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Language Line Interpretation Solutions

SKU: Language Line
Introductory Special: Setup Fee waved.
Note: Set up fee for Audio and Video.
Note: Setup fee for ALS interpretation will be refunded.
One-hour Interpretation Package:
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Language Line Interpretation Solutions

Imagine a world in which language and culture barriers no longer exist - where understanding is universal and everyone is empowered.  Live ASL translation. Full service of 240 Languages Spoken Here. We help you provide 360 degrees of language coverage to the diverse communities you serve

North America is entering an era of unprecedented diversity

90%: Percentage of North American population growth expected
1 in 5:
Our neighbors who speak a language other than English at home – that’s more than 64 million people
72 M: The expected size of our country’s foreign born population in just 25 years – almost double what it is today
10 M: Our neighbors who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing
4 M: One out of ten Canadians, 4 million people have a hearing loss including 6 out of 1,000 children. Of these six, nine out of ten are born to hearing parents.

The LanguageLine Solutions difference

World-Class Linguists: You deserve to work with only the finest interpreters and translators. LanguageLine relentlessly searches the globe to find them.

Pioneering Technology: Language services should be transformational. LanguageLine strives each day to build new pathways to access.

Rigorous Security: You need to safeguard private information. We recognize this and have made security our highest priority.

24/7 Support: The audience you serve is growing more complex by the day. Day or night, you are never alone in addressing this challenge.

Unrivaled Experience: We founded the language access industry in 1982. Each year we handle 40 million interactions– that’s more than one mutual understanding created per second.

Industry-leading Scalability: The need for language access is unpredictable. Our solutions meet your demands without fail, no matter how large or unexpected they may be.

EducationBridge Language Barriers with Parents

LanguageLine InSight Video Interpreting is an ideal solution to ensure meaningful access to education for Limited English Proficient and Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing parents and students. InSight improves understanding and encourages involvement, enabling better communication with parents in a language they 
understand. Access qualified professional interpreters in seconds for the top requested languages and American Sign Language.  LanguageLine InSight Video Interpreting is an ideal solution to ensure meaningful access to education for Limited English Proficient and Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing parents and students. InSight improves understanding and encourages involvement, enabling better communication with parents in a language they understand. Access qualified professional interpreters in seconds for the top requested languages and American Sign Language.

Defining Your Needs

Understanding your language support needs
Discuss integrated language access solutions
Explore support for audio and video access

Being understood is empowering: Language access at all touchpoints: On-demand Interpretation; Face-to-face interpretation; Translation and Localization; Testing and Training

LanguageLine Phone Interpreting: Day or night, the power of understanding is only a phone call away

FAST: Connect in seconds to 16K+ interpreters, 24/7; Use any phone (landline or mobile)

ROBUST: 240+ languages available; Inbound and outbound call flow options; Call center configurable; Comprehensive reporting and analytics

RELIABLE: ASTM International Certification; 99.99% system uptime

SECURE: PCI and GDPR compliant; No calls recorded or stored

LanguageLine Phone Interpretings: Outbound client-initiated call flows

Standard Access

1. Client calls standard 800 number
2. "Please enter your 6-digit client ID number
3. "Press 1 for Spanish, or 2 for all other languages"
4. "If this is correct, please press 1"
5. Call connected to interpreter

Custom Access

1. Client calls custom 800 number or internal extension
2. "Press 1 for XXXXX, 2 for all other languages"
3. "If this is correct, please press 1"
4. Call connected to interpreter

LanguageLine App: Day or night, the power of understanding is only a tap away

LanguageLine On-Demand Interpreting

Language connects you with your audience. Providing language access to limited-English speakers, as well as the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing, paves the way toward trust.

LanguageLine is differentiated by the degree to which we allow our users to differentiate themselves. Each of us is of equal importance, and better than anyone else, our on-demand interpreting solutions empower people and organizations to express their individuality.

Within seconds, our clients can receive one-touch, on-demand interpreting in more than 240 languages via mobile, video, and phone. Each of these formats connects users with our superior team of more than 16,000 professional interpreters.

