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CS10R Personal Sound Amplifier - Right ear


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CS10R Personal Sound Amplifier - Right ear

It may look like an ordinary Bluetooth mobile telephone headset. But don't let the sleek, hi-tech design fool you. The CS10 is also a personal sound amplifier and is completely customizable to help you hear everything happening around you with crystal clarity. In addition to three preset amplification profiles, you can use your Android smartphone or tablet, or a Bluetooth enabled computer to personalize the device through our CS10 Customizer App. And best of all, the CS10 is surprisingly affordable.  See videos below.

CS10 Is Perfect For

• Business meetings
• Family gatherings
• Phone calls
• Watching television
• Movies and theater
• Conversations

CS10 Features

Each CS10 Personal Sound Amplifier features Bluetooth connectivity, Customizer App for use with Android® smartphones, our proprietary sound quality algorithm, and a comfortable customizable fit.

Customizer App
Sound Quality
Personal Fit
CS10 Customizer App
Smart phone App compatibiity: Android only
Computer Appcompatibiity: Windows (XP and later) & Mac OSX
Listenting modes: Amplifier & phone
Audio streaming: No
Battery life: Up to 9 hours
Bluetooth connectivity: Bluetooth 3.0
Colour: Black
Misc: Suggested single only
Warranty: 1 year


Input: Omnidirectional & Directional
Gain: 25 dB SPL, depending on Preset selection
Volume range: -12 dB SPL to +12 dB SPL
Equalizer (3 Bands): -12 dB SPL to +12 dB SPL
Max Output: 112 dB SPL
Signal Processing: Digital 16 channel dynamic compression, noise reduction, output compression, feedback cancellation
Frequency Response (amplifier mode): 200Hz - 8000Hz
Total Harmonic Distortion: ≤ 1%
Equivalent Input Noise: 26 dB SPL
Battery Type: Lithium Ion Rechargeable
Battery Life: Up to 9 hrs
Audio Characteristics Graph

CS10 Ear Piece

Will the CS10 work with my iPhone?"

Under the "Personalize" tab of the app, an automated program will walk you through the steps in tailoring the performance of the CS10 to your preferences. Be sure your ear tip provides a snug fit and you are in a quiet room when using this program.

The "Profiles" tab gives you the option of setting your CS10 to one of the three preset listening profiles, or your personal profile. Once you have selected one of the profiles through the app, the program button on the CS10 changes modes and can be used to toggle between your baseline profile and two additional settings designed to optimize the performance of the CS10 in specific situations.

Restaurant Mode (two beeps) emphasizes the directional microphone to focus on sounds coming from in front of you and provide rejection of unwanted sounds in noisy environments. Entertainment Mode (three beeps) provides increased low frequency response for a more natural, balanced sound at musical or theatrical events.
The app also provides an "Equalizer" tab with sliders to adjust individual settings for treble, mid, and bass frequencies for a truly customized user experience.

For more information about customizing your CS10, please see our video tutorial.

CS10 Customizer desktop apps  

To download the CS10 Customizer app for Android smartphones and tablets, visit the Google Play store.

Click to download the Mac OS X desktop version of the CS10 Customizer app.

Click to download the Windows desktop version of the CS10 Customizer app. You may need to adjust your virus protection software to allow the file to download.

Quick Start Guide

User Guide

New York Times article

CS10 Included Accessories

Rechargeable Batteries
Each CS10 comes with two rechargeable batteries that can each provide up to 9 hours of listening time on a single charge.

CS10 Rechargeable Batteries

Charger Kit
Batteries can be recharged using either the included power adapter or by connecting the supplied cable to any USB-enabled computer.

CS10 Charger Kit

Ear Tips
The CS10 comes with three different sized ear tips (small, medium, and large) so you can select the most comfortable, snug fit.

CS10 Ear Tips

Carrying Case
The convenient zippered carrying case holds the CS10 as well as both batteries. Wherever you are, you are always ready to Get Back in the Conversation™.

CS10 Carrying Case

SKU: CS10L - Personal sound amplifier - left ear

SKU: CS10R - Personal sound amplifier - right ear

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What is a Personal Sound Amplifier?
A. Personal sound amplifiers, also known as Personal Sound Amplification Products or PSAPs, are designed for people who occasionally find themselves in situations where the volume and clarity of the sounds around them are less than what they would prefer.

