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SpamTitan - Email Anti-Spam

Spamtitan blocks spam, viruses, trojans, malware and all other unwanted email content and threats. We provide easy yet advanced email security for your business, school, library, agency, etc.

Email is probably the most important communication tool for businesses today. It is vital that it works seamlessly. SpamTitan ensures it does.

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Why choose SpamTitan Gateway?

SpamTitan Gateway is an advanced, affordable Anti-Spam appliance that blocks spam and malicious email threats from your business. Make life easier for your IT department and all the staff in your organization. See immediate results for spam blocking without tying up IT resources with SpamTitan Gateway.

Quick, easy installation, configuration and management

Easy to install, simple to configure, up and running in minutes
Low maintenance overhead, fully automated updating and end user spam management
Web interface that allows controlled access form the network and removes the need for client based management software.
LDAP, Dynamic and aliases file recipient verification
SASL authentication
Full version available in 11 languages
No Operating System Requirements

Highly Effective Anti-Spam and Anti-Malware blocking

Multilayered anti spam analysis. Including Sender Policy Framework (SPF), SURBL's, RBL's Bayesian analysis and more.
Double antivirus protection, including Kaspersky Lab and Clam AV engines.
Content Control that can be managed by administrator or at user level
LDAP, Dynamic and aliases file recipient verification

SpamTitan: Best Anti Spam Protection

SASL authentication

Advanced features for outbound mail scanning and routing
IP protection control

Scalable to meet your organizations needs

Unlimited number of users
Supports multiple domains
Cluster option for improved throughput and redundancy - across any number of data centres if required
Multi-level administration (user, domain, groups of domains etc.)

Blocks Spam – Rock solid, tried and tested solution

SpamTitan blocks over 99.9% of Spam and is a multi-award winning mail security product. SpamTitan has won no less than 36 consecutive VB Bulletin Anti-Spam awards in a row.

Unsolicited emails, phishing attempts, spoofing and illicit content are just some of the categories of unwanted email that SpamTitan blocks. Hundreds of sophisticated tests scan your email separating unwanted email and security threats from the email that you need to run your business. SpamTitan keeps learning too, becoming more resilient over time, continuously improving your protection..

Dual anti-virus protection

Our Double anti-virus protection is powered by Kaspersky and Clam Anti- Virus. Dual anti-virus protection makes sure that you are doubly protected against the threat of spam, viruses, phishing, malware, spoofing and ransomware that are circulated via email.
-SpamTitan has two on-board virus detection engines that constantly scan in bound mail for malware and viruses. Once detected, they are erased or quarantined which means they never hit your network. Our Zero-day virus updating means that our development team identify new threats immediately.

Anti-Spam made easy for small business

Small businesses generally choose our SpamTitan Cloud product. With no hardware or software requirements, you are up and running in minutes. SpamTitan Cloud is designed to ‘set and forget’ which means virtually no management once you are set up.

If you have more than one domain, no problem, SpamTitan can filter multiple domains for a single account and allow you to administer them centrally.

For service providers too

Hundreds of Service Providers use SpamTitan to deliver Anti-Spam services to their customers. The solution can be hosted locally or in our ‘Private Cloud’ environment.

Designed to scale, SpamTitan has a whole range of features that are specifically designed for Service Providers. With all of the Inbound mail protection that you would expect we also have extensive protection for Outbound mail particularly where IP Blacklisting is concerned, multi layered administration, easy account set up via our API set and a whole host of other features.

SpamTitan Deployment Options: Choose an implementation method that suits your network

1. SpamTitan Gateway

SpamTitan Gateway is a powerful Anti-Spam appliance that equips network administrators with extensive tools to control mail flow and protect against unwanted email and malware.

SpamTitan Gateway is our advanced Anti-Spam appliance, built for business. It has won an incredible 36 consecutive VB Bulletin Anti-Spam awards. Its’ performance is externally validated each month and it consistently features as one of the best catch rates for Anti-Spam appliances from a host of market leaders. SpamTitan Gateway has a complete feature set that suits any size business as well as a whole range of features designed specifically for service providers who offer Anti-spam services to their customers.

2.SpamTitan Cloud

SpamTitan Cloud is a powerful Anti-Spam solution that cleans your organisation's email and protect against risky spam and malware.