Languages available for video interpreting

Albanian Burmese Haitian Creole Karen
Mandarin* Russian* Tigrigna Amharic Cantonese*
Hebrew Khmer Nepali Somali Turkish
Armenian Farsi Hindi Korean* Polish*
Spanish* Urdu Arabic* French* Hmong
Laotian Portuguese* Swahili Vietnamese* Bengali
German Italian Lithuanian Punjabi Tagalog
Bosnian Greek Japanese Malay Romanian
American Sign Language* British Sign Language

*24/7 Availability

Languages available for audio interpreting*

Acholi Dinka Inuktitut Manobo Shanghainese
Afar Duala Italian Marathi Shona
Afrikaans Dutch Jakartanese Marka Sichuan Yi
Akan Dzongkha Jamaican Patois Marshallese Sicilian
Akateko Edo Japanese Masalit Sinhala
Albanian Ekegusii Jarai  Mbay Slovak
Amharic Estonian Javanese Mien Slovene
Anuak Ewe Jingpho Mirpuri Soga
Apache Farsi Jinyu Mixteco Somali
Arabic Fijian Juba Arabic Mizo Soninke
Armenian Fijian Hindi Jula Mnong Sorani
Assyrian Finnish Kaba Mongolian Spanish
Azerbaijani Flemish Kamba Moroccan Arabic Sudanese Arabic
Bahasa French Kam Muang Mortlockese Sunda
Bahdini French Canadian Kanjobal Napoletano Susu
Fukienese Kannada Navajo Swahili
Bajuni Fulani Karen Nepali Swedish
Bambara Fuzhou Kashmiri  Ngambay Sylhetti
Bantu Ga Kayah Nigerian Pidgin Tagalog
Barese Gaddang Kazakh Norwegian Taiwanese
Basque Gaelic-Irish Kham Nuer Tajik
Bassa Gaelic-Scottish Khana Nupe Tamil
Belorussian Garre Khmer Nyanja Telugu
Bemba Gen K’iché Nyoro Thai
Benaadir Georgian Kikuyu Ojibway Tibetan
Bengali German Kimiiru Oromo Tigré
Berber German Penn.
Kinyarwanda Pampangan Tigrigna
Bosnian Gheg Koho Papiamento Toishanese
Bravanese Gokana Korean Pashto Tongan
Bulgarian Greek Krahn Plautdietsch Tooro
Burmese Gujarati Krio Pohnpeian Trique
Cantonese Gulay Kunama Polish Turkish
Catalan Gurani Kurmanji Portuguese Turkmen
Cebuano Haitian Creole Kyrgyz Portuguese Brazilian Tzotzil
Chaldean Hakka-China Laotian Portuguese Cape
Chamorro Hakka-Taiwan Latvian Pugliese Urdu
Chaochow Hassaniyya Liberian Pidgin
Pulaar Uyghur
Chin Falam Hausa Lingala Punjabi Uzbek
Chin Hakha Hawaiian Lithuanian Putian Vietnamese
Chin Mara Hebrew Luba-Kasai Visayan
Chin Matu Hiligaynon Luganda Quechua Welsh
Chin Senthang Hindi Luo Quichua Wodaabe
Chin Tedim Hindko Maay Rade Wolof
Chipewyan Hmong Macedonian Rakhine Yemeni Arabic
Chuukese Hunanese Malay Rohingya Yiddish 
Cree Hungarian Malayalam Romanian Yoruba
Croatian Maltese Rundi Yunnanese
Czech Icelandic Mam Russian Zapoteco
Danish Igbo Mandarin Samoan Zarma
Dari Ilocano Mandinka Sango Zo
Dewoin Indonesian Maninka Seraiki Zyphe

*Audio interpreting languages are available for DirectResponse, our end-to-end language solution for inbound calls.

Languages of lesser diffusion may require additional interpreter connect time or may require an appointment. Lists are subject to change with interpreter availability.  Download a pdf version of our Language List.

Audio Over the Phone Interpretation

• No set up fees or monthly minimums - 1-hour minimum
• No dial out fees or platform access fees
• Pay as you go service
• Access to 240 languages, on-demand
• Flat rate pricing
• Domestic only access
• Global access

InSight Video Remote Interpretating

• No set up fees or monthly minimums - 1-hour minimum
• No license fees
• Pay as you go service, US Dollars
• Access to 41 languages on-demand, including American Sign Language
• For audio support, access to 240 languages, on-demand via the app
• Back to Minute One Pricing

One-hour (60-Minutes Concurrent)

Standard Setup: $100 One-Time Fee - Added to your account/bill
ASL Video Interpreting
Audio Interpreting
Video Interpreting

Note: Contact us for LSQ (Quebec Sign Language) interpretation

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