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  • WinZoom Magnifier/Reader USB Overview
    • Magnification Range - 1x - 36x
    • Zoom Window Types - 8
    • Color Enhancements - Yes
    • Font Smoothing - Yes
    • AlignIt - Yes
    • Focus Tracking - Yes
    • Mouse Size - Yes
    • Mouse Color - Yes
    • Caret Location - Yes
    • Zoom Scroll Bars - Yes
    • Speech - Yes
    • USB - Yes
    • No Administrator Privledges Required - Yes
    • Portable - More than one computer - Yes
WinZoom USB
  • WinZoom Magnifier/Reader USB
    • WinZoom incorporates our ground breaking screen magnification/reading software into an easy to use software package. WinZoom Standard is perfect for individuals who primarily use one computer. If you frequently use multiple computers the WinZoom USB will work for you.
  • Magnification Levels
    • Winzoom offers an amazing magnification ranging from 1.5 up to all the way up to 36x. You can increase the magnification in .5 increments at a time to find just the right size for you.
  • Zooming Modes
    • WinZoom offers many ways to view the screen using 8 different viewing modes. For example you can use a full screen or narrow it down to a single line zoom. Whatever your personal preference Winzoom will have a style that suits you.
  • Color Enhancements
    • By simply adjusting the colors on the screen it can decrease eye fatigue allowing you to read up to 60% longer with less side effects. You can make create dozens of color combinations with Winzoom to maximize your reading potential.
  • Font Smoothing
    • If you've ever tried to increase a text size and noticed the lines become more jagged as you zoom in then you will appreciate Winzoom's font smoothing ability. This unique feature will create smooth lines no matter how big you magnify.
  • Align-It
    • Winzoom offers Align-It technology for your reading convenience.
    • Compared to a video magnifiers sliding table technology Align-it automatically arranges sentences to fit the viewing window perfectly increasing your reading efficiency and reduces eye strain.
    • Scrolling needed to view text
    • SmartAlign eliminates scrolling
  • Focus Tracking
    • Winzoom makes sure you never miss any important messages, warnings, or random information you may need to know. While you are zoomed into a portion of the original screen Winzoom ensures you don't miss a thing.
  • Mouse Enhancements
    • If you've ever struggled to find your mouse on the screen then you'll love Winzoom's ability to customize your mouse color and size. Pick the easiest color for you to spot and the size you need and put an end to location frustration. In addition to mouse enhancement you can use the Winzoom locater feature to help find your spot even easier. You can choose between a cross hair or circle to keep you on track.
  • Caret Tracking
    • You don't have to worry about typing beyond the viewable screen anymore. Winzoom comes with auto tracking to keep whatever you produce in view at all times.
    • WinZoom enhances and tracks caret movement
  • Zoom Scroll Bars
    • Zoom scroll bars let you know what part of the screen you are viewing no matter how large you magnify. Knowing your place makes you more efficient and makes it easier to navigate your screen.
  • Speech
  • Screen Reading
    • If you get a pop up while your screen is magnified Winzoom will read the information to you so you don't miss Message boxes, Tool tips, and more.
  • Mouse Echo
    • When you point your mouse at any text Winzoom will read that text to you instantly. Sit back and enjoy Winzoom doing all the hard work for you.
  • Typing Echo
    • As you type the echo feature repeats what you type as you go along. You choose to hear individual letters, whole words, or entire lines according to your needs.
  • Narration with Adjustable Voice Properties
    • Relax and enjoy, or take notes on what you're hearing while Winzoom reads to you. Choose from two different voices and set your own pace with Winzoom. You decide how loud and how fast Winzoom reads to you according to your needs and the task at hand.
  • Hotkeys
    • Use the existing hot keys or set your own to speed things up to access Winzoom tools at the touch of a button.
  • Auto-Start on Startup
    • Preset your desktop to start Winzoom when you turn your computer on.
  • Requirements
    • The following are computer requirements to use WinZoom or WinZoom USB.
    • Intel Pentium 1.6Ghz or equivalent
    • Windows XP (with SP2)/Windows Vista/Windows 7
    • 1 GB Ram
    • 15 MB of hard drive space
    • CD Drive (for CD) or USB 2.0 (for USB)
    • Windows compatible sound
    • Web Browser IE 6.0+


  • WinZoom Lite

    • WinZoom Lite is a very simple to use alternative to Winzoom. It offers scaled down options found in WinZoom standard or WinZoom USB for a reduced and affordable cost to you.WinZoom
  • Magnification Levels

    • Winzoom Lite offers an magnification ranging from 1.5 up to 4x. You can increase the magnification in .25 increments at a time to find just the right size for you.
  • Zooming Modes

    • WinZoom Lite offers two magnification modes, full screen and window.
  • Mouse Enhancements

    • If you've ever struggled to find your mouse on the screen then you'll love Winzoom Lite's ability to customize your mouse. WinZoom Lite offers two mouse sizes, regular and large.
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  WinZoom USB WinZoom CD WinZoom Lite
Magnification Range 1x-36x 1x-36x  1x-4x
Zoom Window Types 8 8 2
Color Enhancements Checked Checked  
Font Smoothing Checked Checked  
AlignIt Checked Checked  
Focus Tracking Checked Checked  
Mouse Size Checked Checked Checked
Mouse Color Checked Checked  
Caret Location Checked Checked  
Zoom Scroll Bars Checked  Checked  
Speech Checked Checked  
USB Checked    
No Administrator Privledges Required Checked    
Portable - More than one computer Checked    



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