Smpl Solutions for Seniors

Smpl Solutions for Seniors

SMPL Solutions for Elders

Simple isn’t easy to get to. Simpl Technology electronics are simple solutions designed for common everyday problems experienced by many age-at-home people. smpl’s founders and inventors have collectively over 20 years of comprehensive understanding of cognitive decline and associated caregiving challenges, available solutions and why/how problems are solved. It’s certainly not simple to get to smpl. smpl products for seniors minimize age-at-home problems in this evolving and technological world.

Designed for simple set up by the caregiver and easy to operate by the senior. Nevertheless, smpl support is readily accessible by phone, i-chat or email. All products have a one year manufacturer’s warranty from defects. smpl products help reduce everyday stress and frustration while increasing independence and safety. The inevitable diminishing vision, memory loss and trembling hands frequent of our aging population and aging at home can – and should – be addressed to help your loved ones aging a little less challenging. No Wi-Fi, No monthly fees and no hassle. Problems…solved.

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Contact us for pricing.