NexTalk Access BUSINESS Deaf TTY Communication Software

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NexTalk Access BUSINESS Deaf TTY Communication Software

NexTalk ACCESS Business Edition is an ADA compliant communication software program, designed specifically for communicating with the Deaf, Hard of Hearing and non-english speaking.

When a business uses ACCESS Business, NexTalk provides the business with a local telephone number. When your deaf, hard of hearing or non-english speaking customers want to contact your business, they dial the number and connect directly to the ACCESS software program.

ACCESS Business is a low cost communication tool, perfect for product or serviced-based businesses such as

Dentist offices
Insurance offices
Law offices
Food banks
Chiropractors offices
Veterinary offices
Post offices
Automotive repair shops
Fast food
Book stores
...any business who wants an effective and secure software program for communicating with the Deaf and Hard of Hearing...

The ACCESS Business software is easy to install, easy to use and can reside on any windows based desktop, laptop or tablet.

Communication options on ACCESS Business Include

SpeechPath Caption Calls. Machine based. No third person on the call.
Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)
TTY calling (send and receive TTY Calls)
ACCESS video calls
ACCESS text calls
Text Relay Service (TRS)
Phone book
Text mail
Receive incoming faxes
Local phone number provided by NexTalk
Includes 1,000 minutes monthly

Minimum System requirements

Operating System: Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
Computer Processor: Core 2 Duo or better
Computer Memory (RAM): 2GB or more
Video Card: 256 MB or better
Hard Drive Space: 120 MB
Peripherals: Speakers, Microphone and Webcam - All name brand webcams will work with NexTalk ACCESS NexTalk recommends a 2.0 Mega Pixel or better camera. (This applies to built in webcams)

Firewall: NOTE: Most routers are preconfigured to allow the NexTalk ACCESS software to pass both audio and video information. In the unlikely event that your router does not, Please contact NexTalk's Technical support (801-274-6001) and we will assist you in making the necessary changes to your router.

Port 2591 TCP to ( [used for logins and authentications account creations]
Port 5060-5061 TCP & UDP to ( [used for sip registration when initializing video]
Ports 1852-1855 TCP & UDP to ( [used for video/audio links]
SIP ALG - Turned off

Bandwidth: 256kbs /video connection.

Software Requirements

.Net framework 3.5
.Net framework 4.0
Active X plugin enabled
DirectX 9c or better
Webcam: All name brand webcams will work with NexTalk ACCESS. NexTalk Recommends a 2.0 Mega Pixel or better camera. (this applies to built in webcams) Speaker/microphone: Using on board mic and Speaker will suffice. For best results an external USB speakerphone will provide the best echo cancellation.


SpeechPath was created by NexTalk as a communication solution for these Hard of Hearing individuals. SpeechPath is a Speech-to-text feature that allows the Hard of Hearing to send and receive phone calls, while reading the text from the caller on their screen. Most importantly, SpeechPath is a machine based service. Unlike standard captioning services that use people to type the text as the caller is speaking, which is about as accurate as closed captions on live TV, SpeechPath uses a Text Engine Server to convert the speech to text. This is not only faster and more accurate, but also private and confidential. No third party is listening in on your calls.

Consumers - SpeechPath will allow the hard of hearing community to place and receive calls both at home and on the run. At home, the user can use either their mobile phone, laptop or tablet to place or receive a call. The SpeechPath server participates as a third party on these calls and converts the incoming speech to text, which can be read on the screen. The same holds true for outgoing calls

Business - SpeechPath is used by many businesses to allow their hard of hearing employees to place and receive phone calls while at work. We work with existing phone KSU/PBX system. No special equipment is needed. SpeechPath can also be used in a business setting to assist the hard of hearing during conference calls or company meetings.


SKU: SFT-ACC-BE: NexTalk Access Business (1 License) - Annual Subscription
SKU: SFT-ACC-BE3: NexTalk Access Business (3 Licenses) - Annual Subscription
SKU: SFT-ACC-BE5: NexTalk Access Business (5 Licenses) - Annual Subscription

Call Features by Edition

VRI: Video Remote Interpreting: VRI is a Video and Audio call between an American Sign Language interpreter, a Deaf person and a hearing person.
ARI: Audio Remote Interpreting: ARI is an Audio only call between a spoken language interpreter, a non-English speaking person and an English speaking person.
VP: Video Phone: Video phone is a point-to-point video call between two people who know American Sign Language.
VRS: Video Relay Service: VRS is a Video and Audio call to an FCC Authorized American Sign Language Interpreter and a hearing person.
TRS: Text Relay Service: TRS is a Text and Audio call to an FCC Authorized provider who types with the deaf person and speaks with the hearing person.
TTY: TTY/RTT: TTY is a point-to-point text call between two people or between a person and a company.
VCO: Voice Carry Over: VCO is a Text and Voice call placed with and FCC Authorized Provider. This is used by an individual who can speak, but not hear.
HCO: Hearing Carry Over: HCO is a Text and Voice call placed with an FCC Authorized provider. This is sed by an individual who can hear, but not speak.
IM: Instant Messaging: IM is a point-to-point instant message call between two individuals.

NexTalk Comparison

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Call Flow Diagrams: ACCESS Call Flow Diagram


Sales and Marketing Presentations: ACCESS Presentation

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