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Clinic Pack: for approved and trained ACC Clinics only. Contact Terry.

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Eyegaze Edge

The world’s most advanced eye-driven tablet communication system.
Internationally trusted and locally loved, our Eyegaze Edge continues to be the device of choice by locked-in users and their OTs/SLPs. 

How does the Eyegaze Edge work?

A special eye tracking camera mounted below the Eyegaze Edge screen observes one of the user’s eyes.
Sophisticated image processing software analyzes the camera’s images 60 times each second and determines where the user is looking on the screen. 

Eye-Line Graphic

Nothing is attached to the user’s head or body.

A less than 15 second calibration procedure is required to set up the system for a particular user. The user looks at a small calibration point as it moves around the screen.
There is no need to recalibrate if the user moves away from the screen and returns later.

Eyegaze Edge Calibration

A user operates the system by looking at rectangular “keys” or cells that are displayed on the control screen. To “press” a key, the user looks at the key for a specified period of time.
The gaze duration required to visually activate a key, typically about ½ second, can be adjusted by the user.

An array of menu keys and exit keys allow the user to navigate the Eyegaze programs independently.

I have been using the Eyegaze system for a little over 4 years now since I lost the ability to move the mouse with my hands due to ALS. 
The ability to access the computer with the Eyegaze System has probably been the greatest contributor of my quality of life. 

David Abell 
Eyegaze user with ALS 

Eyegaze Edge Chat Keyboard

Eyegaze Everything you need right out of the box


SKU: EYEGAZE - Articulating adjustable arm with table mount 
SKU: EYEGAZE1 - Wheelchair mount; rolling floor stand mount 
SKU: EYEGAZE2 - Articulating adjustable arm with table mount; Wheelchair mount 
SKU: EYEGAZE3 - Rolling floor stand mouont; table mount

Closing the Gap Eyegaze Report

Closing teh Gap Front page Report: Eyegaze

The Eyegaze Edge Package

Everything you receive with an Eyegaze Edge 
Eyegaze Edge Tablet 
Articulating adjustable table mounting system 
On-site installation 
Training and support for caregivers 
Ongoing technical support for a year 
Full warranty for a year

Optional accessories

Eyegaze Edge Endurance Pack 
Environmental Control Unit 
Wheelchair mount 
Rolling floor stand mount 

Eyegaze Edge Accessories

The Eyegaze Edge comes with a variety of software and accessories to meet the user’s needs.  

Eyegaze Edge Mounting Options

The Eyegaze Edge comes with an articulating adjustable arm table mount. If you require more options, we offer three additional packages. We offer multiple options depending on your unique mounting needs. 

Articulating Adjustable Arm Table Mount 
Wheelchair Mount 
Rolling Floor Stand Mount 
Table Clamp


Eyegaze Edge Mounts

Environmental Control

Use the Eyegaze Edge to control lights, locks, temperature, and more.  UIRT Environmental Control along with Eyeworld 3.0, allows your PC to both receive and transmit infrared signals — exactly like those used by the collection of remote controls you’ve acquired for your TV, VCR, Audio System, etc.  UIRT stands for Universal Infrared Receiver/Transmitter.  Operate a Remote Control; Operate a DVD Player; Make Calls on the Phone; etc.

Supported Environmental Devices

Environment control in Eyeworld 3.0 is compatible with all of the popular environment control brands, including: 

Amazon Echo 
Web browser based home automation

Eyegaze Enviromental Control (ECU)

Eyegaze Edge Link For Computer Access

Connect to and use regular Windows and Mac devices with the Eyegaze Edge.  LC Technologies’ patented Eyegaze Edge Link for computer access turns the Eyegaze Edge into wireless peripheral keyboard and mouse interface to any Windows or Mac computer or any other device which can be controlled with a USB keyboard and mouse. Typed text appears simultaneously on the screens of both the Eyegaze and the device being controlled. 

Eyegaze Edge Endurance Pack

Extra-long battery life for users on the go.  Eyegaze Edge Endurance Pack provides additional battery power for Eyegaze users who are often away from power sockets, can extend your Eyegaze communication system’s duration time by up to 15 hours! 

