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SMPL TV Remote

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SMPL TV Remote

Now they’re in control of their TV, so you don’t have to be.
5 Favorite Channel buttons universal remote
Big button keypad
Compatible with virtually all TV brands and STB’s (set up boxes)
Highly durable casing

At last. An easy-to-use, big button universal TV remote for seniors, children, and partially-sighted users. A single press turns on/off the TV and set-top box. Go to one of their 5 favorite channels directly with one smpl press. Eliminate the confusion from multiple TV remotes and buttons giving users more independence watching television and one less worry for caregivers. Problem…solved.

The smpl TV Remote is an easy-to-use, big button universal TV remote for seniors, children and partially-sighted users.
Take the frustration out of watching TV – disabled TVs from wrong presses or using more than one remote, just for a senior to watch a handful of shows.
The smpl Remote is easy to use, universal and has just 5 programmable buttons. The perfect TV remote for seniors who may have poor eyesight, trembling hands, or just become confused with so many buttons on the device.

Smpl TV remote is designed specifically to feel comfortable in the hand, making it more operationally functional. The large tactile keyboard allows for easy operation with only 4 key function buttons; on/off, channel up/down, volume up/down and mute PLUS favorite channel buttons, 1-5. 5 buttons can be programed for the users most frequently used channels. Switch from up to 5 channels with just the press of a button.

Setting up this TV remote for seniors is easier with our Advanced Learning technology. Just point your existing remotes at the smpl remote to record signals. This allows the remote to work with virtually any TV, and STB’s (Set-top Box) available on the market.

The smpl TV remote for the elderly was designed with the assistance of our senior customers. For the elderly, there were just too many buttons on the controller. Seniors want to put away all the controllers and just have one with the functions that are the basics for watching TV.

Seniors do not want to rely on others to help; they want to be able to watch TV independently and not feel like a burden asking someone to change a channel for them. They want to surf the networks as they always did without the embarrassment of pressing the wrong button and not be able to watch at all until someone comes to fix it.


Simple user controls buttons- no more confusion watching TV
5 functions- power, volume, channel up/down, mute and favorite channel buttons
Large button keypad for easier use
Advanced Learning technology compatible with virtually all TV brands and STB’s (Set Top Boxes)
SMPL TV Back cover SMPL TV Front

Technical Features

Small comfortable form factor
Batteries - 2 x AAA (not included)
Requires small philips head screwdriver to remove battery and program covers (see both images below)
Secured Battery Cover – will not break or pop-off
Protected Settings: Hidden program buttons so no accidental changes
Strong ABS Plastic Construction
Weight: 3.2 oz (91 g)
Size: 5.5“l x 2.56”w x 1.5”d (20 x 19.5 x 90 cm)
Set-up Modes
Embedded Code Library – codes provided in manual and online at
Basic and Advanced Learning Modes
Setup Options
Volume Control: On, Off or Learned
Channel Control: All, Favorites Only or Off
Mute: On, Off or Learned
Aux Power set to main Power Button
Video Input applied to Power Button
Favorite Channel 1 applied to Power Button
Basic Controls
Power (TV and Tel/Cable/Sat Box), Volume +/-, Channel +/-, Mute, Favorite Channels
Advanced Controls
Via Learning Modes – Aux Power, Video Input, Volume +/-, Channel +/-, Mute, and any special controls needed from existing remotes


Q: Does the smpl Remote work with Dish Network?

A: Yes, the smpl Remote works with most Dish Network systems. The only caveat is that the Dish Network receiver box must be able to accept infrared commands (IR) and not radio frequency commands (RF) only.The way you can tell if your receiver uses RF remote control is the fact that you can take your original remote control and not need to point it directly at the receiver to operate it. With RF remote control, you can be completely turned around from the receiver or even in another room. If your original remote still works under these circumstances, then your receiver uses RF based remote control.

Some Dish Network receivers actually use a dual-tuner system, where the location of the actual receiver unit operates using IR remote control while a remote TV in another room is controlled using RF remote control. In the case of a dual-tuner system, the smpl Remote will work with the TV directly connected to the receiver but not to the remote TV in another room.
Keep in mind that some of these units can actually support both IR and RF signaling. You can check your receiver by going into the setup menu to see if it supports IR. You may need to turn this feature on to allow the smpl Remote to communicate with it.

To reiterate, the smpl Remote supports IR based remote control only.

Q: If using a TV and Set-Top device, which device receives the channel information?

A: This depends on how you configure the smpl Remote during setup.
If you use the built-in codes, as soon as you define a Set-Top device like a digital cable box, the smpl Remote automatically sends all channel data (Favorite Channels + Channel Up/Down) to the cable box.

If you use the learning method, whatever signals you learn (either TV tuner or Cable tuner) will be what the smpl Remote uses.

Q: Can I use a single smpl Remote to control my TV and DVD player?

A: While the smpl Remote is primarily designed to be used with TV to control live channel changing, through the extensive learning features, this remote can be programmed for both the critical functions of a TV and a DVD player.
-For example, one of our customers wanted to simply control a TV to turn on/off and control the volume while operating the basic functions of a DVD player such as Play, Stop and Pause.

They are using a smpl Remote and set it up as follows with the learning function. You can discover more information about our learning features by downloading the smpl Remote reference guide available in the Documentation and Tutorials section of this forum.

TV Remote Power – learned to smpl Remotepower control
TV Volume Up/Down – learned to smpl Remotevolume up/down control
TV MUTE – learned to smpl Remote mute control
DVD PLAY – learned to smpl Remote Favorite 1 Button
DVD STOP – learned to smpl Remote Favorite 2 Button
DVD PAUSE – learned to smpl Remote Favorite 3 Button

You could also learn more controls on the smpl Remote Favorite 4 and 5 buttons as well as the channel up/down button.

Q: I just got my weemote® and the light does not go on when I press any of the buttons

A: This is normal behavior for the remote. Until you program the smpl Remote using codes or learning, the user buttons have no information on them, so pressing them will not cause the LED to go on.

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