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X3 ATR Mgmt Chair

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X3 ATR Mgmt Chair X-Chair Canada

X-Chair Overview

X-Chair’s DVL Support adjusts itself your body every time you move. You’ll stay comfortable all day without ever making an adjustment to your chair.  X3 DVL Support

X3-HMT Heat & Massage X-Chair’s X-HMT Massage Chair provides direct health benefits to its users by increasing blood flow, speeding muscle recovery, and reducing stress and anxiety. The X-HMT heightens productivity and boosts energy, through heat and massage targeted at the body’s core, all while utilizing 10 ergonomic fit features. This dynamic massage chair exerts a constant or variable massage cycle with 2 levels of massage intensity (gentle or powerful) for a total of 4 massage program combinations. Coupled with heating capabilities, the innovative technology of the X-HMT creates a massage chair that can be used for everything from watching TV, to working on a proposal, to simply enjoying a therapeutic massage. X3-HTM ATR Mgmt Chair

SciFloat Infinite Recline

Our floating recline technology helps your body stay in motion throughout the day. This improves circulation, concentration, and energy levels so you can be more productive. X3 SciFloat Infinite Recline

4-Dimensional Armrests

No one keeps their arms in the same position all day. X-Chair is ready to move with you. Easily adjust the armrest height, depth, width, and angle as you move throughout the day.  X3 4-Dimensioal Armrests

Independently Adjustable Headrest

X-Chair’s innovative headrest features adjustable height and angle. No matter what position you sit in, X-Chair’s headrest can pivot to keep you comfortable. X3 Independently Adjustable Headrest

Adjustable Backrest Height

Adjust X-Chair’s backrest height so that you’re fully supported, from your lumbar curve to your neck. This ensures you get maximum support where you need it most. X3 Adjustable Backrest Height

High Resiliency Molded Foam Seat

X3 is equipped with a High Resiliency Molded Foam Seat that offers a traditional feel with added support. Paired with the Advanced Tensile Recovery Fabric on the seat, and a standard seat slider, the sit on this chair is next to none. X3 High Resiliency Molded Foam Seat

Advanced Tensile Recovery (ATR)

X3 Advanced Tensile Recovery (ATR) Advanced Tensile Recovery or A.T.R. is a woven multilayered nylon that is both responsive and supportive. A.T.R. is water, spill, and stain resistant. It provides more give and spring than traditional fabrics.

Fabric Selection: Black (Default); Grey; Blue; Glacier

X3 Chair Colors


X3 CAD File

15-Year Warranty - X-Chair Warranty | 21st Century Task Seating (

X3 ATR Mgmt Chair Dimensions

Master X-Chair Dimensions Chart - Select

Height w/HR: 45" - 54"
Height w/o HR: 39.75" - 46.5"
Arm to Floor: 23.5" - 27"
Seat Width: 20.5"
Wide Seat Addition: 1.5"
Back Width: 20.5"
Overall Width: 26.5"
Seat to Floor: 18.5" - 23"
Arm Pivot: 2" (Either Way)
Headrest Adjustment: 2.5"
Arm Height Adjustment: 3.5"
Arm Depth Adjustment: 2"
Seat Depth: 19.5"
Seat Depth Adjustment: 2"
Chair Weight: 
Weight Limit: 340 lbs.
Box Dimensions: 22"x26"x28"
Shipping Box Weight: 72 lbs.
*All measurment ranges are taken with adjustments at lowest possible settings and then again at highest possible settings.

X3 Adjustments

X3 Assembly

BUILD AND USE YOUR X-CHAIR: Make the Most of Your X-Chair Experience ... Adjust your X-Chair to perfectly fit body and work ...