SpamTitan Cloud is our cloud based Anti-Spam solution, built for business. SpamTitan Cloud is a rock solid, multi-award winning Anti-Spam solution that has been built for business. It has won an incredible 36 consecutive VB Bulletin Anti-Spam awards. As its’ name suggests it is cloud based, affordable and very easy to set up. Simply set and forget, SpamTitan Cloud needs minimal IT support. It is built on the same technology as SpamTitan Gateway and has a complete feature set that suits any size business and is also ideal for service providers who want to offer anti-spam services to their clients.

3. SpamTitan Private Cloud

SpamTitan Private Cloud is a powerful Anti-Spam solution that equips service providers and enterprises with extensive tools to control mail flow and protect against unwanted email and malware.

SpamTitan Private Cloud is our Private Cloud based Anti-Spam solution, built for business. SpamTitan Private Cloud is an advanced, Anti-Spam solution blocking spam and malicious email threats that’s hosted in your private cloud. SpamTitan Private Clouds’ performance is externally validated each month and it consistently features as one of the best catch rates for Anti-Spam solutions from a host of market leaders. SpamTitan Private Cloud has a complete feature set that suits any size business as well as a whole range of features designed specifically for service providers who offer anti-spam services to their customers.

Harrisonburg City Public School deploys SpamTitan to ease the burden of combating spam



The Challenge

Located in the heart of Virginia’s scenic Shenandoah Valley, Harrisonburg City Public Schools has approximately 750 staff and 4,400 students spread across six different schools and one technical center.

Having become increasingly reliant on email, Harrisonburg discovered that dealing with spam was becoming a more and more time consuming job. “We have roughly 1,050 email accounts for our staff and students,” said Dwayne Hottinger, Harrisonburg’s Network Administrator. “Each of those accounts was being hit by about 100 emails a day.”

While the current anti-spam solution blocked a large proportion of the incoming spam, an unacceptably high volume of non-spam (ham) emails were also blocked.

To make matters worse, the solution did not provide an easy and speedy mechanism for users to access the misidentified messages; instead, IT had to hunt for them. "We were running an open source spam filter called Bogofilter," recalls Hottinger. "The product generally worked well, but searching for the emails that had been wrongly quarantined was taking up way too much of my time."

Harrisonburg decided that the time had come to look for an alternative solution, for which Hottinger identified three key requirements:

Comprehensive protection from spam and other email-borne threats;
The responsibility for spam management needed to be shifted from IT to end-users;
Easy deployment and easy management.

The Solution

“I looked at a number of options, including a Barracuda appliance, but decided that SpamTitan was the best fit for our profile,” said Hottinger. “The product promised accurate detection, end-user spam controls and didn’t require any high-end hardware.

SpamTitan was also considerably cheaper than any of the other products I looked at.” Harrisonburg installed SpamTitan in early 2007. According to Hottinger, “Setup was extremely easy. I downloaded SpamTitan ISO and had SpamTitan up and running in under 30 minutes. No configuration or tuning was necessary; it worked right out of the box.”

“Spam often contains inappropriate or offensive subject matter and we needed to protect our students from that. SpamTitan has done an excellent job of ensuring that such material doesn’t find its way into their inboxes.”

SpamTitan is a turn-key email security solution which has been designed to be easily managed by organizations of all size, even those with extremely limited in-house technical resources.

Some anti- spam solutions do not provide end-users with a mechanism to access quarantined items, SpamTitan, however, provides end-users with complete control over their own spam via Quarantine reports. A digest of quarantined emails is delivered to end-users and, using the links in the digest, users can specify whether an email is to be delivered, deleted or its sender whitelisted.

“The feedback I've had from both faculty and staff has been very positive. They like seeing the emails that have been marked as spam and being able to choose to deliver or delete them.” SpamTitan also has only a minimal management overhead. Hottinger says that managing SpamTitan takes under 30 minutes a week.

The Results

“SpamTitan enabled me to put spam management in hands of staff and students, and that alone has saved me a significant amount of time. SpamTitan is extremely easy to manage. It's auto updating and needs no tuning at all. I did an upgrade last week, and even that took less than 10 minutes. Everything is well researched and tested prior to being released.”

Low cost: Starting at $395 SpamTitan is significantly less expensive than competing solutions, brining enterprise- class security within easy reach of the smaller business.
Rapid deployment: SpamTitan can be installed and configured in under 30 minutes.
Enterprise-class security: 100,000 junk messages blocked each day.


Contact us for your free 30 day trial.


