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Swopper Chair

Swopper Chair

Award-winning swopper is the perfect solution for comfortable and engaging office seating. It supports a healthy back and spine while allowing for continuous 360° and vertical motion. 

1 sit-to-stand: sit/perch/stand available in regular & tall heights, both perfect for sit-to-stand desks
2 seats: available as a custom upholstered, swopper air, swopper classic ultrasuede or swopper saddle in leather
3 height adjustment: easy setting of the seat height for an optimum angle between hip and knee
4 vertical movement: Individually adjustable to relieve the intervertebral discs, stimulates the blood circulation and ensure optimum supply of oxygen to all parts of the body
5 3D movement: The full flexibility of movement to the sides and backwards and forwards extends your reach and ensures an optimum sitting posture 


design by Henner Jahns
award-winning, patented, motion design
available at regular (22.00 in - 27.50 in) or high (23.50 in - 31.00 in) heights
offering 2 distinct seats: swopper® regular or saddle
pneumatic height adjustment, spring tension and lateral tensions
custom upholstery, ultrasuede seat colors or air (extra-breathable, patented fabric) upholstery
anthracite and titanium (on select models) bases
265lbs. weight capacity
warranty 5 years (includes labor)

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