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Hable One

The assistant to your smarphone - simple and small.  Smart Phone control for the blind.

Why would you use the Hable One?: Using your smartphone with a visual impairment can sometimes be frustrating and difficult. At Hable, we like to make this easier for you. The Hable One is the most convenient physical keyboard for the entire smartphone operation.

The Hable One is designed to assist your smartphone or tablet with a simple and intuitive interface. Contact your loved ones using your Hable One as a wireless keyboard or use it as a remote to control every function in your smartphone.
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Modern technology accessible to everyone: A smartphone is essential to get ahead in life. We make modern technology such as the mobile phone accessible to as many people as possible.

Why you use the Hable One: The easy way to control your smartphone.  Just connect via Bluetooth and start using it. From the first try, you will be able to use the main functions in just a few minutes.

Connect with your loved ones: Accepting calls or searching inside your contact list has never been easier. Contact your loved ones at any time.

Navigation and typing easier than before: Thanks to the physical buttons and exclusive vibrations, you will be able to control it even having your smartphone inside of your pocket.

What is the size of the Hable One?: The Hable One is 10 centimetres in length and 5 centimetres in width. As a comparison, the iPhone 7 is 16 centimetres in length and 8 centimetres in width.

Can I read text with the Hable One?: Only using audio. The Hable One is meant for typing and navigating the phone only. For feedback, we use VoiceOver or TalkBack audio.

Is the Hable One made from durable materials?: The Hable One is made from ABS plastic which is durable and long-lasting. Next to this, the ABS is developed from recycled plastics, just as good as regular ABS, but a bit better for the world!

How do you find the battery level on the Hable One?: The Hable One has haptic feedback to indicate battery levels. The battery level shortcut command indicates if the battery is low, sufficient, or high by vibrating once, twice, or thrice. Good to note that the Hable One will last several weeks when used intensively.

How reliable is the Bluetooth connection on the Hable One?: The Hable One uses the latest Bluetooth Module (5.1) for reliable and fast connection up to 5 meters from the connected device. Hable One users experience texting without delay between typing speeds and screen readers.

What is the difference between the Orbit Writer and the Hable One: We have written an extensive blog highlighting the differences between both products. Make sure to check this for a more in-depth overview. In short, there are three main differences. First, to use the Orbit Writer you need a desk or stand to place the keyboard. With the Hable One, you can simply hold it in the air. This means you can use it anywhere and everywhere. Second, the Orbit Writer is built to type more efficiently, whereas the Hable One is designed to make using your smartphone easier. Thanks to its design it is extremely intuitive to use the smartphone with the Hable One. We have users from 5 years old up to 82 years old that were onboarded in no time. Lastly, the building quality. The Hable One uses the latest Bluetooth Module and other high-quality components making sure it is built to last. The Orbit Writer on the other hand is built for low costs, which can be observed in the quality of the product.

Where can I buy the Hable One?
The Hable One is available in multiple countries. We work together with our partners to distribute the Hable One's. Want to order a Hable One? Simply send us an email on and we will provide you with the next steps.

Can I test the Hable One first?
Currently, this is available in the both the Netherlands and Belgium. However, there are huge waiting lists, meaning that it might take a while before you get a chance to try the Hable One. If you want to get your hands on a Hable One sooner, we recommend you to order the Hable One. If you are not happy with the controller, you have two weeks to send it back and you will get a complete refund!

What can I do with the Hable One keyboard?
With the Hable One, you can control your entire phone (iOS and Android). The controller can be used for typing, VoiceOver gestures and shortcuts. It supports all wireless keyboard commands. For more details, make sure to check the product manual!

Young lady using Hable One

Technical specifications

Lightweight: 90 grams
Battery life: 50 hours
Dimensions: 100 x 46 x 8mm
Devices supported: Android and iOS, for both tablets and phones
Typing support: Windows and MacOS
Braille input: 6 point Braille, Liblouis
Supports: 10+ languages
Unique text editing experience. Easier than any alternative.
Made with sustainable recycled plastic

What's in the box:

Your Hable One
USB-C cable for charging and software updates
Wristband to prevent falling
(Digital) User manual

SKU: Hable One

Hable One Videos

Starting Guides

This training guide is for everyone that is new to using the Hable One! Once you complete this training guide you will be able to use your phone entirely with the Hable One. For example, you can now make calls, send text messages, access Social media, and even use some special Hable shortcuts!

