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ErgoDesk (ERGO)

ErgoDesk (ERGO)


As you hunch over a flat surface bad posture triggers neck, shoulder and lower back pain, tiring your eyes and depleting your energy. Many people write and read in constant pain, never realizing that the flat desk is the cause.

The Ergo Desk is the answer. Working before an inclined surface is the ergonomically correct position. Professional artists, drafters and writers have long known this fact: with your body properly aligned, your eyes function easier – without stress – and that reduces postural tension and fatigue.

Use your Ergo Desk for any activity you now perform on a flat desktop. Our customers tell us they are happily surprised at the difference an inclined surface makes. You will be able to sit longer, concentrate better and work more productively than ever before.

The Ergo Desk is an heirloom-quality product made from Western Red Alder, a certified Sustainable Forestry Initiative hardwood. We are confident you won’t go back to reading and writing over a flat surface once you experience it stress-free with the Ergo Desk.

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