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Air Queen Nanofiber Filter Mask (White)

Recommended for: Non-Medical and Non-Healthcare facilities/Individuals.
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Air Queen Nanofiber Filter Mask (White)

Air Queen Nanofiber Filter Masks are specially engineered using advanced nanofibers for effective filtration and breathability. Made to fit comfortably with its ergonomic and lightweight design. 

AirQueen Filting Comparison

Nanofiber that make up the nano membrane are between 1/500 to 1/1000 the size of the piece of hair.
The Nano-membrane is carefully designed and formed three-dimensionally applied web structure with Nanofibers.
Thus, the nano-membrane provides outstanding airflow without compromising waterproofness.

Key characteristic of our Nanofiber

Air permeability: Air freely pass through with lots of pores 
Waterproof: Water particles do not pass 
Wind shielding: Protection against external components as wind and odor 
Antibacterial: 99.9% antimicrobial properties 
Ultralight: Only one-fifth weight of existing functional fiber


Design: Complete adhesion through comfortable ergonomic design for anyone who uses it! It cover from the nose to the chine completely, show high stability when wearing one. 
Functional nose support:
 High adhesion; prevent falling off and fogging of glasses 
Filter: Nano fiber filter 
Hight elasticity ear band: Maintains elasticity as a new one after a long period of using it 
Light weight: 4.38g; light and comfortable all day 
UV protection: Blocks more that 90% of UV rays 
3 layer construction dimensional design: Comfortable wearing feeling by covering down to the chin

Joint research conducted by POSTECH in South Korea and Shinshu University in Japan discovered that Nanofiber filter masks retain its filtration efficiency even after 10 time.


AirQueen how to open #1 AirQueen how to open #2 AirQueen how to open #3




Country USA South Korea South Korea
Filter performance
(must be ≥ X% efficient)
≥ 95% ≥ 94% ≥ 97%
Test agent NaCl NaCl and paraffin oil NaCl and paraffin oil
Flow rate 85 L/min 95 L/min 95 L/min
Total inward leakage (TIL)*
tested on human subjects
each performing excercises
N/A ≤ 8% leakage
≤ 2.5% leakage
(arithmetic mean)
Inhalation resistance
max pressure 
≤ 348 Pa ≤ 70 Pa (at  30 L/min)
≤ 240 Pa (at 95 L/min)
≤ 33 Pa (at 30 L/min)
≤ 112 Pa (at 95 L/min)
Flow rate 85 L/min Varied - see above Varied - see above
Exhalation resistance
max pressure drop
≤ 245 Pa ≤ 300 Pa ≤ 175.1 Pa
Flow rate 85 L/min 160 L/min N/A
Exhalation valve leakage
Leak rate ≤ 30 L/min Visual inspection after
300 L/min for 30 sec
Force applied -245 Pa N/A N/A
CO2 clearance requirement N/A ≤ 1% ≤ 1%

Melt-Blown Filter (5,000x enlarged) 

Nanofiber Filter (15,000x enlarged) 

Melt-Blown Filter (5,000x enlarged) Nanofiber Filter (15,000x enlarged)
Pre-existing melt-blown filters use a static method where the dust sticks to the fabric. As a characteristic of static, when these masks are exposed to moisture due to breathing or from external factors, the filtering efficiency drops drastically. Nanofibers filter fine dust using its densely tangled nano-structure. It filters through its micro-pores that are formed from its physical properties and not static. It maintains high filtering efficiency for 24 hours even when it comes in contact with moisture, providing users with longer wear, protection, and breathability. 