You can find the training guide in word, pdf, and webpage formats here:

iOS Starting Guide (word)

iOS Starting Guide (pdf)

iOS Starting Guide (HTML)

Android Starting Guide (word)

Android Starting Guide (pdf)

Android Starting Guide (HTML)

Problem Solving Guide

You might run into some issues using your Hable One. Luckily we have identified that 90% of the issues can be resolved by using our 2-page Problem Solving Guide. You can find the guides here:

Problem Solving Guide (word)

Problem Solving Guide (pdf)

Problem Solving Guide (HTML)

Alphabets & Interpunctions Manual

If you want to look up how to type certain specific alphabets or interpunctios with the Hable One, use the following manuals:

Alphabet & Interpunctions Manual (word)

Alphabet & Interpunctions Manual (pdf)

Alphabet & Interpunctions Manual (HTML)

Download: Hable One Manual. The Hable One works with Apple and Android devices. Download the manual to learn about all the Hable One functions.


[UK] For me it's the simple things really. - I love being able to navigate the phone with the able Hable. VoiceOver has always been a frustration for me, but with Hable it is so much easier.

Lena Welch - [AUS] I love how I can now type passwords wherever I am.
It's smaller than the iPhone 12, which is very impressive. Listen to my review for a tutorial of how I use the Hable One. I think it's amazing.

Nicky Muir - [AUS] I find it far superior to the Orbit Writer
I think the device is far superior the Orbit Writer. I'm also a big fan of the youtube tutorials for support.

Kelvin Steinhardt - [AUS] It's especially useful when I'm outside.
I use Braille displays a lot and it's frustrating to use that when you are out. This is ideal for when you want to Braille with your phone simply in your pocket, wherever you are.

Scott Erichsen - [AUS] Great for controlling my phone
It's very compact and easy to transport. The Battery life is phenomenal. The only downside for me is the sound of the buttons, but the benefits highly outweigh this.

Arthur Pirika - [USA] The Hable absolutely blows me away.
The Hable absolutely blows me away. It took little to no time to learn it and become good using the Hable. The Hable is now the only keyboard I use!!!!

Dennis Long - [UK] It has revolutionised how I use my phone!
I've had the device for two weeks now and it has revolutionised how I use my phone! I’ve used it for email, social media, learning new music and filling in government forms, which I probably would have struggled with. I’ve used it on the bus, in the office and in bed while I had vertigo. I would recommend this to anyone, I absolutely love it.

Roisin Dermody - [UK] Hable made it easier for me to type because of the Braille key layout.
I have cerebral palsy and I mainly use one hand to type because of the weakness in the other. Hable made it easier for me to type because of the Braille key layout rather than the Perkins style layout so commonly used.

Klaudia Suchowiak - [UK] I can now use the Hable One, to open my phone and use a text-to-speech app to let my family or doctors know what I need.
I want to share with you a way I can use the Hable one in a unique way. I suffer with seizures and after I can be paralysed, this can be any part of my body, arms and legs and sometimes my voice box. I can now use the Hable One, to open my phone and use a text-to-speech app to let my family or doctors know what I need, until I complete physio and get the use back. What I forgot to say in the video is I can store pre set messages and play them as selected so I don’t have to type everything each time. So saves time with busy doctors. It’s great!

Sophia Curtis - [UK] It was so cool being able do all this using such a small device without having to touch my phone.
Loving the Hable. This morning I had a lie in and as I have sky multiscreen I used the Hable to go into the sky go app, view my recordings and watch some of them on my phone by using the Hable. While watching them, I was browsing through Facebook and messaging with it. It was so cool being able do all this using such a small device without having to touch my phone.

Mairead O’Mahony - [UK] I really love this device
I really love this device. I woke up this morning and was able to use it to unlock my phone, access the control centre to airplay to my HomePod, which is the Apple smart speaker, and then access BBC iPlayer so I could catch up with Casualty. This was all without touching my phone. I love this!

