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AngelEye Smart Reader

AngleEye Smart Reader is a wearable intelligent device based on advanced computer vision and artificial intelligence technology to assist people with visual fatigue, weak vision and visual impairments in accessing reading and recognition.  It brings new changes to the method of text information acquisition.

AngleEye Smart Reader redefines the posibilities of reading with the cutting-edge computer vision and artificial technology. It is portable, easy to-use, and integrated with the ability to read printed text from any surface and recognize money.

Redefine the rules of reading

Point Gesture: Recognizes the text above the finger
Layout Analysis: Correctly order all phrases and expressions
Intelligent Interaction: Adjust sloping or vague words
Background Filtering: Reading experiene optimization
Offline: Enjoy everywhere!
Pause Whenever Necessary: Pause or continue at any time


Book; Magazine; Medicine Bottles; Menues; Cards; Letters; Emails; Money


Dimensions: 70 x 26 x 15mm
Weight: 30g
Resolution: 13 million pixels
Recognition Speed: 3 seconds
Charging: 1 Hour
Sustainable : 1.5 Hours
Standby: 3 days
Bluetooth connection distance: 5 meters

FAQ Smart Reader

What happens when the AngelEye smart reader prompts the photo mode?
When you are taking photos, make sure that the light is sufficient without any reflection, and try to keep the reader stable. To keep the smart reader stable, you can use a holder to support the smart reader.

Why is the smart reader overheated in use? Will it affect the service life of the device?
It is recommended that you use the smart reader at the temperature of 25°C. When using it, you will feel the working temperature of the smart reader, which is normal. If its temperature exceeds the preset working temperature range, the smart reader will broadcast a voice prompt, asking the user to stop using it and cool it down.

What if the reading material is held in the reverse direction?
The smart reader has the function of text orientation reminder. That is, if the book is held reversely, there will be a voice reminder for you. If the reading material is not placed in the front, it will also prompt you to put the reading material correctly through a voice reminder.

How do I use the AngelEye smart reader (wearable) to get a better shooting effect?
First, you need to find an environment with normal light. Then, put on the glasses of the smart reader, place the book vertically in front of the camera of the smart reader at a distance of about half an arm (20 to 40 cm), and make the camera aligned with the center line of the book. After hearing the tinkling sound twice from the smart reader, keep your body stable. After the photo is captured with a click sound, you can move the body normally.

What should I do if the AngelEye smart reader cannot be charged?
It is recommended that you power off the smart reader before charging. If the charging indicator is not on, you need to check whether there is power at the power outlet. If the power is available at the power outlet, insert the other end of the charging cable into the computer to check whether the charging indicator is on. If it is on, the charging cable works properly. If the hardware of the smart reader is faulty, contact the customer service staff for assistance.

Does the AngelEye smart reader need to be charged?
The AngelEye smart reader has a built-in battery, which takes about one hour to be fully charged. After being fully charged, it can work for about 1 to 1.5 hours. During your travel, you can also charge it through a power bank.

How much help can the AngelEye smart reader give to the blind?
The AngelEye smart reader can assist the visually impaired to read printed texts in daily life, including books, shop sign boards, newspapers, ID cards, and courier numbers. It can also help them read some books to improve their skills.

What kind of people is the AngelEye smart reader suitable for?
The AngelEye smart reader are widely used by people. For the blind and visually impaired people, its help is obvious. For people with eyestrain, the smart reader can also be used to alleviate the eyestrain.

Can the AngelEye smart reader be upgraded?
The R&D team of the AngelEye smart reader will continuously optimize the product based on the feedback from users. The upgrade will be performed irregularly, and the upgrade needs to be connected to the Internet.

Does the AngelEye smart reader support earphones?
Bluetooth earphones are supported. Wired earphones are not supported currently.

Does the AngelEye smart reader need to be connected to the Internet?
No. It can be used offline. For individual advanced features, it needs to be connected to the Internet.

Can the smart reader recognize the name of a bus stop and judge the direction of the route?
The smart reader can recognize the name of a bus stop, but temporarily cannot judge the direction of the route.

How big is the smart reader, what does it look like, and is it easy to wear?
The smart reader weights 28 g. It is a long strip in a shape of a USB flash stick. It is about one sixth of the size of a mobile phone. It is not too heavy to wear the smart reader on the legs of glasses.

What materials can the AngelEye smart reader read?
The AngelEye smart reader can identify any standard print with a certain contrast between background and text, such as business cards, common cards, ID cards, bank cards, books, and magazines. The recognition rate of print with the font size above 4 is more than 90%.

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