Gizhand LED Mobility Cane

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Gizhand LED Mobility Cane

Ultra-brightIlluminated LED Mobility Cane. USB-rechargeable illuminated mobility cane that delivers bright light for navigation and makes users more visible to pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists. The collapsible mobility cane provides comfort, security, and confidence to individuals with low vision and blindness when in dark or poorly lit situations.

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Solid Cane Construction: aluminium body together with high quality materials
Ultra-bright LED Light: when cane is extended or folded position
Comfortable Cane Grip: with flexible hand straps
Interchangeable Cane Tips: compatible with hook tips from leading manufacturers
Multiple Cane Lengths: available in 27", 49", 53", and 57" lengths
Up to 6 Hours Battery Power: includes 2 USB rechargeable batteries
Product Warranty: 3-month warranty from time of purchase
Charge Your Smart Devices: or other technology devices with the USB battery
Collapsible Folding Cane: easily fold up your cane and tuck it away in your bag
Gizahand LED Mobility Cane Instructions/Guide 
Gizahand LED Mobility Cane 
2x Veho USB Powerbanks 
Charging Cable 

How to illuminate your Gizahand Cane

1. Remove the Rubber cap from the top of the cane.
2. Pull the Veho USB Powerbank out from the top of the cane handle.
3. Re-attach the rubber cap onto the end of the handle to cover the battery compartment at the top of the cane.
4. Store the battery safely to ensure it does not get lost.

How to charge your battery

1. Make sure the Veho USB Powerbank is removed from the cane.
2. Insert the charging cable into the power socket on the Powerbank.
3. Leave the Veho USB Powerbank to charge for around 4 hours.
4. Unplug the charging cable from the Veho USB Powerbank.
5. Your Powerbank will now be fully charged and ready for use.
6. Once the USB Powerbank has been fully charged you will have over 3-hours of constant light from the cane.

How to fold your Gizhand LED Mobility Cane

1. The cane will fold the same way as other standard mobility canes.
2. Each section of the cane will insert into each other to form the cane.
3. To fold, pull each section away from the next section and fold.
4. Occasionally in adverse weather conditions (hot or cold) the sections may expand or contract. In this case you may need to twist the sections slightly to loosen the connection between the sections.
5. The cane will remain illuminated whilst expanded or folded.
6. Please don’t overstretch the cord connecting the sections as this could affect the electronics inside the cane.

How to change the hook tip on your cane

1. Please note - You may require assistance when doing this.
2. Loosen the threaded nylon screw at the bottom section of the cane. The pin is located roughly 3/4” / 2cm from the bottom of the cane (The pin does not need to be fully removed from the cane).
3. Pull the tip out of the bottom section of the cane.
4. Insert the new tip into the bottom section of the cane. The Gizahand Cane is compatible with most available tips on the market.
5. Once the tip is fully inserted, you should tighten the nylon screw back into the cane to secure the tip. The pin does not need to be tightened with a screwdriver – it is advisable for it to be finger tight only.

How to use the Powerbank to charge your phone and other smart devices

1. The Veho USB Powerbank can also charge other smart devices.
2. Make sure your Veho USB Powerbank is been fully charged.
3. Insert your USB charging cable into the Veho USB Powerbank port.
4. Once fully charged, remove the cable from the Powerbank and your smart device.

What's in the box?

1. Remove the Rubber cap from the top of the cane. 
2. Insert the Veho USB Powerbank into the hole at the top of the handle. 
3. Twist the Powerbank until it’s fully inserted into the cane. 
4. The cane will now be illuminated. 
5. Re-attach the rubber cap onto the end of the cane to secure the battery. This will also ensure that the product remains water proof. 


Gizhand collage

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