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Timocco: Fun therapy games for kids with special needs

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Timocco: Fun therapy games for kids with special needs

Timocco turns Therapy Into Fun!

What is Timocco?

Timocco is an online, therapeutic gaming environment specifically designed for children with special needs. Using motion based technology, our games respond to the child’s movements. Timocco’s patented tracking software allows any webcam to identify and follow player’s movements by following objects held by the player.

Timocco’s mission is to provide motivating and meaningful games that are therapy orientated, thus encouraging the child to participate and progress to the best of their ability.

Timocco’s broad range of games have been especially designed by Occupational Therapists to provide interactive and motivating opportunities for developing motor, cognitive and communication abilities. Results from each game are recorded to allow for easy tracking of progress.

Leading the evolution of play therapy

Providing the motivation kids need to keep developing their motor, cognitive, and communication skills.

Timocco’s games motivate kids to develop motor, cognitive and communication skills through play. Get to know our games
Timocco’s games motivate kids to develop motor, cognitive and communication skills through play.
Our 50+ interactive games have been especially designed by Occupational Therapists to provide interactive and motivating opportunities for developing motor, cognitive and communication abilities.

Each of Timocco game has a range of versatile settings which allow for variation, tailoring and grading suited to each player’s needs. Our patented Range Of Motion setting also allows accessibility for players with limited movement. Options relating to extent of visual and auditory stimulation also allow the gaming environment to be customized to the developmental needs of the child.

Our extensive games menu is presented with useful filters which present game recommendations based on developmental age range and /or skill selection.

Leading the evolution of play therapy

Timocco: A fun way to develop skills

Which therapeutic population can benefit from Timocco?  Timocco addresses functional and skill based goals that are relevant for a range of different therapeutic populations: Cerebral Palsy, Autism, ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Developmental Coordination Disorder, and Early Learning. 

Timocco helps kids with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity (ADHD) Disorder to

Improve attention, memory and sequencing skills
Improve executive functions such as inhibitory control and shifting attention
Develop sustained and selective attention
Maintain an extended concentration and attention span
Attention-targeting games require the child to attend to relevant visual stimuli in a task, helping them develop skills such as sustaining attention and and the ability to ignore distractions – selective attention – key attention skills they can exercise and refine for use far beyond the game environment.
Timocco’s variable game settings allow therapists treating children with ADHD to control the game environment and define additional distractions such as visual stimuli, distractors and aural intensity. Timocco games allow the children to combine activity and movement with refined attention and concentration requirements.

Skills that we develop

Cognitive Skills: Attention & Executive Function
Communication Skills: Cooperation & Joint Attention

Achieve functional & IEP goals with Timocco’s Training Plans

Timocco’s Training Plans have been designed to work towards achieving skill based, functional and IEP compatible goals to help the child in tasks of everyday living. Our plans are interactive and motivating and encourage the child to progress and develop the skills they need to succeed.

Our In-House Occupational Therapy Team have carefully considered and designed the training plans to suit the purpose and developmental age defined for the plan. Each session is structured and graded with specifically selected games, settings and set-up requirements.

Throughout the training plans, player’s will be prompted to complete assessment sessions at regular intervals so as to monitor and clearly reflect improvements in skill based goals over the course of the Training Plan. Results are displayed in clear graphs with relevant data in understandable and accessible formats.

Timocco’s Training Plans also make it easy for therapists to facilitate consolidation of therapy interventions at home by allowing parents at-home access to recommended training plans.

Ready to Read

Children often struggle with reading fluency due to poor body mechanics. This plan aims to help build body mechanics while integrating them with early literacy skills. The “Motor Skills of Reading” Training Plan aims to promote stabilization of the body and encourages the use of optimal postural positions for sitting and using their eyes with good control to support the visual perception necessary for reading fluency.

Pay Attention

The ability to maintain attention in various situations, for varied amounts of time and with various other cognitive demands are all necessary abilities in order to function efficiently. This training plan looks at addressing a number of elements that may interfere with a child’s ability to maintain attention effectively and looks to address them through the incorporation of gradual exposure to stimuli and demands.

Play to Grow

The Timocco “Play To Grow” Training Plan, has been created for young children that may have difficulty with early play skills such as engaging and exploring toys and objects and playing independently. The training plan looks at developing a number of key skills which will allow the child to independently partake in play in a meaningful and interactive manner and develop their early hand-eye coordination skills. The “Play To Grow” Training Plan is designed so that through the development of cause and effect and sensory exploratory play abilities, the child will develop a foundation with which they will move on to meaningful constructive play.

