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Live captions what’s being said during in-person group meetings. See what you can't hear!

Speaksee captures the speech in conversations and transcribes it into text on a smartphone, in real time. This way people with hearing loss can read what's being said.

Speaksee In-Person Meeting

Speaksee (patented) is the first microphone system able to accurately transcribe group conversations.
Speaksee shows you in a different color per person what's being said so that you can easily see who says what.
Beam forming microphones ensure high accuracy also when there is background noise.

Speaker Identification

Speaksee shows what's being said in different colors for each person, In less than a second. Each speaker can have their own name corresponding with the microphone they are wearing. This way the Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing person can distinguish who says what.


Speaksee microphones are equipped with an array of sensors which intelligently isolate and capture speech from the right speaker and reject noise from other sources. This results in better accuracy in noisy environments.

Digital Meetings (AutoCaption)

Speaksee AutoCaption live captions what's being said in a digital meeting in real-time so that you can fully participate.

Speaksee Microphone

Speaksee uses an array of sensors, the microphone intelligently isolates and captures speech from the user and rejects noise from other sources. The system supports up to 9 microphones at a time.

Speaksee Dock

Receives wireless audio signals from the microphones; processes conversational dynamics and sends audio data to your smart device for transcription. It also stores and charges the microphones.

Devices: Speaksee can be used on a variety of devices. The Speaksee app is available for iOS and Android devices. For desktops and laptops, a web-app is available.

Real-Time Transcription: With our technology, the user is able to see the transcriptions immediately.

Security: We have hardware and software encryption because we care about the security and privacy of our users.

Speaker Indetificaion: Speaksee can identify the speakers, which appear in different colours on the smart device. This way it is easy to see who says what.

Speaksee Microphone User Manual

Regualtory Information

CE: Directive 2014/53/EU
FCC: 15.21; 15.105(b)
Canadian: ICES-003
Austrialia: EESS
SGS Energy Efficiancy

Technical Specications

Charging dock Outputs: USB-C, Audio, Ethernet
Bottons: 1 x power button
Charging Dock Sensors: 2 x microphone
Microphone Sensors: 4 x microphone, with a total focused detection angle of 35 degrees.
Charging Dock LED Lights: 3 x RGB colour LEDs 3 x RGB colour LEDs
Microphone LED Lights: 1 x RGB colour LED
Charging Dock Power supply: 5V, 2A (10W)
Charging Dock Battery: 1 x 3400 mAH Li-ion
Microphone Battery: 1 x 440 mAH Li-ion
Size: Width: 12.5 cm; Height: 9.8 cm; Thickness: 2.5 cm
Weight: 256 g
Colour: White
In the Box: 1 x charging dock, 3 x microphone, 9 x colour puck, 3 x neck cord, 1 x international adapter, 1 x USB-C cable, 1 x carry case & documentation. Optional: Wi-Fi hotspot.
Wireless connections: 802.11b/g/n (2.4 / 5 GHz) Single / Dual stream Wi-Fi; Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
Requirements: Wi-Fi internet connection or Ethernet cable connection. Minimum speed: 1.6 Mbps Upload / 1.0 Mbps download
Speaksee app on a smart device (phone / tablet) with an iOS or Android operating system and Bluetooth Low Energy.
Certifications: The Speaksee Microphone Kit has been tested by SGS laboratories to meet the safety standards of the EU, UK, US, Canada and Australia.
Sustainability: RoHS conform

Digital Meetings with Speaksee AutoCaption

AutoCaption can also be used for online trainings, webinars, podcasts or online video's.
AutoCaption works seamlessly with all conferencing platforms, including Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meet, WebEx and all others.

Software Indeendent: Teams; Zoom; Google Meet; Skype; GoToMeeting; Cisco Webex; Jitsi; Slack Calls; Speaksee AutoCaption works with all online (video-)conferencing platforms.

AutoCaption Features

Reat-Time Captions: With the Speaksee technology, you are able to see the captions immediately.
Caption Overlay: Speaksee AutoCaption can be layered over any program, to provide captioning whenever you need it.
Security: We have software encryption because we care about the security and privacy of our users.
AutoCaption for: Podcasts; E-Courses; Video; Radio; Seminars

Speaksee AutoCaption can also assist you with:

Online video-content
Podcasts and Radio broadcasts.
E-courses and online seminars.

AutoCaption Devices Compatible with: Windows 7 or 10


SpeakSee Subscriptions

SKU: SpeakSee Microphone Standard (not available yet)**

30 hours captioning monthly
2 languages
Support via email within 72 hours (during our office hours)

SKU: SpeakSee Microphone Premium**

Unlimited captioning
Unlimited caption languages
Prioritised support via email, WhatsApp, phone, videocalls
Translate to any language
Installation support included contact with your IT Service Desk


SKU: SpeakSee AutoCaption Freemium (Free)

6 hours captioning monthly (manual extention after 2 hours needed)
Support via email within 72 hours (during our office hours)

SKU: SpeakSee AutoCaption Enterprise**

Unlimited captioning
Prioritised support via email, WhatsApp, phone, videocalls
Installation support incl. contact with your IT Service Desk

** - Microphone Kit Required

Speaksee FAQ

How is Speaksee different from other speech-to-text apps?

There are two major differences that sets Speaksee apart:

1. Speaksee uses microphones that are placed near the speaker's mouth to capture speech. This means you won't have to ask everyone in your group to download an app and wait for them to install it and then explain how it works, instead, just hand out the microphones and carry on with the conversation!
2. Speaksee works when there is background noise, like in restaurants. Our microphones use sophisticated beam forming algorithms that isolate the speech and leave out background noise. This enhances accuracy of the transcripts, even in noisy environments.

What is the difference between Speaksee AutoCaption and the Speaksee Microphones?

Speaksee AutoCaption is developed to make digital meetings more accessible. AutoCaption is software that captions the audio output of your Windows tablet or computer in real-time. The software can assist you with online video-meetings, podcasts, radio broadcasts, e-courses and online seminars.

The Speaksee Microphones are designed to make physical (group) conversations more accessible. The device consists of a charging station and three microphones, together with a software subscription it can be used to transcribe any physical (group) conversation in real-time. The Speaksee Microphones can be used for business meetings or in educational settings. Besides, you can also use it for 1-on-1 conversations with family members or help you communicate with your doctor.

Do third parties have access to what’s being said in my meetings?

The audio files and transcripts are processed automatically and securely using end-to-end encryption. Third parties do not have access to any of the personal conversations.

SpeakSee Apple App

SpeakSee Android App

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