ZoomText Magnifier Reader - International

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ZoomText Magnifier Reader - International

Magnification and screen reading software for the vision impaired.

Available for Windows 10, 8.1/8, Windows 7, Vista, and XP.

Over 70 High Quality Voices: The complete ZoomText Voices library provides over 70 male and female voices for the most commonly spoken languages and dialects from around the world.  While there is no limit on the number of voices you can install, we strongly advise that you only install the voices that you will actually use. Installing voices that you do not use will consume significant space on your hard drive.  Available voices.  6 Canadian French voices.

Software Maintenance Agreement

With our ZoomText Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) you’ll save money on ZoomText upgrades and receive free priority technical support from Ai Squared. Here’s what’s included in the plan…

The next two paid upgrades
Free technical support (phone and email)

SKU: ZoomText Magnifier/Reader

CD Version
CD Version + SMA
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USB Version
USB Version + SMA

Demo ZoomText 11

NOTE: Canadian sales only

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Available voices

Basque, Basque, Miren 36.7 MB
Basque, Basque, Miren HQ 107 MB
Catalan, Catalonia, Jordi 31.9 MB
Catalan, Catalonia, Jordi HQ 90.2 MB
Catalan, Catalonia, Montserrat 31.8 MB
Catalan, Catalonia, Montserrat HQ 89.1 MB
Czech, CzechRepublic, Iveta 42.3 MB
Czech, Czech Republic, Iveta HQ 121 MB
Czech, Czech Republic, Zuzana 103 MB
Czech, Czech Republic, Zuzana HQ 319 MB
Danish, Denmark, Magnus 34.8 MB
Danish, Denmark, Magnus HQ 96.9 MB
Danish, Denmark, Sara 41 MB
Danish, Denmark, Sara HQ 116 MB
Dutch, Belgium, Ellen 50.2 MB
Dutch, Belgium, Ellen HQ 138 MB
Dutch, Netherlands, Claire 147 MB
Dutch, Netherlands, Claire HQ 454 MB
Dutch, Netherlands, Xander 135 MB
Dutch, Netherlands, Xander HQ 414 MB
English, Australia, Karen 112 MB
English, Australia, Karen HQ 354 MB
English, Australia, Lee 124 MB
English, Australia, Lee HQ 361 MB
English, Britain, Daniel 111 MB
English, Britain, Daniel HQ 340 MB
English, Britain, Kate 45.9 MB
English, Britain, Kate HQ 129 MB
English, Britain, Oliver 45.8 MB
English, Britain, Oliver HQ 130 MB
English, Britain, Serena 63.4 MB
English, Britain, Serena HQ 177 MB
English, India, Veena 44.4 MB
English, India, Veena HQ 122 MB
English, Ireland, Moira 117 MB
English, Ireland, Moira HQ 360 MB
English, Scotland, Fiona 73.3 MB
English, Scotland, Fiona HQ 212 MB
English, South Africa, Tessa 114 MB
English, South Africa, Tessa HQ 357 MB
English, United States, Allison 36 MB
English, United States, Allison HQ 97.2 MB
English, United States, Ava 141 MB
English, United States, Ava HQ 443 MB
English, United States, Samantha 133 MB
English, United States, Samantha HQ 403 MB
English, United States, Susan 46 MB
English, United States, Susan HQ 129 MB
English, United States, Tom 126 MB
English, United States, Tom HQ 384 MB
Finnish, Finland, Satu 45.2 MB