Bilateral Coordination – Simple Symmetrical

Bilateral coordination is the ability to use both sides of the body at the same time in a controlled and organized manner. This can mean using both sides to do the same thing (pushing a rolling pin, using alternating movements such as when walking), or using different movements on each side (cutting with scissors while holding and controlling the paper with the other hand). This plan looks at further developing Bilateral Coordination at the “Simple Symmetrical” level. Both hands are used automatically and effectively together in the same way at the same time during a task.

Body Balance: Stable Sitting

The Timocco “Body Balance: Stable Sitting” Training Plan aims to assist the child in improving static and dynamic balance in sitting, so as to allow them to automatically and efficiently make the necessary postural adaptations (to sit up straight and maintain balance) throughout a range of day to day activities done in a sitting position – such as working at a desk in the classroom, sitting next to a table at meal time and sitting safely at bath time.

Body Balance: Standing & Dynamic

This plan is targeted at standing and dynamic balance as well as weight shifting.

Cause & Effect

The Timocco “Cause & Effect Training Plan” aims to utilize the strong visual and auditory stimuli within the games to provide feedback to the child about their movements. In doing so, the plan aims to allow the child to develop a greater understanding of the Cause & Effect relationship, specifically related to their movement.

Crossing of Midline

The aim of this plan is to provide opportunities to practice crossing of the midline for the purpose of improving functioning during a range of activities throughout the day.

Hand-Eye Coordination

The Timocco “Hand-Eye Coordination Training Plan” is designed to assist children in improving their ability to coordinate hand and eye movements. Hand-Eye Coordination is required in a range of activities throughout the day, whereby the movements of the eyes are utilized to draw attention to a task and work in coordination with the hands in order to execute the task.

Prewriting: Intentional Lines

The “Pre-Writing Training Plan” sets out to provide the child with a better foundation for writing through gradually strengthening such initial skills and preparing the child for “writing readiness”.

Prewriting: Separation of Movement

This plan looks at encouraging the child to improve their ability to isolate movements at the elbow, wrist and metacarpophalangeal joints – as well as separate the functions of the ulnar and radial aspects of the hand. The plan is designed such that the child is also gradually introduced to tasks that require more refined and accurate motor control. Such abilities are necessary in order to grasp and use a writing utensil in a controlled and efficient manner.


Reaching is a meaningful and functional movement required during a broad range of day to day activities, such as reaching in order to get something down off a shelf, passing a cup or plate and outstretching an arm in order to point towards something for communication. The Timocco “Reaching Training Plan” aims to incorporate graded and interactive opportunities for the child to improve their ability to reach through encouraging the gradual increase of Range of Motion at the shoulder of the preferred reaching hand. The plan also looks at encouraging more efficient reaching patterns from the most proximal point of the movement origin whilst refining and improving accuracy at the most distal point of the movement.

Neglected Hand Integration

The Timocco “Neglected Hand Integration Training Plan” aims to provide encouraging and motivating opportunities to gradually integrate the use of the less used hand across a range of different Timocco games.

Upper Body Strength

Children who lack strength in their upper body may experience difficulty across a range of functional activities throughout the day. This training plan aims to offer engaging and motivating opportunities to gradually improve the child’s upper body strength by providing appropriate strength challenges while playing Timocco games.


The Teamwork training plan presents a series of sessions which incorporate the Timocco games in a way that encourages the children to take turns, work together – physically and mentally, as well as providing structured opportunities to engage with another through the use of the interactive and engaging virtual reality setting (Timocco).

Independent Eating

Children that experience difficulty sitting and eating independently may experience such difficulties due to limited motor control, core and upper body weakness and inefficient use of both hands (Bilateral Coordination). This plan sets out to strengthen such skills to enable greater independence during meal time by improving the child’s ability to sit in a stable manner, while using their arms to grasp and control cutlery and use their other hand to support their plate.

Pencil Grasp

The purpose of the Timocco “Pencil Grasp” Training Plan is to assist the child in developing a functional, adaptive and efficient pencil grasp and the suitable body mechanics required for handwriting and drawing. The plan integrates creative and motivating ways of encouraging students to adapt their grasp through playing games with objects we use around the house. Grading the activities using developmental models, theories, and research ensures a student’s success and therefore builds confidence.

Less Mess

Children who may be having difficulty eating in a neat and organized manner may experience difficulties with awareness of one’s movements, organizing, planning and accurately executing upper body movements. This plan intends to address such difficulties and allow the child to develop the skills and awareness they require in order to bring food from the plate to their mouths in a smooth and accurate manner. In doing so the child will improve their ability to ensure minimal spillage and dispersion of food during meal time.

Cut it Out

This plan aims to address core fine motor skills in order to prepare for the introduction to cutting skills, such as; strengthening of the hand and finger muscles, isolation of movements from the wrist and within hand origins as well as improving ability to execute tasks requiring refined hand eye coordination and the efficient use of two hands together.

