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Chromebook Training & Support

Google Chromebook Training & Support

Google for Education

52 teacher hours saved per year: Time saved per person using Google Apps for classroom communication and collaboration.
90% less labour to support: Managing ongoing server maintenance, systems support, and patching. 
99.9% uptime: This is the SLA guarantee for Google Appsl for Business and Google Apps for Education. 
329% Return on Investment: Within 3 years of purchase for an organiztion switching to Google Appls from traditional on-premise infastructure.
$0 cost per user: Google Appls is free to non-profit educational instutions. We don't show ads in eduction accounts and we don't do any scanning for ads-related purposes.

Google Services: Google services and support - including the set up and training you need to get the most out of your Google apps and Chromebook Management Colsole.

Google Apps – Setup & Administration Consulting (pre-requisite to Google Chrome Management Console deployment)
Google Chrome Management Console - Planning, deployment, first-time setup (including wireless)
Chrome Polish - “30-60-90 Day Check-Ups” & Consulting Following Management Console Launch
2-Day Onsite Teacher to Teacher Training - Google Chromebook Integration with Curriculum
Chromebook Asset Tagging
Remote Teacher Training / Consultation - 8 Hour & 24 Hour Retainer
Concierge Services
Wireless Surveys
White Glove Device Enrollment - System Prep Pre-Shipment