Q. How is a PSAP different from a hearing aid?
A. Hearing aids are designed to help compensate for specific types of hearing loss and are meant to be dispensed by qualified professionals and worn by the patient all of the time. PSAPs like the CS10 are designed for occasional use for amplifying sounds that are inherently difficult to hear. PSAPs are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. If you believe you have hearing loss, we encourage you to seek help from a qualified professional.

Q. Can I try out your product before I buy it?
A. Since the CS10 is so highly customizable we recommend that you spend more time with it than a typical demo. We expect that it will take you a while to find the best settings and become accustomed to the CS10. Therefore, we offer a no-risk 30-day money back guarantee. If you use the device for 30 days and don't feel it's providing a benefit we'll take it back, no questions asked.

Q. Can I wear the CS10 all the time?
A. We have designed the CS10 to be comfortable enough to wear through an entire lecture, or even an all-day conference. However, if you feel that you need full-time hearing assistance, we recommend that you see a qualified professional to determine if you have treatable hearing loss, or need hearing aids.

Q. Can I move my CS10 from one ear to the other?
A. Unfortunately, no. Specific versions of the CS10 have been optimized for either right ear or left ear use.

Q. Can I use a CS10 in both ears?
A. Yes, you can use both a left and right CS10 simultaneously. Just be aware that they need to be set up independently and only one at a time will pair with your smartphone.

Q. Is the CS10 available in other colors?
A. To paraphrase Henry Ford, "...any color you want so long as it's black." The CS10 was designed to look like a Bluetooth headset, not a hearing aid, so we decided to go with a look that is consistent with that type of product. Feel free to drop us a line if you have suggestions for future products.

Q. Do I need a specific smartphone to use the CS10?
A. No. The CS10 is ready to be used as a Personal Sound Amplifier right out of the box. There are three preset amplification profiles to choose from in addition to a personal volume control. The CS10 can also be used as a headset with any Bluetooth enabled phone. Our free CS10 Customizer app for computers and Android smartphones allows you to tap into additional features and to further personalize your CS10, but it is not mandatory.

Q. Will the CS10 work with my iPhone?
A. The CS10 works as a wireless headset for any mobile phone with Bluetooth, including current and previous versions of the iPhone. Unfortunately, there is no iPhone version of our Customizer app for advanced setup and control of the CS10. However, there are version of the app available for both Mac OS X and Windows desktops. As long as your computer is Bluetooth enabled, you can achieve the maximum level of advanced customization for your CS10. We intend for future SWS products to include an app for iPhone, the first of which should arrive in early 2014. Learn more...

Q. What if my Windows computer doesn't have Bluetooth?
A. USB Bluetooth adapters are very common and are fairly inexpensive. Just be sure the adapter you select is Bluetooth version 2.0 or newer, and supports your version of Windows.

Q. How long does it take to charge the CS10’s batteries?
A. It will take up to 2 ½ hours to fully charge a drained battery.

Q. How long will a charged battery last?
A. You can expect to get up to 9 hours of operation from a single battery when used as an amplifier. Battery life will be somewhat reduced if using your CS10 as a Bluetooth headset for phone calls.

Q. How long can I keep recharging a CS10 battery?
A. With regular use, the batteries can be expected to survive recharging for up to 2 years. When needed, replacement batteries can be purchased on our website.

Q. Why is my battery not recharging?
A. Check that the charger kit is assembled and plugged in to either an AC power source or a USB connector on a computer. If the charger points are getting power, the LED lights will glow blue. Once a battery is connected, the LED should turn either red (needs to charge) or green (fully charged). If the lights remain blue after the battery is attached, adjust the position of the battery so that the contacts seat properly to the charging station.

Q. How do I pair the CS10 to my mobile phone?
A. First be certain Bluetooth is turned on in the mobile device you are trying to pair to. In most devices you can go into the “Settings” options to find the Bluetooth menu where you can turn Bluetooth on or off. The CS10 will only attempt to pair with a device for the first three minutes after powering up. Once the mobile device is ready, reattach the battery on the CS10 and your mobile device should discover the CS10. You may have to select the CS10 on your phone as the Bluetooth device you want to connect to. We have also created a video tutorial to help you pair the CS10 to your phone.

