Public-Light Commercial Door Opener

Hinge side and Door direction:
(A) Mini Cup Switch:   YES (Add $115.37)
(B) E.C.U. Transmitter (433 Stingray):   YES (Add $90.35)
(C) Keychain Transmitter (433 Monarch):   YES (Add $62.55)
(D) Standard Transmitter (433 Stingray):   YES (Add $62.55)
(E) Keyless Entry Pad (433 Dolphin):   YES (Add $139.00)
(FT) Wall Touchpad (433):   YES (Add $139.00)
(FL) Large Wall Pushpad (433):   YES (Add $243.25)
(FN) Narrow Wall Pushpad (433):   YES (Add $243.25)
(FW) 36” Vertical Pushpad 6” Wide:   YES (Add $486.50)
(G) X-10 Interface (433):   YES (Add $139.00)
Two Additional Proximity Tags:   YES (Add $166.80)
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Public-Light Commercial Door Opener

Can be used in light commercial applications, such as school doors, restroom doors, apartment lobby doors, storefronts, elevators/lifts, or residential or pedestrian gates. When triggered via our remote controls they go through an open-pause-close cycle. The operator will close automatically against manual opening of the door, like a standard door closer.

NOTE: Any existing door closer must be removed or disabled. Includes Model 233 operator, two rugged wireless wall pushpads or two 36” high wireless wall switches in deluxe package, and wiring kit with transformer.  Does not include an electric strike, which can be added if necessary, as well as a wireless keyless entry pad to provide entry through a secure door without using a key

Complete Independence: At the touch of a button, the Open Sesame Door System operator gives you complete independence: it unlatches your locked door, then opens, pauses and closes it, all automatically. It operates with a wheelchair mounted remote control and other environmental controls that are compatible with most types of disabilities. 

Hand Assembled: Each Open Sesame Door operator is assembled by hand by an individual craftsman. After assembly, your door opener is inspected and thoroughly tested as a complete working system. You truly do get what you pay for with Open Sesame! 

Top Quality System: Your Open Sesame Door System is a highly reliable, complete system – made in the U.S.A. We utilize the highest quality materials available: permanently lubricated steel gears, steel housing, commercial grade door release hardware. Unlike some flimsy units, we use no plastic parts in our systems that could easily break after only months of use. 

Battery Back-up Standard: Feel secure with your Open Sesame Door System and its built-in battery backup! In the event of a power outage, you will still have full power use of your door for several hours, allowing you to get in and out of your home when you need it most. On other manufacturers’ units, this important safety feature is either not available or an expensive addition. 

Power or Manual Operation: Your Open Sesame Door System offers unique conveniences in operation. You can control the door with a remote control device or operate the door manually. Unlike some other door opening devices you’ll experience no clicking, friction and/or resistance. The door moves freely and can be left open or ajar for pets, repeated passage or for ventilation. 

Security: The Open Sesame Door System incorporates the use of a door release mechanism installed in the door frame. This type of mechanism, called an “electric strike plate”, is commonly used in apartment buildings where an intercom system is present, and allows the continued use of all existing keys. There are some exceptions where nonlocking door handles are present and existing hardware may need to be replaced.** 

Remote Control Standard: Each Open Sesame Door System comes standard with a remote control that can be either hand held or easily mounted on a wheelchair. This high-powered remote device can activate the door system from anywhere in the home, and can be activated with fingers, palm, the side of the hand and more. 

Attractive Design: Open Sesame Door System is attractive, unobtrusive and designed specifically for the demands of the home environment. Our operator is available in a standard silver finish. Four standard colors to choose from for no additional cost. The Open Sesame Door System is the only product on the market that meets 

an architectural appearance standard.

Keyless Entry Pad Available: A popular option to the Open Sesame Door System is the keyless entry pad, a wireless device easily installed on the outside of the door. Keypads are usually intended for attendants and care providers to allow easy access to the residence without dispensing keys. Our keypads use a 4-digit combination that can be easily changed at a moments notice. 

Optional Controls: We also offer remote controls that can be connected to specialty switches and wheelchair controls. The Open Sesame Door System can be customized with a wide range of activation devices such as wall push pads, X-10 home control systems and other environmental controls. Please contact us for expert consultation to find a way to accommodate any range of disability.

Model 233 Door Operator to open and close the door: The Model 233 Door Operator to open and close the door.NOTE: For outward opening door applications with a lintel mount configuration where the door is recessed into the frame farther than the standard length arm can reach, 4 inch and 7 inch longer arm rods are available.

