Experience XChair in Canada, Not your grandfather’s office chair. Offering 10 ergonomic features, sophisticated styling and incomparable comfort Executive Office Desk Chairs, Side Chairs and Stacking Chairs For Executives, Management and Staff | 21st Century Task Seating Welcome to the 21st Century Meet the new standard in office seating. 10 ergonomic adjustments allow the X-Chair to fit your body like a glove. Fine-tune the arms, seat, back, headrest, and lumbar until you're relaxing in the most comfortable seat of your life. SciFloat Infinite Recline, DVL Support, Tilt Lock, and Flex Mesh technologies vault the X-Chair to the head of the pack, making it the most technologically ergonomic office chair in the world. Choose from vibrant color and material options to create a truly individualized workspace. Say goodbye to the constraints and discomfort of antiquated office technology. Say hello to X-Chair.  And the new HMT - Heat Massage Therapy unit for your lower back pain. CANADIAN WRITTEN PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE. 

X-Chair has SPEQC!

Style for any office aesthetic
Price that won't break the bank
Ergonomics and technological innovations
Quality materials and a 15-year warranty
Comfort you've been searching for

Comfort and ergonomics that help your business X-Chair's Infinite Recline allows for easy recline, facilitating motion that keeps the body and mind stimulated. Improved circulation leads to greater focus and clearer thought throughout the day which increases productivity.

X-Chair Overview

X-Chair Overview

X-Chair Warranty

X-Chair Warranty used in a 24/7 location: 2-Years

X Chair DVL Support
X1 Chair Canada X1: X1’s classic black base pairs with the black and gray mesh color options to create an aesthetic that works in any office environment. The bold curves of the X-Chair deliver modern technology and comfort that can’t be found in any other office chair.
X2 Chair Canada X2: A striking polished aluminum base and four K-Sport soft-to-the-touch material color options, from vibrant red to classic black mesh, let you individualize your X2 like never before. The X2’s bold curves, advanced technology, and unprecedented comfort transform any workspace into an oasis.
X3 Chair Canada X3: Introducing X3, the most innovative X-Chair yet. X3 incorporates all of the same design and ergonomics as the X2. However, we are excited to introduce Advanced Tensile Recovery fabric (ATR) throughout the chair to provide enhanced support and comfort.
X4 Chair Canada X4: X4 is draped in supple, premium leather. The seat, back, and optional headrest deliver comfort from the moment you touch. X4 features an innovative and attractive layer of mesh behind the leather to deliver the support you need with the comfort and style you deserve.

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X-Chair Weights and Dimensions

Build and Use Your X-Chair: Make the Most of Your X-Chair Experience Adjust your X-Chair to perfectly fit body and work ...

X-Chair’s Top 10 home office tips

1. Back to the Beginning – Good low back support will drive everything else into place
2. Relationship Advice – Create good relationships between your chair, your desk, your keyboard, and your monitor
3. AAA - It’s All About the Angle – 90 degrees at your knees, your hips, and your elbows – good angles equal good health
4. Eyes Drive Posture – setting your monitor at the right height will LEAD your body to sit correctly
5. Motion Matters – Sitting still is exhausting; set your chair to move with you, effortlessly
6. Comfort is King (or Queen) – Your home office space should be comfortable; comfort equals productivity
7. Follow the Feet – everything starts with your feet; a simple footrest makes all the difference
8. Bottoms Up – A good “sit” is immediately recognizable – some chairs have it, some don’t
9. Temper, Temperature – The wrong temperature in the room or in your seat will ruin everything.
10. Light the Way – poor lighting can undermine everything else.

X-Chair in the Media

Features & Specifications & FAQ that make X-Chair right for everyone!

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