Q. How can I improve the sound quality for people on the other end of a mobile phone call?
A. With mobile communication devices you should be sure that you have good signal strength and reduce as much ambient noise as possible. You can optimize the performance of the Bluetooth link of the CS10 by being sure to use it within 10 feet of your mobile phone.

Q. How can I access the CS10’s Environment modes?
A. To access the Environment modes, you will need some version of our free CS10 Customizer app. Once you select any profile in the app (personal profile or preset profile), the back button on the CS10 changes function and will allow you to toggle between the environment modes. One beep is your baseline profile. Two beeps is “Restaurant Mode” with more directionality to help you hear better in noisy locations. Three beeps is “Entertainment Mode” with a more balanced frequency response for musical or theatrical events.

Q. How do I get the CS10 Customizer app?
A. You can download the Android version of the app from the Google Play store. There is a link from our home page, or from the CS10 Customizer app page of our website. Both Windows and Mac OS X desktop versions of the app can also be downloaded from that page of our website.

Q. How do I tell which mode my program button is in?
A. When you push the program button on the back edge of the CS10, you will either hear a voice saying “Preset 1”, “Preset 2”, “Preset 3”, or you will hear a series of beeps. If you hear the beeps, your device is in Environment mode. One beep is your baseline profile. Two beeps is “Restaurant Mode”, and three beeps is “Entertainment Mode.” If you hear the voice, your device is in Program mode, where you can switch between the three preset amplification profiles.

Q. Can I make the CS10 more comfortable to wear?
A. Absolutely. The CS10 is user customizable with a number of adjustments you can make to get the perfect fit for your ear. First be sure the ear tip is the right size. Three different sized ear tips are provided with the smallest coming attached to the CS10. The perfect fit should be snug, but not tight. You don’t want the CS10 to be loose or flopping around when you wear it. Next, you can gently bend and adjust the length of the battery wire so the CS10 lies more comfortably on your ear. Grasp the body of the earpiece in one hand and the battery wire in the other. Gently slide the wire until you reach a comfortable length for your ear. See our “Getting Started” video for a demonstration.

Q. Can the CS10 be worn with with my eyeglasses?
A. Absolutely. We have a number of beta testers, customers, and some members of the SWS team wearing the device comfortably with their eyeglasses. The best option is to have the earpieces of your eyeglasses nearest to your head, then nestle the battery from the CS10 between your earpiece of your glasses and your ear.

Q. What can I do if there is too much bass (boomy, muddy, or rumbly)?
A. Preset 1 and Preset 2 each have less low frequency emphasis than Preset 3. If none of those settings adequately reduce the bass response, you can use our free CS10 Customizer app on your smartphone or desktop computer to create your own personal profile or make specific individual EQ adjustments.

Q. Why would the sound from my CS10 become muffled or garbled?
A. This is likely due to the natural buildup of wax. We recommend that you clean the ear tip and nozzle of your CS10 once per week. For a demonstration of how to use the wire loop cleaning tool that came with the CS10, please see our “Cleaning” video. You may also need to clear any wax build up from your ears.

Q. What can I do if my CS10 sounds thin or tinny?
A. It is normal for your brain to take some time to get used to amplified sounds. However, if the high frequency response is distracting or annoying, you can turn down the volume or try a different factory preset with a more balanced frequency response (Preset 2 or Preset 3). Be sure you adjust the volume each time you select a different preset. You can also access an Equalizer screen through our free CS10 Customizer app where you can set specific EQ settings and set your personal sound profile.

Q. What do I do if my CS10 is squealing?
A. The squealing sound is caused by feedback, or sound from the speaker being picked up by the microphone and creating a loop. To eliminate this, there are a number of solutions that could work for you depending on your use needs.
Press and hold the button on the face of the unit to reduce the volume.

Increase the size of the ear tip you are using to prevent sound from escaping from your ear and being picked up by the microphone.
Avoid putting your hand or other objects near the CS10. Putting a firm surface next to the device will reflect sound back into the microphone creating a feedback loop (squealing).

