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Right-Hear - Indoor Orientation System - Three years subscription

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Right-Hear - Indoor Orientation System -Three years subscription - 1 - 10 units**

An accessibility solution for people who are blind or visually impaired.  Indoor navigation system for those physically disabled. 

Right-Hear is an advanced accessibility solution that allows people who are blind or visually impaired and others to acquire better orientation in public spaces (mostly indoor).  Allow the blind and disabled to have their own independence while maintaining their privacy.

Accessibility Spot - Every Accessibility Spot contains a tiny, smart, self-powered sensor that uses Bluetooth technology to detect whenever a user is nearby.  It can be easily installed anywhere, indoor and outdoor.  Accessible Spots can typically be found near entrances, restrooms, elevators, stairs or any other point of interest in the venues. 

ALERTS - RightHear will alert you whenever you are in or out an accessible area.  It will also notify you about obstacles nearby 

CURRENT LOCATION – When entering an accessible spot you will be notified of your current location using audio guidance.  Helpful, relevant information about the AS location: opening hours, services, nearby obstacles, venue description, special events etc.

360° ORIENTATION – Information about the surroundings of the user’s current location and about points of interest nearby with clear details about their direction and distance.

LIVE ASSISTANT – Want more information? You are one press away from calling a local assistant that will guide you through the venues.  Use the compass button while pointing your phone at any direction to magically find what's around you. A local assistance representative that users can call for further information about the venues and also for providing them physical guidance.

NEARBY ZONES – List of all Accessibility Zones (AZ) nearby the user (sorted by distance).  It also allows the user to navigate to an AZ using 3rd party application (i.e. Google Maps).  When approaching the AZ’s entrance, user will start receiving accessibility information.

ELEGANT  - Powered by tiny smart and self powered sensors we can easily make your venue accessible.

SMART - A smart user-friendly dashboard which allows you to easily edit content and track usage.

Client Dashboard - A content management platform (CMS) which allows the venue’s owner to manage the fleet of Accessibility Spots and easily edit the accessibility information in real-time.  The content will be immediately updated and available on the Accessibility Spot.  Dashboard is available at in the menu under “login”.

Right Hear navigation

Becan Setup

Spot name - Description (Internal setup use only)
Zone location - Geographic address
Language - English, French, Spanish, Hebrew, Arabic, Dutch, Czeh, Russian
Spot title - Where am I?
Spot description - Description up to 5000 characters
Local phone for assistance - Phone number for assistance
360 degree orientation - 8 directions:

North, North-east, South-east
South, South-east, South-west
East, East-north, East-south
West, West-north, West-south

Direction title - direction facing
Direction description - Description what lies in the direction person facing. Referecne spot, i.e.: when standing directly in front of main enterance door gives direction in meters or feet.
Multiple language use
Beacon installation - Peel the double sided tape on back of each beacon and attach to wall.
Batteries - last 2-3 years. Notification given when batters need replacement. Replacement batteries snet and easily replaced.

Available for free download


Right-Hear in action

Building Sensors and Accessibility -

RightHear: A brilliant navigation system for the blind and visually impaired -

RightHear: US Launch of Revolutionary Orientation and Navigation System for the Blind and Visually Impaired -

Public buildings made accessible to blind with ‘voice navigation system’ -

App Helps Guide Visually Impaired Guests -

One Year subscription

SKU: Hear-right-1-1-10  - One-year subscription per beacon between 1 - 10 beacons*
SKU: Hear-right-1-11-100  - One-year subscription per beacon between 11 - 100 beacons
SKU: Hear-right-1-101  - One-year subscription - over 101 beacons

Three years subscription: 33% savings approximately

SKU: Hear-right-3-1-10  - Three-year subscription per beacon between 1 - 10 beacons**
SKU: Hear-right-3-11-100  - Three-year subscription per beacon between 11 - 100 beacons
SKU: Hear-right-3-101  - Three-year subscription - over 101 beacons**

Five years subscription: 44% savings approximately

SKU: Hear-right-5-1-10  - Five-year subscription per beacon between 1 - 10 beacons***
SKU: Hear-right-5-11-100  - Five-year subscription per beacon between 11 - 100 beacons
SKU: Hear-right-5-101  - Five-year subscription - over 101 beacons**

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Summary: The product is based on 3 main components

1) Mobile application (Andorid, iOS).

The mobile application is the end user interface with the system. Once a user install the app, he/she can use the next main features: 

1. Current location - allow the user to hear where he is at the moment (in case he is in accessible spot). 
2. Additional information - allow the user to hear more information about his current location, like open hours, special description etc'. 
3. 360 orientation - allow the user to hear what is around him and how to get there. 
4. Call for assistance - allow the user to call for a local assistance (in case the venue choose that). 
5. Nearby accessible zones allow the user to know, what places are accessible for him with the solution and the ability to get there with 3rd party apps like Gett, Moovit and other. 

2) An online admin dashboard (CMS).

The venue owner can control, edit and manage the information in the system installed in his venue online. To do that, he'll need to access the dashboard with his personal account details that we open for him after purchase. 

3) Accessible spots (beacon sensors).

Small self-powered sensors that are enable the system to function and the service to run. 
The accessible spots does not required internet connection in the venue, GPS or even electricity. They can enable the service in up to 70 meters radios of range.

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