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Video Collaboration for Schools!  The only complete video review and collaboration solution for K12 schools and Schools of Education.

What is Swivl?: Stream, Record, and Share.  The Swivl CX robot rotates to follow the teacher automatically. It connects to multiple Markers for audio throughout the room and uses the tethered iPad (or mobile device) for recording video or streaming (Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meet). It’s easy for teachers to set up and operate as a daily part of class. 

Swivl Specifications

View and Collaborate: With Swivl Teams, you can securely view the video for self-reflection, share with a colleague for peer feedback using time-stamped comments, or share with a coach for Rubric evaluation. It’s easy to use and completely secure inside the Swivl platform. 

Teacher Training: Swivl is a proud partner to schools of education to help create the next generation of teachers. 

Schools of Education: PPAT and edTPA. Whether your program relies on edTPA or PPAT for teacher candidate certification, Swivl optimizes and simplifies recording and submission experience for student teachers. Invest in the best video solution and check out the infographic to learn more. In addition Swivl is the most trusted video tool in K12, perfect for field experience teaching 

Swivl for Research: The best classroom data.  The best research projects require the best data. Swivl enables simple, high quality video and audio data collection to satisfy the most stringent research requirements. Stay in the platform and take advantage of the collaboration and commenting capabilities to identify and extract key moments. Learn more about deploying the right tools for your next research project and why more than 40,000 schools worldwide trust Swivl. 

Successful Program Footprint: Swivl is an integral part of the teacher candidate's experience. From micro-teaching to part-time field teaching in local K12 schools, Swivl is an essential tool for new teachers. 

Support a Diversity of Programs: Swivl helps schools deliver more frequent, consistent, and actionable feedback to students - even at a distance. Capture video for EDTPA and other credentialing programs. Use Swivl cloud to keep your content secure and organized while enabling deep collaborative work among peers. Whatever your program's needs, we can help. 

Going Hybrid?: Hybrid classrooms are an essential tool for getting our schools through this pandemic. Learn how our solutions set everyone up for success. 


Automatic teacher following
Multiple audio channels
Multi-Camera recording
Time-stamped Comments
Multiple Rubrics
Speech Analysis

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