If none of the previous solutions work for you, try reducing the high frequency response of your CS10 by adjusting the presets with the button on the back edge of the CS10, or by using our free CS10 Customizer app to make specific EQ adjustments.

Q. Why is there no sound coming from my CS10?
A. First be certain that the battery is charged and attached properly. If the unit is powered up, but no sound is coming out, try pressing the button on the face of the unit to increase the volume. If that doesn’t work, check for obstruction of wax that may have built up in the ear tip or nozzle of the CS10. See our “Cleaning” video for details. You may also need to remove wax build up in your ears.

Q. Can I stream music or other audio content through my CS10?
A. Unfortunately, no. However, we are considering this capability for future SWS products.

Q. Will the CS10 help with tinnitus?
A. The CS10 is not a tinnitus masker. However, some people who suffer from tinnitus have been able to find comfort through amplification like the CS10 can provide.


"I just put in my new CS10, walked outside, and I heard a thousand birds singing. It was an emotional moment for me. I won't lie, I cried a little bit. I know that hearing birds chirp might seem like a dumb everyday thing to most people, but I haven't heard them in 20 years. You people are Saints, for creating an affordable option for normal people. I could have easily gone the rest of my life without ever hearing the birds again. Thank you so much." - Duane K.

"The best $299 I ever spent. The CS10 is a wonder (a mystery) of engineering. I have no idea how it is able to somehow set priorities on all the sound around me, but it does. It transmits what I want to hear and does a good job backgrounding most of the other sounds. Somehow it separates the wheat from the chaff—algorithms, magic, who knows? Thank you Sound World Solutions for the CS10, I'm back in the world again"  - Richard K.

"It is the most comfortable Bluetooth I've ever owned and the sound enhancer is a life saver. I have very expensive hearing aids but never wore them because of the hassle. Problem solved. Thank you Sound World Solutions !!!"  - Claude B.

"My sister is a speech therapist. Bought a pair of CS10s to try out on me. My husband got hearing aids ($4,000) last year and I was jealous, but my hearing tests did not qualify me to spend that much money. Still, I couldn't hear the birds in my garden. I put them in and have not taken them out while I am awake. My world has expanded. I hadn't realized how closed in I really felt. The background noise is something I want to hear! It is not bothersome. My sister says that's because my brain can still filter the background noise, while my husband's brain went too long without practice. Thank you for giving me back the real world. I feel depression lifting every day!"  - Nancy G.

"I purchased one of these units for my 90 year old mother in law who was reluctant to spend thousands on hearing aids. She put it in, turned it on and I no longer have to repeat everything three times. With the 30 day money back guarantee I would recommend trying one of these before shelling out for hearing aids."  - Brice W.

"When the conversations with my father turned into shouting matches, we finally decided it was time to look into something that would enhance his ability to hear. A friend mentioned the CS10 Personal Sound Amplifier, so we thought we would check it out. It looks like a Bluetooth headset and he can even connect his phone to the earpiece. His ability to hear has improved immensely and we no longer have to keep the radio and TV on at their highest sound levels for him to hear. He loves it and never goes anywhere without it. I loved the price tag."  - Lisa O.

"It is so comfortable I wear it everywhere except in the shower, or while sleeping."  - Tom W.

"I didn't realize how much the product was really helping me until one day at work when the battery died before I could install my backup. It was like the customer I was talking with took a giant step 20 feet backwards."  - David J.

"The only problem is breaking my habit of saying 'what' when people are talking to me. I used to have to any time I was in a crowded restaurant or other noisy environment. But now I can hear them just fine."  - Tom K.


CS10 Included Accessories

Rechargeable Batteries
Each CS10 comes with two rechargeable batteries that can each provide up to 9 hours of listening time on a single charge.

CS10 Rechargeable Batteries

Charger Kit
Batteries can be recharged using either the included power adapter or by connecting the supplied cable to any USB-enabled computer.

CS10 Charger Kit

Ear Tips
The CS10 comes with three different sized ear tips (small, medium, and large) so you can select the most comfortable, snug fit.

CS10 Ear Tips

Carrying Case
The convenient zippered carrying case holds the CS10 as well as both batteries. Wherever you are, you are always ready to Get Back in the Conversation™.

CS10 Carrying Case

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