Activity Chairs

Activity Chairs

VELA Active Support Chairs.  Designed to help you Move Safely!

Ergonomic activity chair that provides mobility and support for those with pain, balance issues or weakness from stroke, cardio pulmonary issues or neurological conditions - fall prevention is critical to staying independent.  Danish design production. All chairs from VELA are designed and produced in Danmark - and has been since the founding of the company in 1935.


Four wheeled base
Braking system
Height adj. Seat
Ergonomic design
Lumbar adjustment
Adjustable armrests
Ability to easily "walk the chair"
Sit Stand functionality

Multi-Adjustabel Backrest DesignElectric Height Controls-Left or Right Side
Differential Pedestal Actuators for Maximum height Adjustment
Lever Brack Locks Rear Wheels for Stable Safe Transfers
Adjustable Ergonomic Aremrests
Seats Tilts Forward to Alllow Easy Standing
Four Wheel Base Provides Stability
Precision Caster for Easy Roll while "walking" Chair

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