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Accessibyte offers both online and traditional software for visually impaired students.

Accessibyte offers both online and traditional software for visually impaired students.

Check out the details below to see which assistive technology best meets your needs.

Accessibyte Online brings accessibility to the cloud! Whether you need access for an individual student or need to manage your entire itinerant caseload from the Teacher Dashboard, Accessibyte Online has you covered.

TVI-recommended features include remotely tweaking student settings, generating detailed reports on student progress and sending students assignments.

Typio Online has the same great features of standard Typio but can be accessed from anywhere! Log in from your Mac, Windows, Chrome or Android device for fully accessible touch typing instruction. Five typing modes, detailed records, customizable settings, and the Typio Online exclusive Typing Pet will have your students loving their typing class.

Highly visual, fully audible and accessible from anywhere with no outside assistive software required.

Typio is a fully accessible typing tutor which guides students through the whole keyboard. Students can learn from the 45 included lessons, or from custom lessons you create yourself. Typio automatically keeps detailed records for each student, showing their progress towards the goals you set.

Let Typio teach the most important computer skill of all: Typing!

Accessibyte Arcade is a collection of 9 fun, interactive and fully-accessible games. Each game is designed from the ground up to be visually, audibly and cognitively accessible to a wide spectrum of players.

Accessible and creative, Accessibyte Arcade is sure to be a fun time!

Quick Cards is a simple and fully-accessible way for students to study classroom material. Easily create customized flash cards in seconds! Accessibyte Quick Cards offers simple navigation, clean visuals and complete audio prompting in order create a distraction- and frustration-free way of learning. Your students will be flipping their way through customized flash cards in no time!

Customizable and adaptive, Quick Cards makes learning a breeze

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