Eyeworld 3.0

A web browser tailored for eye-tracking accessibility.  Eyeworld World 3.0 is the flagship software designed by LC Technologies for adults, it’s your portal to access computer functionality and communication. Included within this suite is almost everything a user would need to do modern computer interactions: Chat, Mail, Phone Text/Calling, Computer Control, Environmental Controls and much more. 

Our flagship software for accessing computer functionality and communication.  Included within this suite is almost everything a user would need to do modern computer interactions: Chat, Mail, Phone Text/Calling, Computer Control, Environmental Controls and much more. 

Home Screen

Home. This is your entry point into Eyeworld 3.0. From here you can access all of the features included within the software bundle.
The user interface throughout Eyeworld 3.0 is designed for power users.
Dark background colors are used to reduce eye strain.
Icons with simple flat design are used to allow for easy identification.
Interface elements such as navigation and Eyegaze monitor are always placed at the same spot on each screen.
All of this translates to a software that feels easy to use and reduces cognitive fatigue.

Eyegaze Home Screen


Communication is the most important aspect of AAC software for Eyegaze users and reaching real time conversation speeds is just as important. LC Technologies has invested many hours into fine tuning user interface and communication functionality to ensure the Eyegaze user can reach near live conversation time. Below are some features that help users communicate with more ease and speed. These aren’t all of them, though—contact us to get the full list! 

Word Prediction

The advance Word Prediction learns from the user making guesses based on context given via letters, location and history.

Advanced Text Formatting Tools

Eyeworld 3.0 comes with text formatting tools that power users have grown to love. You can now type faster, send text to more locations and easily switch between different keyboard layouts.


Quick access phrases – create, edit and delete user defined phrases. Phrases enable users to build parts of conversation very quickly, reaching near real time conversation speeds with text to speech. The intuitive user interface allows for quick conversation building.


Quickly save long notes written in the chat keyboard for retrieval at a later time. Some usages include funny stories to share, notes to doctor and long summaries on many topics.

Internet Browsing

Eyeworld 3.0 comes with a feature rich complete web browsing experience.
This Web Browser was specially designed after identifying the unique issues Eyegaze users face when browsing the internet. Speed, usability and security were major factors in the creation of this web browser.

“The entire Web Browsing experience has been redesigned from the ground up, everything you can do with a mouse and keyboard has been remade for Eyegaze input first.”
Below are some features that help users browse the web.

Eyegaze Internet Browsing

Based on Google Chrome

Eyeworld Web Browser is a Google Chromium-based Web Browser. It has all the features you’ve come to love in Google Chrome – quick start up times, built in auto updates and access to extension/apps on the Chrome Web Store.

Hyperlink Selection

Selection method: after a key is pressed all hyperlinks in the current page view are given a hint overlay.
To select a hyperlink, you input the corresponding “hint overlay” combination for the hyperlink you want to be selected. This selection method requires very little in precise eye control, making it ideal for selecting hard to hit hyperlinks on web pages!

Advanced Link Options

Open a link into a new tab, open multiple links in new tabs, copy current page to clipboard and copy link to clipboard!

Mouse Emulation

Dwell near item you want to select, then page will zoom to give you more precise control! This method of clicking hyperlinks gives you mouse emulation where your eyes are, do left-click, double-click, right-click all with your eyes!

Easy Scrolling

Scroll a page with ease! simply look at the key to activate scrolling. Then look away and the page will continue scrolling. Look back at the Eyegaze workspace to stop scrolling.

Type into any Text Field

Type in any text area on the internet with your eyes! Dock your keyboard right on top of the text area and type the text you want to enter.

Computer Control

Eyeworld 3.0 comes with a feature rich complete Operating System integration, giving you complete control of your computer. The ability to navigate native applications with your eyes and control system settings!

Left and Double Mouse Click

Easily left click or double click any item on the desktop regardless of its icon size.

Drag and Drop

Easily drag and drop icons and files with high precision.

Right Click and Complex Sub-Menus

Easily right click and select sub-menus. Have confidence in your ability to use applications that require multiple types of mouse clicks! 

Computer Control

Eyeworld 3.0 comes with a feature rich complete Operating System integration, giving you complete control of your computer. The ability to navigate native applications with your eyes and control system settings!

Left and Double Mouse Click

Easily left click or double click any item on the desktop regardless of its icon size.

Drag and Drop

Easily drag and drop icons and files with high precision.

