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AAC Keyguards

Keyguard AT makes custom keyguards for apps running on iPads and other devices

How to Receive a Quote for a Purchase Order.

Other manufacturers offer keyguards in limited designs, and you are required to set the software
into the configuration supported by the keyguard. Keyguard AT keyguards are truly custom
made to match the exact configuration of the app you are using. To do that, we need to know all
the details of that configuration in order to correctly design the keyguard. Our website is designed
for you to specify exactly how you want the keyguard made, and it is the basis for correctly
placing a purchase order so we can serve you promptly, efficiently, and without errors. Please call 1-877-724-4922 
if you have any questions during this process.

If you don’t follow this procedure, your order will be on hold while we contact you for the missing
information, and we will add a $50 order processing surcharge. Keyguards not ordered
with this procedure are not warranteed against design errors

After you have added your specific design keyguard:

1. Review

2. Print

3. fax to 1-877-724-9996 or email to

Ask for a Quote.  Please include your Bill-to and Ship-to  contact information, or thsi lack of information will cause delays.

Creating a Purchase Order instructions - Click here.

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Keyguards for iPads

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All keyguards are made to order and designed to your specifications, and as such, most are not re-sellable. Therefore, keyguards for iPads and other tablets are not refundable.

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