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Swivl: Redefining video for education

Swivl is a front-of-room assistant and video capture solution. It leverages the devices you already have. And provides tools that make video valuable.

Swivl Robot: Automatically capture quality video and audio on any mobile device

Swivl Capture App: Command and control the Robot and Cloud. Available for iOS and Android.

Swivl Cloud: Swivl Cloud makes it easy to manage, enhance and share videos.

Swivl Capture is the cornerstone of Swivl’s solution. It is a free app available for both iOS and Android devices. Anyone can use the app to capture video and it works with or without the Swivl Robot. The app controls the settings for the Swivl Robot and is part of Swivl’s seamless 3-part solution.

Swivl Capture lets you record video using your mobile device to upload and share on Swivl Cloud. Presentations and notes can be synced within the app to create a multimedia experience. Swivl Capture is a perfect solution to easily capture and share video.

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