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Populas Furniture

Populas Furniture

Populas Furniture

Populas ergonomic furniture is where comfort meets productivity. We believe that design should adapt to people, so that’s why we build the best-looking, most durable office furniture on the market and support it with a Lifetime Warranty. Our standing desks, height adjustable workstations, therapy tables, and industrial workbenches all comply with the ADA and meet our own obsessive standards for what feels fantastic at work, home or school. Find your perfect product match with Populas Furniture.

Ergonomic for the people. We are the first generation to spend half our waking hours in front of a computer—your workstation is your second home, and it should be worthy. POPULAS is a response to unmistakable trends in the population:

POPULAS design is a love letter to everyone in the population who works. Whatever your life’s work, cause, pursuit or passion, somewhere in our product line awaits your perfect match. We invite you to find it.

POPULAS is where comfort meets productivity, for the whole scope of humanity. We build the best-looking, most durable adjustable ergonomic furniture on the market and support it with a Lifetime Warranty. Every product we make complies with the ADA and meets our own obsessive standards for what feels fantastic at school or at work. POPULAS is American engineering and craftsmanship, backed by realtime phone-based customer service from people who like our jobs.

Populas Ergonomics

Made in The USA

POPULAS products are proudly built in the Northwest United States. Customer service staff all live here, too.

Lifetime Warranty

Buy with confidence—most POPULAS products are covered by our Lifetime Warranty. At POPULAS we love making high quality furniture for our customers. All of our environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes happen in the United States, and our products are built with durable US made steel, aluminum and wood products. To back up our pledge of quality, we offer a Lifetime Warranty on many of our products.

The POPULAS Furniture Limited Warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship in selected products that are sold to POPULAS Furniture customers. The warranty period lasts for the lifetime of the product after receipt. We will repair or replace any product component or product that is deemed to be defective by a Populas representative.

Lifetime Warranty does not cover: damage to any product caused by improper use, application or installation; changes in the look of any finish over time due to normal aging; damage to any finish caused by improper cleaning, maintenance or exposure to corrosive elements; normal wear and tear, which includes scuffs and areas of heavy wear; incidental or consequential damages, including labor to replace parts or products, repair of hydraulic hoses or recharge of hydraulic fluid for the Accella™ and Infinity™ series products.

Products not covered by the Lifetime Warranty:

Motorized and electrical components included in the Vox™, Infinity™ and Approach™ brand of products are covered by a Five (5) Year Limited Warranty.
The gas piston included in the GPP models is covered by a Five (5) Year Limited Warranty.


POPULAS recognizes the importance of protecting the environment and using resources intelligently. We continuously evaluate our products to maximize usability for end users, and we also seek to make improvements to our raw materials and packaging to increase the use of recycled and sustainable products, thereby reducing our environmental footprint. Our manufacturing facility emits no particulates, waste water or air pollution.

The POPULAS brand stands for strength and reliability. Our products utilize green core panels that comprise 100% recycled fiber, contain no added urea formaldehyde in the manufacturing process, are EPP* certified, moisture resistant, and contribute to achieving LEED credits.

We are focused on environmental stewardship and evaluate our actions, looking for opportunities to improve when and where possible. Below see the LEED category, requirements and possible credits/points for our Vox, Infinity, Accella, and Equity product lines, including accessories:

Indoor Environment: Quality IEQ 4.4: Composite wood products used on the interior of the building shall contain no added urea-formaldehyde resins, 1 point.

Materials & Resources: MR 4.1: Sum of recycled content constitutes at least 10% of materials in the project, 1 point. EPP* certified 100% recycled fiber**

Materials & Resources: MR 4.2: Sum of recycled content constitutes at least 20% of materials in the project, 1 point in addition to MR 4.1.EPP* certified 100% recycled fiber**

Materials & Resources: MR 7: Certified Wood, based on 50% (min) of all wood must be Forest Stewardship Council Certified. Available FSC certified upon request, 1 point mixed credit.

Packaging of all POPULAS products consists of corrugated fiberboard with 85%-100% post consumer recycled content; boxes used for shipping have 40% recycled content with 15% of that from post consumer waste. When packaging requires foam we use environmentally friendly foams such as Green Cell, made from high-grade cornstarch that is biodegradable, or Re-Grind Recycled Polyurethane foam, which is made of recycled polyurethane that has been reclaimed.

*Finished panel embodies an Environmentally Preferred Product (EPP)
**100% recycled fiber refers to ECO-Certified Composite (ECC) Sustainability Standard CPA 4-11 Oct 2011

Ergonomic and ADA Compliant—always

If it doesn’t comply with the ADA, we don’t make it. And if it doesn’t follow best ergonomic practices, why even use it?

Given the wide variation in physical size and ability level among the working population, POPULAS furniture is designed to adapt to all people. Our products directly impact your work style and allow you to perform at your personal best.

ANSI HFES requirements and recommendations are based on accepted human factors, ergonomics research and established professional practices. The standards’ goal is to match the user to the proper equipment when it comes to work styles, fluctuation in task content, and worker physiology.

POPULAS designs meet the ANSI/HFES100-2007 standards for the configurations of computer workstations, and the user to adjust his/her posture easily and often.

POPULAS hand-crank, powered, and knob adjustment systems are easy to identify, manipulate, and access from reclined, upright, declined and standing postures. Each mode allows quick, smooth height adjustment without intruding into leg and foot clearance spaces when not in use.

POPULAS products have a fail-safe and control locking mechanisms to prevent inadvertent movement. Our desks, computer workstations, and tables provide adequate leg and foot clearance and do not hinder the foot, leg, or knee as you change posture throughout your workday.

In addition to meeting the ANSI/HFES100-2007 standards outlined in sections 5 & 8, POPULAS workstations, tables, and desks have also been designed to meet or exceed the requirements outlined in the American National Standard Institute document A117.1; as well as the code of regulations by the Department of Justice for ADA Standards and Accessible Design 28 part 36, sections 4.2.4 and 4.32.

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