Right Click and Complex Sub-Menus

Easily right click and select sub-menus. Have confidence in your ability to use applications that require multiple types of mouse clicks!

Email Integration

Eyeworld 3.0 comes with built in support to do basic emailing. Easily configure popular email provides such as Gmail, AOL, Yahoo and Outlook.  See all your Emails in your email inbox, quickly sort through, reply to and delete emails.

Smartphone Integration 

Eyeworld 3.0 comes with built-in support for integrating with Android 4.0 via Bluetooth or WiFi. Make and receive calls and text messages with your eyes!

Phone Dialer

Call numbers directly with your eyes. Fully functional dial pad, easy-to-navigate automated phone systems.

Call Log

Easily return a missed call! A fully functional call log, displaying all the incoming and out going call

Send Text Messages

Easily send and receive SMS text messages with your eyes.

Alexa Integration

Eyeworld 3.0 comes with the ability to control Amazon Alexa. Check weather, news, stream music and make purchases. Optionally control home appliances that integrate with Alexa. Amazon Alexa opens up possibilities for Eyegaze users through Amazon services.

Eyegaze Alexia Integration

Brain Injuries and Strokes

Users that have a consistent way to communicate yes and no can use the Eyegaze system, even if they have lost reading ability. 
Traumatic and anoxic brain injuries can result in a variety of problems. 

Attention & Organization 
Reading Ability 
Spelling Ability 
General Vision Problems 

Eyegaze Edge Features 

Picture-Icon Communication System Available 
Speech Generation for Non-Verbal Users 
Compensation for Double Vision or Other Vision Problems 

Cerebral Palsy 

The Eyegaze Edge allows users with CP to participate in everyday life, while adapting to user positioning and angle seamlessly. 

Cerebral Palsy (CP) is a condition marked by impaired muscle coordination (spastic paralysis) and/or other disabilities impacting communication, typically caused by damage to the brain before or at birth. Many children and adults with CP are currently using the Eyegaze Edge to participate in school, from kindergarten through college and in the workplace. 

Eyegaze Edge Features 

Simple Setup and 15-Second Calibration 
Eye Re-Aquisition in 1/30 Second 
Works at Many Different Angles 

Multiple Sclerosis 

Users are able to maintain communication with the Eyegaze system, even as physical abilities decline. 

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an unpredictable, debilitating disease of the central nervous system that affects the brain, spinal cord, and optic nerves, and communication systems in over 2.5 million people worldwide. 

Different classifications of MS show differing outward progressions of the disease, thus making the need for MS treatment highly individualized. For many people with MS, the slow or rapid decay in neurological and motor function will ultimately lead to a decline in communication ability. 

Eyegaze Edge Features

Compensates for Declining Communicative Abilities 
No Dependence on Motor Skills 
Low Eye Fatigue 

Muscular Dystrophy, Spinal Muscular Atrophy, and Werdnig-Hoffman 

Users find the Eyegaze Edge a fast and easy method of computer access, even if they retain verbal and head control to use other methods. 

Muscular Dystrophy is a hereditary condition characterized by progressive weakening of muscle systems. Spinal muscular atrophie (SMA) is a group of disorders characterized by the degeneration of lower motor neurons, causing atrophy of various muscle groups in the body, including muscles needed for communication in some cases. 
SMA is categorized by type: Type I, ranging from severe physical impairments, to type IV with mild weakness and impairments. Individuals with SMA are alert, interactive and eager to communicate and access the world of technology! 

Eyegaze Edge Features 

Works at Many Different Angles 
Easily Finds User's Eye at Any Head Angle or Lean 
Can Be Used By Young Children 

Rett Syndrome 

Some user interaction via the Eyegaze system is possible, but results are still being studied and evaluated.  Rett Syndrome is a rare genetic postnatal neurological disorder of the brain that impacts body function and cognitive linguistic skills.  While it used to be assumed that individuals with Rett Syndrome were not capable of intentional communication, current clinical practice and research are highlighting varying methods to access communication in these individuals. 

A current, detailed discussion can be found by Dr. Theresa Bartolotta on the PrAACtical AAC Blog. 