Victoria Louise Gray - [UK] I am having so much fun with it!
I’ll be taking the Hable One with me to church tomorrow so I can read the service sheet without having to look too odd using my phone. I get them emailed to me. I can even access my TV app so I can change channels and search for programmes. I have sent emails, searched on the web using safari and played wordle with the accessibility feature. I am having so much fun with it!

Hazel Hyland - [UK] I utterly love this device. My iPhone journey is getting transformed.
I'm standing on a foot bridge in Sligo. I feel like crying as this is the first time ever I could send a message while out and about, I utterly love this device. My iPhone journey is getting transformed.

Jackie McBrearty - [UK] It really is a game changer.
I've had Hable connected to my work phone all day. It's made a huge difference in text/email response times, especially when on the move. I've been writing and reading braille for 28 years. However, it's the first time of use device is lightweight and as portable as this. It really is a game changer.

Sidney Tambin - [UK] I have fallen in love.
I’ve only had this little gadget since Tuesday and I have to say I have fallen in love. I have been out most of the morning but haven’t taken my phone out of my handbag once. I’ve been sending texts and emails using the Hable. One lady on the bus wondered what I was doing when I took it out and began typing on an apparently screenless device.

Louise Taylor - [NL] What an amazing invention!
My name is Carla, blind and 64 years old. I too have switched to an Iphone, although I break out in a cold sweat when I have to tap or swipe the screen. or swipe. I can give Siri commands with my voice, but I can forget about adding a contact independently. I can forget about adding a contact on my own. Until the Hable one was pointed out to me. I immediately asked for a demonstration at home. at home. A whole new world opened up for me. At last, a tool that helps you to that helps you to independently operate your telephone with 8 keys. Because there are no bells and whistles such as unnecessary games or other features, the price is also affordable. The Hable one is Highly recommended whether you are partially sighted or blind, you can use it. with it. Every now and then I still discover new things in my phone with the Hable one. Nothing can really go wrong. For me, the Hable one is a great invention!

Carla Schaad - [NL] The strong increase in independence in the use of the Iphone
The strong increase in independence in the use of the Iphone. Functions of the Iphone which I can now perform myself. The Hable One has made me an equal user with sighted mobile phone users.

Hans Wensveen - [NL] The Hable is small and therefore easy to carry.
The Hable is small and therefore easy to carry. If you have a good command of Braille, typing can be fast and (usually) error-free. This is important for me, for example, when online banking. I don't use the iPhone much on the internet, so I don't have an opinion about working with the Hable.

Astrid Veltman - [UK] Absolutely Brilliant
The Hable One Braille controller for smartphones is something I was a bit sceptical about, because it didn’t come with a Braille display. It took me a while to get used to the commands and the way you hold the device but it’s absolutely brilliant. I’m typing text messages faster and find email so much easier – generally I’m so much faster and more productive than I was using a touch screen.

Stuart Beveridge - [GER] So easy to learn!
The commands are easy to learn. My colleague, a student trainee, and I tested the Hable One. We see the advantage for the Hable One that you can enter braille. It would be even easier for us if the keys were arranged like on a braille machine. But after a short period of getting used to it, it was no problem to write braille.

Thomas Schmidt - ICT Trainer - [USA] Everything changed
When I first got my iPhone, I loved it, but really couldn’t do typing all that well and only used basic functions. But when I got the Hable One, everything changed…

Joshua Hendrickson - [GER] I am already thrilled after the first few minutes!
My first impression is very positive! It is easy to use, it is light and feels good in a hand.

Christian Ohrens - [USA] My excitement is overflowing
My excitement is overflowing at having such a tactile way to interact with my iPhone and iPad while using voice over. So far how I hold the Hable One is easier on my hands than screen away mode, typing is easier, and having physical buttons is helping me connect the dots to the letters, and it’s easier to feel which fingers I am using.

Lynne Nicholson - [NL] It fits right into my blouse pocket
Although I did not use Braille typing for quite some time, with the Hable I immediately got the hang of this again. Also, traveling will be much easier with the Hable One because it is small and fits right into my blouse pocket!

Nico - [NL] I can now skip the annoying YouTube ads
This is a demo of the Hable, as you can see I can easily navigate through my screen now, making photos of myself is also possible with the Hable One!

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