X3 ATR Mgmt Chair Measurements

X3 Model

X3 Office Chair
X3 Heat and Massage Office Chair
X3 Cooling, Heat & Massage Office Chair


X-Chair X3-HMT ATR Mgmt Chair REVIEW | MacSources

ADD: Headrest

ADD: FS 360 Armrests


Standard Castors (Default)
X-Wheel Non-Locking Casters (Clear) X-Wheel Casters (Clear)
X-Wheel Non-Locking Casters (Black) X-Wheel Casters (Black)
X-Wheel Locking Casters (Clear) x-wheels clear locking caster

Cylinder Heights with Height Recommendations:

Short: 17.5" - 21" for 5" - 6"
Standard: 17.5" - 22" for 5' - 6'3" (Default)
Tall: 19.5" - 24.5" for 5'6" - 6'6"

ADD: Footrest

Select Seat Options:

Standard Width (Default)
Extended Seat Width (+1.5") - Black and Grey Only
Standard Width with Memory Foam - Black Only
Extended Seat Width (+1.5") with Memory Foam - Black Only

seat width

Select Cylinder Heights with Height Recommendations:

Short: 17.5" - 21" for 5" - 6" 
Standard: 17.5" - 22" for 5' - 6'3" (Default) 
Tall: 19.5" - 24.5" for 5'6" - 6'6"

Office Chair

SKU: X3 Black
SKU: X3 Black w/Headrest
SKU: X3 Grey
SKU: X3 Grey w/Headrest
SKU: X3 Blue
SKU: X3 Blue w/Headrest
SKU: X3 Glacier
SKU: X3 Glacier w/Headrest
SKU: X3 Black Memory Foam
SKU: X3 Black Memory Foam w/Headrest
SKU: X3 Black Wide Seat
SKU: X3 Black Wide Seat w/Headrest
SKU: X3 Grey Wide Seat
SKU: X3 Grey Wide Seat + Headrest
SKU: X3 Black Wide Seat Memory Foam
SKU: X3 Black Wide Seat Memory Foam + Headrest

HMT (Heat massage Therapy)

SKU: X3-HMT Black
SKU: X3-HMT Black + Headrest
SKU: X3-HMT Grey
SKU: X3-HMT Grey + Headrest
SKU: X3-HMT Blue
SKU: X3-HMT Blue + Headrest
SKU: X3-HMT Glacier
SKU: X3-HMT Glacier + Headrest
SKU: X3-HMT Black Memory Foam
SKU: X3-HMT Black Memory Foam + Headrest
SKU: X3-HMT Black Wide Seat
SKU: X3-HMT BlackSeat + Headrest
SKU: X3-HMT Grey Wide Seat
SKU: X3-HMT Grey Wide Seat + Headrest
SKU: X3-HMT Blue
SKU: X3-HMT Blue + Headrest
SKU: X3-HMT Glacier
SKU: X3-HMT Black Wide SeatMemory Foam

X3 ELEMAX (Cooling, Heat & Massage Chair)

SKU: ELEMAX X3 Black (Default)
SKU: ELEMAX X3 Black w/Headrest
SKU: ELEMAX X3 Black Memory Foam
SKU: ELEMAX X3 Black Memory Foam w/Headrest
SKU: ELEMAX X3 Black Wide
SKU: ELEMAX X3 Black Wide w/Headrest
SKU: ELEMAX X3 Black Wide Seat + Memory Foam
SKU: ELEMAX X3 Black Wide Seat + Memory Foam w/Headrest

SKU: ELEMAX X3 Blue w/Headrest
SKU: ELEMAX X3 Glacier
SKU: ELEMAX X3 Glacier w/Headrest
SKU: ELEMAX X3 Grey (Default)
SKU: ELEMAX X3 Grey w/Headrest
SKU: ELEMAX X3 Grey Wide
SKU: ELEMAX X3 Grey Wide w/Headrest

X Chair HMT

ELEMAX (Cooling, Heat & Massage Chair)

