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Reinecker Vision

Reinecker Vision

Reinecker Vision

Reinecker Vision offers a wide range of low vision aids. From the magnifying glass for people with the first visual impairments, to screen reading systems for the visually impaired, to reading devices for the blind. Your personal product combination complements each other like the pieces of a puzzle.

We offer you solutions for every need: for use in the private environment as well as in school, training and work. Our systems support your independence and increase your quality of life.

Electronic magnifiers

Electronic magnifiers record the grapes with a camera and display them up to about 20 times magnified on the built-in display. They are powered by batteries and are therefore mobile at all times. Thanks to the visually attractive design, their use is inconspicuous.

Electronic magnifiers are ideal for reading in different rooms at home, when traveling or on the go. They help you recognize fine print, price tags when shopping or menus in the restaurant.

Many electronic magnifiers have a tripod or handle, so you can also write under the camera – e.B. fill out a form. Often there is a snapshot function and an image memory to capture and enlarge shots.

Screen reader systems

Screen readers, also known as camera reading systems, are electronic reading aids for stationary use. They record the grapes with a camera and display them up to about 100 times magnified on a monitor. Screen readers offer maximum ease of use and are ideal for use in a fixed location.

Important quality features of screen reading systems are an integrated autofocus and a high image resolution. Thanks to autofocus, the camera automatically adjusts to the best possible image sharpness. This guarantees you - especially with curved templates that specify different distances to the camera (e.B. thick book) - an evenly sharp image at all times.

Different incorrect color settings and a line ruler, which prevents slipping within the reading lines, offer you additional ease of use. A movable cross table helps to guide the grapes safely and thus enables smooth reading.


Camera systems are electronic reading systems with a flexibly movable camera. They capture texts and images both near and far and display them enlarged on a monitor and/or PC or notebook. Camera systems are therefore ideally suited for use in school, training and work.

In room mode, the camera captures e.B. the panel image, in template mode, the font template under the device and displays it razor-sharp, high-contrast and, if desired, enlarged on the monitor. You can combine camera systems flexibly: only with a monitor, with an additional PC for your stationary workplace or with a notebook or tablet PC for mobile use.

Camera systems often offer other useful convenience features such as .B a line ruler for easy adherence to the reading line. In conjunction with a reading software, they become a combined camera-reader and reader.


With reading devices or systems, severely visually impaired or blind people can capture printed texts independently. The devices convert writing into speech and read it aloud in a pleasant, clear voice. Volume and speech speed can be individually adjusted.

Reading systems capture the printed reading template with a scanner and digitize it with the help of a text-to-speech or OCR function*. The control buttons are usually large and differently shaped. This makes it easier for you to distinguish and enter the various operating commands.

Thanks to their compact design and battery operation, readers are ideal for use in different places or on the go. Some readers also have a low vision function

* OCR i.e. Optical Character Recognition i.e. optical character recognition

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