ViewPlus Technologies was founded on the principle that information should be made available to everyone who seeks it. For over 18 years we have continued this principle by giving people access to information through innovative products that change lives every day. Innovations such as color and black ink with Braille, talking tactile graphics, fully accessible math, and powerful graphics editing and translation software have provided unparalleled access to information to those we serve; and we are not stopping there. Our efforts are not done; for as long as people need access to information, we will be there. Your world is our world - let's make it a better place together.

ViewPlus Embosser Selector Guide

Braille Embossers

VP Columbia: 120 cps maximum; Continuous paper; Interpoint Braille
VP Delta: 120 cps maximum; Cut Sheet; Interpoint Braille
VP Max: 60 cps maximum - Continuous paper
VP Embraille (**): Lightweight/portable; 25 cps maximum

BRAILLE + BLACK INK Embossers + Monochrome Ink

VP Elite: 200 cps maximum; Continuous paper; Interpoint Braille; Black Ink Connect
VP Premier: 100 cps maximum; Continuous paper; Interpoint Braille; Black Ink Connect

Braille + Color Ink Embossers + Color Ink

VP Spot Dot (*): 50 cps maximum; Color Inkjet

IVEO SOFTWARE AND MATH SOLUTIONS: Learning System – combining Touch, Audio Access and Visual Information


Tactile graphics
Variable dot height to represent differences in color/shades
Optimizes braille translation SW with editing options for tactile graphics
Supports custom settings (language/format of translated document can be saved)
Supports Networking functions except for EmBraille
Print Braille and ink on the same page
Supports Windows compatible software e.g., Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW, Visio, Duxbury
(*) World’s only embosser that combines Braille, Ink and Color Tactile Graphics
(**) World’s lowest cost embosser

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VP Rogue Sheet
VP Rogue Trac
Audio Graphing Calculator
Embraille Travel Case
VP Tiger Box
$5,579.35 $5,301.38
VP Columbia 2
IVEO LITE - Touchpad
VP Floor Printer Stand
VP Online training
$5,313.35 $5,048.68
IVEO Hands-On Learning System - IVEO
Tiger Software Suite 7 (TSS)
VP Elite
VP EmBraille
VP Premier 100
VP Max Embosser
Price varies based on options.
VP SpotDot Embosser