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Topo Contoured Anti-Fatigue Standing Desk Mat

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Topo Contoured Anti-Fatigue Standing Desk Mat

Topo is Designed Specifically for Standing Desk Users.  Topo is the anti-fatigue mat designed for standing desks. Its industry-leading contours and engineered material deliver a unique combination of micro and macro movements that erase the fatigue caused by stationary standing.  Topo, your new dancing mat. 

Topo inspires active and varied stances.  Cushioned terrain drives subconscious movement - unlike distracting treadmills and balance boards.
Switch between sitting and standing? Topo is engineered to be easily positioned with just one foot.
Topo is the ergonomic anti-fatigue mat designed specifically for standing desk users. The calculated terrain features drive you to move more, which means healthier standing at your standing desk.
It's counterintuitive, but just having the raised features on the mat - the calculated terrain - causes your brain to subconsciously engage and move your feet to explore, articulate, and stretch as you stand.
And as the research increasingly shows, the true benefit of standing over sitting is increased movement. With Topo, you'll never end up standing relatively still for hours, fatigued and stiff.
Even better - unlike treadmills or balance boards, standing on Topo is not distracting, because the cue to move is subconscious.
For ergonomic, adjustable height sit-stand desk users, Topo makes transitioning from sitting to standing even easier, because the bottom surface of the Topo Standing Desk Mat is engineered to slide easily enough that you can reposition your mat with just one foot, but still stay put when you're on it.
The Topo Standing Desk Mat is 100% high-quality polyurethane foam, with a durable integral skin that's pebbled for a sublimely comfortable experience.


Why is Topo the best Standing Desk Mat?
Because Topo drives more movement through more varied postures without you having to think about it, and that makes you healthier and more productive. The true benefit of a standing desk is movement. Anti-fatigue mats provide micro-movement; because the material is soft, it introduces a bit of instability, so your feet are moving from the ankle down to stay stable. Topo provides those micro-movements with premium anti-fatigue material. Above and beyond that, Topo delivers macro-movements with its three-dimensional cushioned terrain. And not only does Topo provide for those macro-movements, it actively drives them - as we've shown in testing.

These macro-movements are the key to healthy standing. The blood in your legs is returned to your heart not by direct pressure from the heart pump, but by gentle muscle contractions that massage and squeeze the return vessels. Every feature of Topo was designed to promote these contractions and abolish fatigue. The raised front corners provide a surface to prop-up either your left or right foot, which keeps the relationship between your lower back and pelvis fluid, rather than stiff and fatigued. This movement is required to deliver blood and nutrients to the shock absorbing discs in your spine. Similarly the center tear drop allows you to alternately prop up your left and right foot, keeping your stance varied, and creating the opportunity to roll your foot and ankle, or massage your arch. The thicker side rails provide variations in ankle position and cushioning. The raised rear surface provides a deep calf stretch, and you can even raise up your heels by flexing your calves to really recharge your legs. No other mat delivers this combination of anatomically targeted terrain features to your standing desk.

How do I get started with Topo?  Topo arrives with a packaging insert including a link to Topo's online startup guide (Mini's is here), where you'll find neat videos and infographics with some positions we love. We've found that after 20-30 minutes of being conscious to vary their stance through the recommended positions, users are off the races, subconsciously creating and enjoying every stance imaginable.

What are the dimensions of Topo and Topo Mini?  Topo is 29” wide (along your desk) x 26.25” back (away from your desk) x 2.7″ tall at highest, is 0.85" thick in the neutral area, and weighs 8 lbs. Topo Mini is 25.2” wide (along your desk) x 19.2” back (away from your desk) x 2.47″ tall at highest, and weighs 4 lbs.

Should I get Topo or Topo Mini?  Great question! We've created a handy graphic to help you decide: Which Topo Mat is Right for Me?

Does Topo have a weight limit?  Topo provides an almost perfect performance up to user weights of 240 lbs. For a user above 240 lbs, support/compression reaches the limit of our specifications when used with US men's size 10 shoe. Shoes size affects weight distribution, so for a heavier user, larger feet provide improved support. The mat may still provide an acceptable experience for a user weighing more than 240lbs, but with our current material compound, the performance will not achieve our exacting design specification.

Does Topo have a height limit?  If you're over 6'5", Topo may feel a bit small to you. Up to that height, we're confident that Topo provides a fantastic experience. If you're 5'4" or shorter, we recommend Topo Mini.

What is Topo made of?  Topo is 100% non-toxic polyurethane foam, with no PVC or plasticizers (like phthalates), or added flame retardants.

Does Topo slide as well on carpet as it does on hardwood?  Topo actually slides better on standard low-pile carpet than on hardwood. If you have really deep shag carpet (think 1970s), the edges of Topo may catch when sliding and you'll have to pay a little more attention when repositioning it.

How can I clean Topo?  Topo typically wipes clean with just water, though mild soap is fine to use if you're handling a sticky spill. Be sure to rinse thoroughly to eliminate any slippery residue, and ensure Topo is fully dry before resuming use.

What is Topo's Return Policy / Warranty?  Up to 30 days after delivery, returns and exchanges are totally free to you. After that, your Topo is protected by a 7-year warranty against manufacturing defects. This warranty does not cover damage due to abuse, misuse and improper usage. Failure to follow the "Recommended Use" or heed the "Warnings" on Topo's packaging insert may void this warranty. 


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