Warranty: 5 Year Limited Warranty

Public 233 Model includes

1) Open Sesame Door Operator Model 233 (Includes Battery Backup and Radio Receiver)
2) Two 5" Square Wireless Wall Pushpads, or Two 36” Vertical Pushpads 6” Wide in Special Pkg
3) Plug-in Wall Transformer with 30 feet of cord and surface mount RJ-11 phone jack
4) Mounting hardware and screws

SKU: SDO233-SS - Stainless Steel
SKU: SDO233-OW - Off-White

SKU: SDO233-BR - Bronze
SKU: SDO233-SV - Silver

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Read before ordering or installing

1) The Open Sesame Model 233 runs on an internal battery that is being constantly trickle charged.  For high traffic applications, consult with us regarding an external power supply that reduces dependence on the internal battery.

2) The Open Sesame Model 233 is provided with a bumper-stop on the arm to limit the maximum travel of the door to slightly more than 90 degrees.

3) The Open Sesame Model 233 when held open by wind or obstructions will attempt to close for 40 seconds and then stop trying to bring the door closed.  The door operation is reset by manually closing the door.  This turn off mode protects the motor and drive circuitry from overheating.

4) The current Model 233 operator comes with an adjustable clutch, which can easily be adjusted to suit the needs of the application.  Occasionally, there can be issues due to wind load (for an outward opening door), pressure differential, or excessive opening/closing resistance due to the threshold and/or weatherstripping.  In these cases the clutch can be adjusted to provide greater opening/closing and holding force.

Note: The commercial model behaves differently when the door is opened manually, it does not leave the door free-swinging - it behaves like a spring door closer device.  Only in certain applications is it used for residential installations.

Note: There are only two cases where the Model 233 is used in a residential situation:

1) The fire department requires the door into the garage be self-closing after manual use (like it has spring-hinges), or
2) on outward opening storm or security doors, which usually have spring closers on them (and often an electric strike can't be used, so no latch - another reason to use the Model 233 since it will maintain a light hold on the door after closing).


As the owner of the very first Open Sesame Door opener back in 1985, I can honestly say it has been by far the most reliable piece of equipment I have ever owned. Like the Energizer bunny, year after year, it just kept going and going and going. Since my first Open Sesame I have upgraded twice, not because the old one stopped working, but because of the latest features and innovations: especially the secure feeling of having battery backup in case of a power outage. Their professionalism and service have been superb and I would highly recommend them. 
- Kathi Pugh, Berkeley, California

“I have a small business in Oregon. I have used only the Open Sesame operator in both commercial and residential application. I am familiar with most of the openers on the market and I will not use anything else, and here’s why. The Open Sesame opener is the most reliable one on the market , and is it easy to install. I work in OR, WA, CA, ID. I cannot have a piece of equipment that I need to come back for service calls or have to maintain because my service area is so large. I have installed the Open Sesame automatic door opener for almost 10 years and I will not use anything else due to the dependability to the end user, 90% of whom are quadriplegics. The Open Sesame automatic door opening systems are compatible with all of my equipment and can be installed on just about any door configuration. The people and support crew at Open Sesame are always there for me if there is any additional piece I need and they know their stuff. I cannot ask for a better piece of equipment or staff to work with in this field. Thank you Open Sesame for all you do to give these individuals the increase of independence and safety that my clients require in their home or work place.” JG

“For over five years I've had my Open Sesame door opener installed at my front door and with it getting used an average of sixteen times a day; I've never had a single problem with the opener. This door opener is by far the most durable and trouble free unit that I've ever heard of while at the same time, being priced affordable. Being that I have helpers coming and going in and out of my home three times a day, I'm able to give them a four digit code to enter into my keyless entry system that's mounted outside my front door, there's never a need to give out an actual key! That being said, if I ever have a helper that might be categorized as questionable and needing to let go or quitting, changing the four digit code is as easy as 1, 2, 3 yet with only a few easy to follow steps! I've had other door opener systems in the past and though they've worked well, that system was retired after no longer being able to supply parts for it.I can't say enough good things about my Open Sesame door opener, the investment has already paid off more times over than I can count and I'm looking forward to many good years to come out of it. Installation is a breeze and once you adjust it, and it should not need to be touched for many years to come. Thank you Open Sesame and all those who work for them for keeping me safe and free of worrying about whether or not my door is going to open or not regardless of what type of weather we might be having. Whether it's 103° warm or 14° cool, my opener will work regardless of the weather variances found in Arizona.” BW

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Installation dimensions

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