Kick It

Kicking a ball requires the smooth combination of a number of skills such as balance and weight shifting, core and lower body strength, coordination and crossing of midline, planning and organisation of movements and timing. The Timocco “Kick It” Training Plan intends to further develop and strengthen such skills so as to prepare the child for optimal performance and execution of the cognitive and motor elements of kicking a ball.

How to Play Timocco

What You Need to Play Timocco.  Once you’ve joined Timocco, downloaded our tracking app and you’re ready to play, all you need is a webcam and two round differently-colored objects – either red, blue, or green. 

Here are a few suggestions for things you might be likely to find nearby

Apples! Red or green apples work great with Timocco.
Colored container lids (like m and m tube caps, Coke bottle caps, Play-Doh lids, etc).
Any red, green or blue ball that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand

Got the idea? There are lots of objects that will work.

Achieve functional & IEP goals with Timocco’s Training Plans

50+ OT-designed Games

Even with lots of options, it's easy to find the right games, fast. Filter games by age and skill and adjust individual game settings to fit therapy goals today and in the future.

Patented motion tracking technology

Our powerful patented motion tracking technology enables you to use almost any red, green or blue round object to play Timocco games – fruits, veggies, pegs, play-doh or any other household item!

Mac and PC Compatible

Timocco’s gaming system works off your computer and uses a patented motion-tracking technology to bring you an affordable addition or supplement to a clinical therapy program.

Includes webcam, 3 colorful gaming balls and training

Timocco’s gaming balls can be slipped onto a child’s hands like a mitten for a sensory experience or to help kids who have difficulty holding the ball. The gaming balls also have a strap you can use to attach the ball to other extremities (i.e. legs) for additional workout options.

Play anywhere

With our internet-based software use Timocco Online anywhere with internet access. While kids work with the tool in-clinic or at home, therapists get to track, study and record their progress through Timocco’s tracking module.

Adapts to your child’s range of motion abilities

From extremely active kids to wheelchair bound kids, Timocco enables you to calibrate games to fit your child's skill and motion capabilities. Kids can even play Timocco with just their eyes, using eye-gaze software!

See what others are saying about Timocco

One of my young cliets is very hyperactive and I could not get hime to settle down for therapy. I set hime upon Timmocco and he never left his air while playing!
Toby Black, OTR/L Bowling Green, KY

I just have to say I LOVE TIMMOCCO. I have a student in high school who has significat hemiparesis of the right arem. The student ofern lets their arm hang at their side. I had the student on the Butterfly game annd they were flesing their shoulder above 90 degrees, activity engaged and excited to be playing the game. The student also then gave a high-5 at above 90-degree range!
Stecey Walsh, OTR/L Lakota Local Schools

I just love this program. I am blown away because of what I can get the kids to do. It is amazing how it motivates!
Yita Rimmer MA OTR/L, Private Therapist, NY

I am an occupational therapist working in a public school setting; primarily with students diagnoosed with autism. Most of my students demonstrate fine motor/visual motor and bilateral coordination skill deficits. They also struggle with auditory processing for successful participation. Timocco programming gives me a fun way to successfully zone in on needed motor/coordination skill building and pratice!
Sylvia K. Jurcak B.S. OTR/L

Timocco has been an excellend addition to my lessons; as well as increasing the students' fine motor skills and awareness of cause and effect, it's fun and engaging activity that they can really enjoy.
Katie Chapman, Charlton Park Academy

Timocco has helped Maya improved motor planning, motor accuracy, eye-hand coordination, midline crossing, physical strengthening and cognitive skills like understanding complex commandss
Renana Yefet, OT

Tomer's progres - from complete inability to participate in spacial activities to active participation for a length of time - was astonising. Not only was he willing to participate in activities, at the beginnig of a session he expliticy askes to play by saying: " Monkey, monkey".
Avital Ya'akovi, OT

Ben was highly motivated to play the gaes and as a result, he used his weaker hand constantly and for longer periods of time. He played, succeeded, had fun and most of all, worked on strenghening his upper extremities and lernined to believe in his abilities.
Developmental PT

Within a few months Hen-lee demonstrated improvement in her upper extremity movements and visual performance. She initiates more movements with her right hand and is successful in games that require visual discrimination."
Noa Nitzan, OT

Skill building games

Balancing demands 
Bilateral coordination 
Body awareness 
Cause and effect 
Cognitive development 
Communication - coorperation 
Communication - turn taking 
Early learning - Academic skills 
Early learning - Social skills 
Early learning - Exutive functioning 
Executive function 
Hand-Eye coordination 
Joint attention 
Midline crossing 
Motor control and accuracy 
Motor efficiency 
Motor skills 
Organize and plan 
Paying attention 
Posture and balance 
Range of motion 
Reaction speed 
Supination & Pronation 
Upper body strength 
Visual perception and discrimination 

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