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Kore Stool Chairs (ERGO)

Kore Stool Chairs (ERGO)

Kore Teen Active Stool Chair

"Kore is not just a piece of furniture — It’s a LIFE-CHANGER!” Active Sitting or wobbling on a KORE Chair creates “Secondary focus” - better learning, think better, and become more productive.
Regular chairs force bodies to conform to an unnatural posture.
The innovative Active Chair’s gently rounded KORE ergonomic base allows everyone to move & flex without leaving their seat.
It’s the BEST seat in any classroom.
Homework, drawing, eating and playing video/board games are no longer sedentary activities.
Colorful choices make it a good fit for any kid’s room.
"The KORE chair is THE SITTING solution for kids with ADD or ADHD.”
The Kore chair provides an outlet for restlessness and extra energy.
Easy 2 minute easy assembly.
Will hold weight up to 275 lbs.
Made in the USA.
*Academics choice award
*Family Choice Award

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