SKU: X3-ELEMAX Black + Headrest
SKU: X3-ELEMAX Grey + Headrest
SKU: X3-ELEMAX Blue + Headrest
SKU: X3-ELEMAX Glacier
SKU: X3-ELEMAX Glacier + Headrest
SKU: X3-ELEMAX Black M-Foam
SKU: X3-ELEMAX Black M-Foam + Headrest
SKU: X3-ELEMAX Black Wide Seat
SKU: X3-ELEMAX BlackSeat + Headrest
SKU: X3-ELEMAX Grey Wide Seat
SKU: X3-ELEMAX Grey Wide Seat + Headrest
SKU: X3-ELEMAX Blue + Headrest
SKU: X3-ELEMAX Glacier
SKU: X3-ELEMAX Black Wide Seat M-Foam

X-Chair in the Media

Features & Specifications & FAQ that make X-Chair right for everyone!

Back Height Lock Instructions

X3 Customer Reviews

I have lower back issues, as I am sure many people who work infront of a desk for 8 hours a day do. With the latest pandemic I was forced to work from home. With only a dinning room chair and a cushion I was miserable, I couldn't sit still for too long, thus I was not productive at work. I researched like crazy, went to a Back store, tried out their chairs and with 1 minute in the xchair3, I fell in love. It conformed to my back and gave me support where I needed it. I don't have to constantly adjust the lumbar, it just adjusts to me. My lower back doesn't bother me as much, and I'm working for longer periods of time. Needless to say, although this was the most expensive chair in the whole house, it was worth it. Thank you xChair.
Review by Jon - Posted on 5/5/20

I purchased this chair on the recommendation of the owner who I have known for 20+ years and who I consider very knowledgeable in this space. The reason I needed a chair was that like many Americans I was facing several months working from home and my current equipment was causing me back pain.
I have been using my X3 from Xchair for the last week and cannot say enough good things about it. If you are concerned about buying an expensive chair without sitting in it and fearful of putting it together, you can relax, as the chair is easy to put together and incredibly adjustable and comfortable.
1) Putting the chair together was easy. I am not handy at all, and using the video on the website I easily completed in less than 30 minutes.
2) Highly adjustable. The best features for me are the unique lumbar support and the headrest.
I cannot say enough good things about this chair, which is more comfortable than my chair in the office.
Review by Missouri Xchair lover - Posted on 5/4/20

Hearing/Reading X-Chair ads for months made me curious. Working in uncomfortable office/conference chairs for 35 years made me ready. Mandatory work from home for four weeks in an equally uncomfortable office chair made me a buyer. Using my new X-Chair for the past week made me a believer and fan. Thank you!
Review by Bob R - Posted on 4/19/20

Thee best chair ever had and so comfortable in every way
Review by Chip - Posted on 4/17/20

easy assembly and extremely comfortable. Working from home has now become much more enjoyable
Review by Pat and Peg - Posted on 4/14/20

Easy to assemble. Very comfortable. Well worth the price.
Review by The Wonderdog - Posted on 2/10/20

Really great comfort, adjust-ability, and top quality for a long lasting durable product. Have one in our control room (24/7 operation). Everyone loves it to much it is the go to chair. I loved is so much I had to get my wife one for our home office.
Review by MurDog - Posted on 2/1/20

I was able to assemble my new X3 chair in about 20-30 minutes. What a delightful surprise that was. It is very comfortable, making me wonder why I waited so long to change.
Review by Dave - Posted on 1/20/20

Amazing chair, easy to assemble, great instructions and online tutorials to adjust to perfection. My wife wanted me to check this chair out and I blew off the idea of a new chair until my old one broke. Now I am glad that it did!
Review by Dave - Posted on 12/28/19

This is a very nice and comfortable chair. I love the adjustability of it.
Review by Dawn - Posted on 12/9/19

And more

X Chair Returns

Niki on 03/04/2022 07:57pm
Just got this chair today. The chair was easy to put together, and I absolutely love it! My posture has changed, and my back feels much better.

Shipping was super fast as well. I would not just recommend the chair, but also Special Needs Computers. I'll be back for more :-)

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