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Reticare (VISION)

Reticare (VISION)


Reticare, the only scientifically proven eye protector that protects you from damaging effects of blue light from device screens.  Reticare is a young, contemporary company with a big mission: Saving the world from a global ocular crisis. Reticare is one of the worldwide main players and advisor for many governments and institutions on the topic of prevention from the risks of High-Energy Blue light emitted from device screens.

Reticare is based on 15 years of research led by the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM) concerning irreversible and damaging risks of blue light from device screens on the retina. UCM, one of the oldest and respected universities in the world, also is the only university allowed a lab on Harvard campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Backed by an extensive scientific knowledge and experiments, Reticare develops physical ocular filters affixed on device screens (smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers) in order to prevent serious consequential eye damages from technology usage.

Proven by the UCM studies, we are concerned with irreversible damage to the retina caused by high energy blue light that can lead to early macular degeneration, the leading cause of central vision blindness in the world. Symptoms such as headaches, eye strain, fatigue and sleep disorders should be taken as serious risks and as warning signs that our retinas are not able to handle the intensity of light.

Currently, there are 500,000 Reticare eye protector users worldwide however, there are still many at risk. We are especially concerned about children, our men and women in the military as well as IT workers and other technology users. As we continue to increase the awareness of this serious health hazard, we are pleased to offer Reticare eye protectors, the only scientifically proven and simple solution to people so they don’t have to worry about the future of their vision.

Today, health organizations such as the Vision Council, New England Journal of Medicine, The French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety (ANSES) and many others, including prominent retina eye specialists, ophthalmology and medicine warn about the risks. Reticare is the first to recognize this problem, has the largest international patent portfolio and the major reference in the field. Reticare’s scientific advisory board includes two Nobel Prize Recipients, Sir Richard Roberts, Physiology in Medicine and Sheldon Lee Glashow, American Theoretical P American Theoretical P American Theoretical PAmerican Theoretical P American Theoretical P American Theoretical P American Theoretical PAmerican Theoretical P American Theoretical PAmerican Theoretical PAmerican Theoretical P hysicist hysicisthysicist . Reticare eye protectors are currently present at more than 50 reputable organizations in the US today protecting the visual health of their talent. To name a few, The West Point Academy, US Senate, Nike Foundation, USAF Travis-CA, USNS Amelia Earhart, the FBI-Washington Headquarters, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona, Veterans Administration, Wells Fargo, Dow Chemical, Northeastern University, MIT, and many other educational, corporate and government institutions.

We, at Reticare, encourage in preserving a healthy vision and believe that no one should take a chance with their eyes -- the window to our world and to our future.