Finnish, Finland, Satu HQ 132 MB
French, Canada, Amelie 99.1 MB
French, Canada, Amelie HQ 311 MB
French, Canada, Chantal 43.7 MB
French, Canada, Chantal HQ 129 MB
French, Canada, Nicolas 37.4 MB
French, Canada, Nicolas HQ 108 MB
French, France, Audrey 111 MB
French, France, Audrey HQ 346 MB
French, France, Aurelie 40.7 MB
French, France, Aurelie HQ 114 MB
French, France, Thomas 117 MB
French, France, Thomas HQ 364 MB
Galician, Spain, Carmela 29.3 MB
Galician, Spain, Carmela HQ 82.8 MB
German, Germany, Anna 164 MB
German, Germany, Anna HQ 516 MB
German, Germany, Markus 42.8 MB
German, Germany, Markus HQ 126 MB
German, Germany, Petra 49 MB
German, Germany, Petra HQ 136 MB
German, Germany, Yannick 115 MB
German, Germany, Yannick HQ 353 MB
Greek, Greece, Melina 166 MB
Greek, Greece, Melina HQ 524 MB
Greek, Greece, Nikos 26.8 MB
Greek, Greece, Nikos HQ 75.6 MB
Hungarian, Hungary, Mariska 43.4 MB
Hungarian, Hungary, Mariska HQ 128 MB
Indonesian, Indonesia, Damayanti 117 MB
Indonesian, Indonesia, Damayanti HQ 352 MB
Italian, Italy, Alice 93.4 MB
Italian, Italy, Alice HQ 289 MB
Italian, Italy, Federica 55.6 MB
Italian, Italy, Federica HQ 164 MB
Italian, Italy, Luca 34 MB
Italian, Italy, Luca HQ 95 MB
Italian, Italy, Paola 36.2 MB
Italian, Italy, Paola HQ 102 MB
Norwegian, Norway, Henrik 44.3 MB
Norwegian, Norway, Henrik HQ 127 MB
Norwegian, Norway, Nora 38.9 MB
Norwegian, Norway, Nora HQ 113 MB
Polish, Poland, Ewa 43.4 MB
Polish, Poland, Ewa HQ 127 MB
Polish, Poland, Zosia 36.6 MB
Polish, Poland, Zosia HQ 106 MB
Portuguese, Brazil, Felipe 41 MB
Portuguese, Brazil, Felipe HQ 121 MB
Portuguese, Brazil, Luciana 38.7 MB
Portuguese, Brazil, Luciana HQ 112 MB
Portuguese, Portugal, Catarina 51.4 MB
Portuguese, Portugal, Catarina HQ 153 MB
Portuguese, Portugal, Joana 124 MB
Portuguese, Portugal, Joana HQ 391 MB
Romanian, Romania, Ioana 37.3 MB
Romanian, Romania, Ioana HQ 106 MB
Russian, Russia, Katya 43.1 MB
Russian, Russia, Katya HQ 124 MB
Russian, Russia, Milena 130 MB
Russian, Russia, Milena HQ 413 MB
Russian, Russia, Yuri 47.1 MB
Russian, Russia, Yuri HQ 140 MB
Slovak, Slovenia, Laura 85.9 MB
Slovak, Slovenia, Laura HQ 273 MB
Spanish, Argentina, Diego 27.8 MB
Spanish, Argentina, Diego HQ 75.6 MB
Spanish, Colombia, Carlos 35.4 MB
Spanish, Colombia, Carlos HQ 104 MB
Spanish, Colombia, Soledad 31.6 MB
Spanish, Colombia, Soledad HQ 87.7 MB
Spanish, Mexico, Angelica 42.3 MB
Spanish, Mexico, Angelica HQ 125 MB
Spanish, Mexico, Juan 49.3 MB
Spanish, Mexico, Juan HQ 148 MB
Spanish, Mexico, Paulina 109 MB
Spanish, Mexico, Paulina HQ 338 MB
Spanish, Spain, Jorge 27.6 MB
Spanish, Spain, Jorge HQ 76.6 MB
Spanish, Spain, Monica 114 MB
Spanish, Spain, Monica HQ 353 MB
Swedish, Sweden, Alva 136 MB
Swedish, Sweden, Alva HQ 415 MB
Swedish, Sweden, Klara 42.8 MB
Swedish, Sweden, Klara HQ 122 MB
Swedish, Sweden, Oskar 117 MB
Swedish, Sweden, Oskar HQ 349 MB
Turkish, Turkey, Cem 41 MB
Turkish, Turkey, Cem HQ 117 MB
Turkish, Turkey, Yelda 116 MB
Turkish, Turkey, Yelda HQ 360 MB
Valencian, Spain, Empar 39 MB
Valencian, Spain, Empar HQ 115 MB

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