AirQueen Breathing Fiber Thermal Camera Test

AirQueen Thermal Camera


Packaging: Individually packaged for safety.
Size: L75mm, W207mm.
Nanofiber Filter Manufacturer: Lemon Co., Ltd.
Mask Manufacturer: Toptec Co., Ltd.
Expiration: 36 months from date of manufacturer (Date of manufacturer printed on package)

Friendly Reminders

Do not use if the inside of the mask is contaminated
Do not wash with water and use
Do not crush or deform mask
Do not touch the surface of the mask after wearing it
In the case of breathing difficulties due to wearing masks, please stop using it and consult a doctor or other expert
These masks are final sale and there are no returns available for this product

How to reuse
Expiration Date


CE FPP2 NR Certification
CE FPP2 NR Certification 
US FDA 510k
US FDA 510k 
US NaCl Report
US NaCl Report 
US Inhalation/Exhalation Report
US Inhalation/Exhalation Report 
Korea Halal Certification
Korea Halal Certification 
ISO 9001
ISO 9001 
ISO 14001
ISO 14001 

USA: FDA approved - Air Queen nano mask is cleared USA FDA 510K premarket notification under K172500 as the surgical mask, class 2 device.

SKU: FXX-50 - 50-Masks
SKU: FXX-100 - 100-Masks
SKU: FXX-250 - 250-Masks
SKU: FXX-500 - 500-Masks

Note: Suitable for non-Medical and non-Heatlhcard facitities.
Note: Masks are final sale. No returns or exchanges.
Special Order. Non-Cancellable/Non-Returnable/Non-Refundable. Sale in final. Payment due with your Order. 


Affordable mask, quality is superior. I wear it all day, everyday. two mask are good enough to ear for a week. - lauren 

I was very bothered with fogging glasses when I wear masks. but thsi mask didn't. It perfectly fits around the mouth and nose. in the same time, it is easy to breath in and out, chill. - Aaron 

The best 
JK S on Jul 13, 2020 
I've tried so many kinds of masks out there, and this is the best one. Hands down 

Great customer service and quality 
Teddy on Jul 11, 2020 
First of all, Airqueen gives you tracking number and let you know when you gonna get the item. They responded my question in 24 hours. The mask is thin and breathable, fits my face well and covers my nose and mouth perfectly, not like other surgical masks. Since I live in hot Atlanta, I need a mask that thin and breathable, but also protects me from COVID. Thanks. 

Very confromtable 
Kashell Harper on Jul 06, 2020 
Very confromtable breathable 

Happy shopping! 
RS on Jul 06, 2020 
Upon contacting to obtain further information regarding their face mask, I was very impressed and grateful for their prompt response providing me the information I was seeking. I was provided with shipping and tracking information in the same efficient manner. 

Doesn’t fog up glasses! 
Nina on Jul 03, 2020 
This is by far the best mask out in the market! Breathable, comfortable, light, and best of all doesn’t fog up glasses! I have read about air queen masks and wanted to purchase one here in the US. Lots of other sellers sell it for much higher prices...  Note: sometimes it does fog my glasses.  

Great mask 
NC on Jun 25, 2020 
So comfortable and light. definitely will buy again. 

I can finally come out of my room. 
Linda on Jun 24, 2020 
I am 64 years old and on disability. I have chronic COPD, Severely anemic, suppressed immune system, along with other issues and live in assisted living. I have tried a lot if different masks and have a hard time breathing even with my oxygen on, i have been unable to leave my room without fear. I was very surprised how comfortable they are and how easy it is to breath, I can finally come out of my room. 

Jason Clint on Jun 14, 2020 
I bought many different masks including N95s, KN95, KF94. but this is the one that I wear everyday. fits perfectly, feels secured and comfortable. the best part is the price! thank you! 

Comfortable and light 
Lan on May 28, 2020 
This mask is very comfortable. Love it! 

Good product affordable mask 
Min on May 23, 2020 
Thank you for offering good product at a affordable price point. 
I love this mask so much. I can tell this is the best mask that I’ve ever worn.

NOTE per Health Canada

NOT for use to protect the individual wearing the face covering from contracting COVID-19
NOT for anti-viral or anti-bacterial protection (e.g., contains a drug or biologic)
NOT for use as a medical mask
NOT to provide liquid barrier protection
NOT designed as a respiratory protective device (i.e., used for particulate filtration)
NOT for use in high risk aerosol generating procedures.

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