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Neeuro SenzeBand 2

The Neeuro SenzeBand 2 is a non-invasive device for capturing EEG (brainwaves) signals. It consists of 7-dry electrodes with five located on the prefrontal cortex and two on the sides. Together with Neeuro’s machine learning algorithms, it interprets these EEG signals into various mental states, like attention, relaxation, mental workload, fatigue, stress, and many more. This provides insightful biofeedback for measurements used in real-time to drive interventions for various brain health challenges.

With the user wearing the SenzeBand 2, low frequency brain signals are picked up by seven individual sensors. The brain signals are within the ranges of 0.5 to 100 Hz with amplitudes in the region of microvolts.

SenzeBand How it Works

The SenzeBand records and tracks your brainwaves and interprets them into Mental States through the NeeuroOS software platform. These Mental States are then used to train your individual cognitive functions via the different Neeuro Brain Training Programs.

Download SenzeBand 2 Brochure

Neeuro Brain Training Programs

In a fast-paced world, you need to keep your brains fit and healthy to withstand daily tasks and challenges. That's why Neeuro has created various Brain Training courses - tailored to level up and enhance your cognitive skills. It has been proven that people that are exposed to such training courses, see improvements in their attention, memory, spatial ability, decision making and cognitive flexibility.

Neeuro Memorie

Memorie is a collection of mobile games that help train the different cognitive functions of our brains. These fun and engaging mental exercises seek to enhance cognitive skills in attention, memory, decision-making, spatial awareness and cognitive flexibility. Enabling us to Think Faster, Learn Smarter and Remember Better!

Training the Five Cognitive Skills

1. Attention: Attention is the ability to concentrate on important things that matter at any given time. Our attention and brain training games encourage players to gain a higher attention span to process new concepts and complete daily tasks with more ease.

2. Memory: Memory is important for storing and retrieving information. Brain exercise lets us improve aspects such as working memory. Working memory can be thought of as a mental sticky note that helps us keep tabs on information until we need to use it for thinking, comprehending, and problem solving.

3. Decision Making: In decision making, we gather information and assess the right choices. By training logic and reasoning skills, we can make more mindful decisions by organising relevant information and outlining alternatives.

4. Spatial Ability: Spatial ability refers to the ability to understand, reason and remember the spatial relations among objects or space. Spatial training is relevant for daily tasks like driving, using maps, and even exercising or playing sports.

5. Cognitive Flexibility: Training cognitive flexibility lets you efficiently shift your attention between one task and another. One example is switching between reading instructions from a cook-book and preparing the meal.

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NeuroFIT Training Programs

These NeeuroFIT brain training courses have been developed with the latest technologies in Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) and are tailored to level up your Brain Fitness levels,  helping you and your loved ones achieve healthier minds so that we can enjoy happy and active lives.

NeeuroFIT Class

A modular Brain Training program, using the Memorie mobile application, that seeks to improve the following cognitive functions:

Decision Making
Cognitive Flexibility
Spatial Ability

Paired with the Neeuro SenzeBand 2, to provide essential EEG information and mental states during the training. There are four courses (12 sessions of 45-minutes per course):

Foundation: Establish basic learning abilities for doing well in school. Children will train in 6 games offering simple challenges in cognitive skills.

Developmental: Level up learning abilities by adopting cognitive skills in simulated scenarios. Children will be introduced to mental flexibility with these games.

Holistic: Advanced course for experiencing the application of cognitive skills in a more complex, simulated environment.

Advanced: The most advanced NeeuroFIT course. Train using 12 cognitive and attention booster games that go beyond the progressive challenges to help maximize cognitive adaptations.

NeeuroFIT ClassTraining Programs are suitable for

Children - NeeuroFIT improves skills of attention, memory, spatial ability, decision making and cognitive flexibility in children aged 4 to 12 years.  Through the latest technologies and offline and online reports and assessments, we are able to track and measure progress accurately. This lets us provide personalised training to ensure every child reaps the greatest benefits from each session.

Professionals - NeeuroFIT for Professionals is an interactive course that uses engaging brain games and activities, teaching your employees to use them for organization growth. Here are some skills that participants can pick up:

1. Comprehensive Memory Techniques: Learn in-depth memory techniques like “Linking,” “Chaining,” and “Hooking,” and impress your clients instantly!

