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Reticare for Tablet

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Reticare for Tablet

Reticare, the only scientifically proven eye protector that protects you from damaging effects of blue light from device screens.

PROTECTS AGAINST RETINA DAMAGE: Reduces the risks for early onset of central vision blindness

REDUCES SLEEP DISORDERS: Sleep longer and better with Reticare. Improves your focus at work.

DECREASES EYE STRAIN: Prevents symptoms like headaches, red eyes and blurry vision

SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN: Reticare is the ONE that developed the unique, scientifically proven solution.

Reticare is one of the worldwide main players and advisor for many governments and institutions on the topic of prevention from the risks of high energy light emitted from device screens.
Risks associated with using devices include symptoms such as headaches, eye strain and sleep disorders but, most importantly, irreversible damage to the retina proven by UCM’s studies. We are concerned about the serious risks associated with macular degeneration, the leading cause of central vision blindness in the world.

Today, more than 400,000 people, among them two Nobel Prize Winners, the U.S. Senate and the West Point Academy, use our solutions. Health organizations such as the Vision Council and specialties such as optometry, optics, ophthalmology and medicine already warn about the risks from device screens. Many recommend Reticare eye protectors to their patients.
Don’t take a chance, preserve your vision, the window to our world and our future.

The solution to a serious health problem unknown to most people

The science:  Reticare, scientifically proven, unique blue light protection.  Understanding risks from Blue light is a very complex matter. Reticare is the one that discovered and developed the unique, scientifically proven solution against the risks of the light emitted by screens.  Reticare’s Blue Light Protection solution is based on 15+ years of research and design by the 1st Global Scientific Team in the World.

Computer Vision Syndrome:  According to a report from the Complutense University of Madrid, the excessive number of hours spent on screens when using computers, tablets and smartphones, cause extreme physical exhaustion for our visual system. Some of the most common signs are eyestrain and headaches. 


How do I install Reticare Eye Protector on my devices?

Easy install tips

Have your device in a well-lighted, dust-free area
Clean the screen with provided wet wipe (or use plain alcohol)
Align Reticare filter with the lighted part of your screen
Peel off Tab 1 and carefully start adhering it to the screen by rolling it out from one side to the other (it will act like a magnet grabbing the screen across)
Once you have it on your device, smooth it out with card provided
Peel off Tab 2 and....
Walla! Your device is ready to use, now with protection for your eyes!

There is no protector available for my device…

There is a possibility that you won’t find the exact eye protector that is compatible with your device. However, the Universal Protectors for phones, tablets and monitors fit most devices. You can adjust or easily cut the Universal Protector to the size of your device. You only need to cover the screen (the lit part) of your device. Our experience from customers with Universal Protectors have been very positive. We are also expanding our product line every day.

How will I know which protector will fit my device, especially if you don’t have my brand listed?

It’s very easy. Just measure the width X height of your screen (the lit part only, not including the frame or the bezel) then, go to the chart available on the home page where you can find the size that will be the best fit for your device. If it’s just a little larger it is not a problem, you can easily cut it to size. If you need help in choosing the right protector, you can call us at (877) 724-4922, M-F between 9am-4:00pm EDT or send us an email at

My screen size is larger than the biggest one you have available. How can I protect my eyes?

We have eye protection screens up to 27” however, you can purchase our glasses to use for larger monitors and when watching television. Our glasses for adults, teens and children are made from high quality materials. They do not look yellow and, in fact, our customers find them to be effective and fashionable.

Does your product protect device screens?

Yes. Reticare works like a screen protector as well. It is mainly designed to protect the eyes from High Energy blue light which is the most important factor about Reticare. Protecting your eyes from this toxic light is our utmost concern.

Does Reticare change the color or look of my device?

Our customers are very happy because Reticare is hardly noticeable and very subtle on their devices and doesn’t interfere with the color of your device. We recommend that you choose your protector based on the frame color of your device as it will provide the best look. For example, if you have an iPhone with white face, you can choose the “Visual Screen” which will cover only the screen area, hardly noticeable that you have Reticare on it. If you have a black faced phone or device you can choose the black Reticare. Our customers have also indicated how Reticare products’ practicality, ease, and uninterrupted design make it easy to protect their eyes, especially their children’s eyes, from high energy light..

Does Reticare impact in any way the scrolling function of my devices?

No. In fact, Reticare is touch sensitive and it is easy to scroll when using your devices.

Is Reticare easy to place on my device?

Yes, we recommend that you watch the videos provided for you below before you receive your Reticare so you can see how simple it is to place it on your device.

How can I pay for my order online?

You can pay for your order using your credit card, debit card or PayPal.

When will I receive my order?

You can expect delivery of your order between 5-7 business days. If you have not received your order within this time period, please call us at (877) 724-4922, M-F between 9am-4:00pm EDT.

Why is there two versions of some of the laptops and monitors?

If you see that we have two versions of 19 inch or two versions of 24 inches, etc…this is because there are different ratios for some devices with slightly different screen sizes. The best way to find out which Reticare eye protector you need is to measure the Width” X Height” (in inches) of the lit part of your screen (not including the frame). Once you measure it, you can see which of the versions would be the best fit for your device. If you still are not sure, you can always call us at (877) 724-4922.

Why is versions of iPhones are listed under the same Reference number? (For example iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 7 Plus both have the same reference number).

In this case, different versions of some of the iPhones are the same screen size while they are different in function. For example the iPhone 6 is the same screen size as the iPhone 7. We have separated them for you to find it with ease on the website however, they may have the same item number because of these reasons. If you still are not sure, you can always call us at (877) 724-4922.

Reticare for School

Reticare for Work


SKU: 352T-9690-B-US - Apple iPad 2,3,4 black
SKU: 352T-8611-B-US - 10.1" Samsung Tab A and others (5.35" W X 8.54" H)
SKU: 352T-3500-B-US1 - Tablet Universal 7"X10" (can be trimmed to size if needed)
SKU: 352T-9669-B-US - Apple iPad mini 7.9"  visual
SKU: 352T-0213-B-US - Apple iPad mini 7.9"  black
SKU: 352T-9609-B-US - Apple iPad 10.5" and others [8.4" W x 6.3" H]
SKU: 352T-9666-B-US - Apple iPad 12.9" black
SKU: 352T-9667-B-US - Apple iPad 12.9" VISUAL

Reticare screen sizes

How to Install Reticare

It is VERY IMPORTANT to view the Easy Install Video for the category of your device before installing, in order to achieve the best results. 





Reticare in the media

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