supportive, stable seat which helps aid concentration in the context of learning and activity, for example in cases of ADHD.
A stable underframe and central brake give the child security and create a safe situation when the child is getting into or out of the chair
Good ergonomics, comfort and the option of extra support for an optimal sitting position, which encourages activity and participation
Many options for customisation so that the chair is optimally adapted to the individual child

Children's Activity Chairs - For activity and comfort at school and home

VELA Tango chairs

VELA Tango is a series of work chairs developed to enable the user to keep the usual level of activity and independence at home and at the work place – despite the user’s disability. A unique central brake ensures that the user has a stable work place, which means, that working in the kitchen with knives or boiling water is safe. Four smoothly running and direction-stable wheels make the chair easy to ‘walk.

Benefits with a VELA Tango chair

VELA Tango is an asset for people with disabilities due to e.g. arthritis, back diagnoses, walking-impairment and sclerosis
Stable and supporting work chair for everyday tasks in, e.g., the kitchen
The stable frame and the central brake ensure safety when the user is getting into and out of the chair
It is possible to ‘walk’ the chair while sitting down
Good ergonomics support and comfort ensure an optimum sitting position that facilitates activity and participation

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