2. Enhance Networking Skills: Help your team absorb information at a faster pace to save time and increase productivity!

3. Improve Office Productivity: Work in a reduced stress environment where not much of a “Brain juice” is consumed. Every day is a happy and productive day at the office!

4. Practice Strategic Planning: Dale Carnegie says, “A client’s name is the sweetest and most important sound in any language”. Eliminate the trouble of remembering the names of your customers and close more deals!

5. Maintain Mental Wellness: Develop your team’s ability to think out-of-the-box and help them to formulate and reactivate their imagination!

6. Create a Positive Work Environment: Promote friendly competition and camaraderie among employees while training.

Seniors - NeeuroFIT Brain Training Course for Seniors prevent cognitive decline that leads to mental illnesses, thus giving seniors, opportunities to constantly keep mentally active and healthy. Here are some benefits:

Enhance focus, memory, and other cognitive
Reduce your risk of cognitive decline
Improve ability to perform daily tasks
Increase Productivity
Social engagement with peers and trainers

NeeuroFIT Class FAQs - (link to a different site?)

Download NeeuroFIT brochures here

Neeuro CogoLand

CogoLand is a patented, scientifically validated digital attention training program based on Brain Computing Interface (BCI) technology. Jointly developed by A*STAR’s Institute for Infocomm Research (I2R), Institute of Mental Health and Duke-NUS Medical School in Singapore, CogoLand is easily administered and is a fun and interactive game to help improve your children’s attention issues. Neeuro CogoLand

Researchers at IMH, Duke-NUS and A*STAR in Singapore, ran a clinical trial involving 172 children with ADHD within the ages 6 to 12 years old. A gamified intervention solution called “CogoLand” was used. The game requires the child to concentrate to get the avatar in the game to move.

Neeuro Band 2

The objective of the game is to move a character through a maze using their brainwaves. Mentally focused users are able to move characters, while less focused users slow down or freeze the characters. The key task is to stay focused.

CogoLand (1 course of 24 sessions) - 3 months duration
CogoLand (4 courses of 96 sessions) - 12 months duration

The results showed that children who received 8 weeks of intervention showed more significant improvement in their inattentive symptoms than those who did not receive intervention.

Results of this trial have been published in reputable medical journals.

Specifically for trained professionals: Psychologists, Therapists, Teachers
Audience: Children 7 - 12 years screened with ADHD / Hyperactivity
Program: One-on-one
CogoLand Booklet Digital Wellness


How does our mental state slow down with age?

Everyone knows that our mind slows down when we age, there is no secret behind that. However, at what point does your mind start to retire? Many people disregard the fact that mental decline is a lifelong process, and starts at an early age. Take a look at what the experts have to say, and you will understand our passion in helping you to solve this problem.

Adult age trends in the relations among cognitive abilities Published in: Psychology and Aging Lead Author: Elliot M. Tucker-Drob, Timothy A. Salthouse

When does age-related cognitive decline begin? Published in: Neurobiological Aging Lead author: Timothy Salthouse

Video game training enhances cognitive control in older adults Published in: Nature Lead Author: JA Anguera

How does mental stimulation help me?

In this section, you will find research on how mental stimulation helps to improve your attention, memory, multi-tasking skills.

Improving fluid intelligence with training on working memory Published in: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA Lead Author: Susanne M. Jaeggi, Martin Bushkuehl

The efficacy of working memory training in improving crystallized intelligence Published in: Nature Proceedings Lead Author: Tracy Alloway, Ross Alloway

How can this translate into long term benefits for me?

Research has shown that mental stimulation leads to an increase in memory over time. Keeping your mind stimulated also creates positive effects in your day to day life.