A small percentage of evaluations done using the Eyegaze Edge with individuals with Rett Syndrome have resulted in accurate calibration and use. On the other hand, some were able to calibrate using the Eyegaze Edge but were not able to use the device in meaningful ways. 

Since behaviors and measurable indicators of cognitive linguistic abilities can vary greatly within this population, it is best to proceed with professionals who are well seasoned in working with Rett Syndrome who understand factors of success for the individual client. 

Spinal Cord Injuries 

Users find the Eyegaze Edge a fast and easy method of computer access, even if they retain verbal and head control to use other methods. 

Quadriplegia resulting from spinal cord injury presents no limitations for Eyegaze Edge operation. The Eyegaze Edge is often an excellent tool for people who are ventilator-dependent and quadriplegic. 

Eyegaze Edge Features 

Allows Users To Manipulate Computers More Quickly 
Speech Generation for Non-Verbal Users 
No Dependence on Head Movement 
Low Eye Fatigue

Eyegaze Edge Tech Specifications

Eye-tracking Camera

Gaze Position Accuracy: <0.45°
Spatial Resolution: <0.1°
Sample Rate: 60Hz
Eye Tracking Mode: Monocular
Operating Distance: 43-83cm
Tracking Range: 7.6 × 6.4 x 6cm
Calibration Mode: 5pt, 9pt, 13pt
Head Movement Velocity: 50cm/sec
System Latency: 18ms
Dimensions (Width x Height X Depth): 8.8 x 3.4 x 13.8cm
Weight: 6.3oz
Eyewear Compatibility: Works with majority of glasses and lenses
Compliance: FDA, CARF, CE (EU)

Eyegaze Camera

Speech Generating Device

Memory: 8 GB DDR3
Storage: 256GB SSD
Number of USB 3.0 Ports: 1
Number of USB 3.0 hub Ports: 3
Number of USB C Ports: 1
Card Slot: Micro SD
Weight: 1.9 pounds
Dimensions: 8.2L x 11.7W x 3.5H inches
Display Size: 12.5″ (3:2) LED backlit HD 60Hz Glare Panel with 45% NTSC
Max Screen Resolution: 2160 × 1440
Voltage: 19 volts
Battery Life: 8 hours Manufacturer – Battery life varies based on use and power settings.
Battery Life with EyeTracker: 1 hour 30min at High Performance (Eye-tracking/Web browsing/music)
Battery Life with Endurance Pack: 8 hours with endurance pack at High Performance (Eye-tracking/Web browsing/music)
Operating System: Windows 10 Pro

Eyegaze Tablet

The tablet is just the beginning

When you purchase an Eyegaze Edge, you get a lot more than just the tablet. LC Technologies offers full-fledged support for Eyegaze users.

Our base package includes installation, setup, user and caregiver training, user support, and technical support for up to a year.

More Eyegaze on YouTube

Eyegaze Edge





The ModelTalker System is a speech synthesis software package designed for people who are losing or who have lost their ability to speak. If you or someone you care for uses a Speech Generating Device (SGD) to communicate, ModelTalker can provide a unique synthetic voice that is more representative of their own voice. 


Please visit the ModelTalker website:



My arms and hands were deteriorating quite rapidly meaning I couldn’t work anymore. The Eyegaze saved my software engineering job. I can control a Mac and do everything with my eye that I used to do with my hands. I can respond to email, I can surf the web, and I can hold conversations…
Software Engineer, MIT

Thank you and everyone you work with. My son Jack is laying in his hospital bed right now using his Eyegaze to chat with his friends on Facebook, check his email, and he just posted on his web page… the nurses and doctors are amazed watching him do all of this with a breathing tube in his throat and about 20 other assorted lines attached to various parts of his body.

I can read books using Kindle, listen to music, email, surf the web, play games, and more. I am once again my old self. Without it I would be a prisoner in my body, with it I am the same smart guy I used to be, with the exception of being paralyzed.

My student does research on the Internet for the library, with the aid of her Eyegaze Communication System, and she loves it.
Mary Whitley
Service Coordinator, TCRC Alph Resource Connections Library

My son Jason is 16 years old and he has cerebral palsy… ‘Dad, I need you’ is one of the many things I hear on a daily basis that I never imagined I would hear. Today I couldn’t imagine a life without this device… They have given my son a platform to stand on that can lead him to his own independence.
Scott, California

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