Computerized memory training leads to sustained improvement in visuospatial short-term memory skills in children with Down syndrome Published in: Am J Intellect Dev Disabil Lead Author: SJ Bennet

Strengthened effective connectivity underlies transfer of working memory training to tests of short-term memory and attention Published in: The Journal of Neuroscience Lead Author: Bornali Kundu

Distinct transfer effects of training different facets of working memory capacity Published in: Journal of Memory and Language Lead Author: Claudia C. von Bastian

The relationship between n-back performance and matrix reasoning—implications for training and transfer Published in: Intelligience Lead Author: Susanne M. Jaeggi

Short- and long-term benefits of cognitive training Published in: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA Lead Author: Susanne M. Jaeggi

Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease and Cognitive Decline Published in: AHRQ publication Lead Author: John W Williams

Ten-Year Effects of the ACTIVE Cognitive Training Trial on Cognition and Everyday Functioning in Older Adults Published in: J AM Geriatric Society Lead Author: George W. Rebok

How does mental stimulation work on my brain?

There are studies that show evidence of the changes in the brain. The research highlights how the brain reacts to mental stimulation.

Increased prefrontal and parietal activity after training of working memory Published in: Nature Neuroscience Lead Author: Olesen PJ, Westerberg H, Klingberg T.

London taxi drivers and bus drivers: a structural MRI and neuropsychological analysis Published in: Hippocampus Lead Author: Maguire EA, Woollett K, Spiers HJ.

Who is best suited for mental stimulation?

These studies show that the best results for brain training shows on children, and those approaching their later years in life.

Differential effects of reasoning and speed training in children Published in: Developmental Science Lead Author: Mackey AP, Hill SS

Impact of working memory training on memory performance in old-old adults Published in: Psychology Aging Lead Author: Buschkuehl M, Jaeggi SM

Working memory plasticity in old age: Practice gain, transfer, and maintenance Published in: Psychology Aging Lead Author: Li SC, Schmiedek F

Effects of cognitive training interventions with older adults: A randomized controlled trial Published in: The Journal of the American Medical Association Lead Author: Ball K, Berch DB

What problems can brain training be the solution to?

Results has shown that it may help you improve your attention, memory, spatial skills, etc. This section shows research which backs up the claims that mental stimulation can help improve those specific areas.

Family-based training program improves brain function, cognition, and behavior in lower socioeconomic status preschoolers Published in: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA Lead Author: Neville HJ, Stevens C

How useful is executive control training? Age differences in near and far transfer of task-switching training Published in: Developmental Science Lead Author: Karbach J, Kray J

The Lancet: Healthy eating, exercise, and brain training Published in: The Lancet

Does playing games have any benefits for me?

Research does suggest that the right type of games can stimulate minds and make it perform at a much higher level.

Brain training: Games to do you good Published in: Nature Lead Author: Daphne Bavelier & Richard J. Davidson

Reading and solving arithmetic problems improves cognitive functions of normal aged people: a randomized controlled study Published in: AGE Lead Author: Shinya Uchida & Ryuta Kawashima

Games for seniors are not just for fun Published in: The Straits Times Lead Author: Samantha Boh

Neuroplasticity in old age: Sustained fivefold induction of hippocampal neurogenesis by long-term environmental enrichment Published in: Annals of Neurology Lead Author: Gerd Kempermann, Daniela Gast and Fred H. Gage

Video game training enhances cognitive control in older adults Published in: Nature Lead Author: J. Anguera

What is the science behind EEG?

We are often asked, “Are there any scientific proof that the EEG headband paired with the Neuroscience-designed games work?” Here we have compiled our research presenting some significant validation work that shows proof that cognitive performance can be enhanced through EEG-neurofeedback, and recently, EEG-based technology has become more popular in “serious” games designs and developments.

EEG-based local brain activity feedback training—tomographic neurofeedback Published in: National Center for Biotechnology Information, U.S. National Library of Medicine Lead Author: Herbert Bauer, Avni Pllana

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SenzeBand 2

A randomized controlled trial brain computer interface based attention training program for ADHD.

NeeuroFIT Class Booklet

WhitePaper: A Brain Computer Interface Brain Training Game

CogoLand Booklet Digital Wellness

Neeuro CogoLand

Millions of Indian Children (and Parents) Struggle with ADHD Medications

Millions of Indian Children (and Parents) Struggle with ADHD Medications

3 Cognitive Strategies that will Help Any Student Learn Fast

3 Cognitive Strategies that will Help Any Student Learn Fast

Prefrontal Cortex Exercises that Improve Memory and Attention

Prefrontal Cortex Exercises that Improve Memory and Attention

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