"I must say after 16 years working as a network administrator, the WebTitan Content Filter has been the best product I have implemented! It is highly granular, easily modified and technical support is quick to respond, very polite, thorough and will follow up with the customer to ensure all is working properly."
Tim Maples, Network Administrator, Will Lou Gray Opportunity School, Georgia, USA. 

“Student Registration and Financial Services (SRFS) at the University of Pennsylvania have been using WebTitan in our virtual desktop environment for the past year. The product has been very valuable to us with the numerous preset filtering policies and the easy integration into Microsoft’s active directory which lets us control who can see what. WebTitan support is one of the best with quick response times and clear helpful solutions. Two thumbs up from us!”
David Domico, Director of Information Technology Services, University of Pennsylvania, PA, US

Our CEO the #1 Spam recipient in the company says this solution blocks 95% of the Spam he received with our SonicWall”.
Ed Christopher, Manager IT Infrastructure, Seneca, NY, USA

"We were receiving close to 12 million spam emails a month. Our staff were wasting more than 3,000 hours a year simply processing junk mail." Radio operator deploys SpamTitan to protect its mail servers from an exponentially increasing volume of spam”.
Mike Pluta, NRC Broadcasting Inc., 1201 18th St. Suite 200 Denver, CO

We were previously using Exchange Intelligent Message Filter, which provided a much more basic and less granular filtering capability. Implementation of SpamTitan resulted in an immediate decrease in the volume of spam. It was especially efficient in the elimination of spam with offensive content. With the SpamTitan reporting features we get instant snapshots on performance, which demonstrates the appliance’s continued return on investment”.
Mike Stapley, I.T. Manager, Huron Valley, Steel

Here’s the awesome thing, we haven’t had to contact support yet! Everything works so great I haven’t had any problems. There is a connect to support option on the device in case we need it so the technician can remote and assist which is amazing! Without a doubt consider SpamTitan, we did our research and it proved to be the best fit. We are extremely happy.
Jonathan Strader, Systems Network Administrator, Thermocopy of Tennessee, Inc, US

“Since installing SpamTitan, I no longer worry about whether my spam solution is working or not, it just does! I have not received a single piece of spam while under the protection of SpamTitan!’ We downloaded a free 30 day SpamTitan trial and were very pleased that it was so easy to use and effective. “I liked very much the idea of being able to ‘trial before you buy’. The ability to evaluate the full version and see what it could do certainly gave us the confidence to go with SpamTitan.”
Kevin Bidwell, Quality Smith, Washington, USA

Very impressive - we just installed the VMware version, pointed our incoming email at it, and our spam stopped. The whitelisting and quarantine process work well and our users are now very happy. Highly recommended.
Simon Coles, Amphora Research Systems, UK

Przetestowalismy wiele rozwiazan antyspamowych, jak latwo sie domyslec: z roznym skutkiem. Czytajac o SpamTitan, ze jego skutecznosc przekracza prog 90% w pierwszej chwili uznalismy: moze i tak, ale nie na naszym polskim rynku. Do testów jednak przystapilismy. Teraz uzywamy juz wersji komercyjnej i z dnia na dzien jest coraz lepiej. Skutecznosc w naszym przypadku przekracza prog 98%!!! Na poczatku w zasadzie tak nie bylo, ale okazuje sie, ze SpamTitan bardzo szybko i skutecznie uczy sie specyfiki firmy i juz po tygodniu trudno zyc bez niego. Mamy wiec bardzo wydajny, bezawarynjy a zarazem super skuteczny sytem antyspamowy. Teraz mozemy sie zajac praca a nie odsiewaniem smieci mailowych. Produkt zdecydowanie godny polecenia. A jezeli jeszcze masz watpliwosci - wyprobuj go! System dziala 30 dni za darmo!
Robert Siwiec, PLIK Siwiec & Wisniewski, Poland

SpamTitan was exceptionally easy to install and insert into our email infrastructure. The effect and affect was dramatic. The load on our Exchange server was reduced by 80% immediately.
Mike Pluta, NRC Broadcasting, CO, USA

We have been thoroughly impressed with SpamTitan's email filtering and antivirus capabilities. Our previous anti-spam solution was not working for us, so we gave SpamTitan a shot. That was over a year ago and I've not had any complaints what so ever. SpamTitan keeps us up to date with constant and consistent updates.
Brad Endsley, ITW Techspray, TX, USA

Our company presented a high number of SPAM and electronic mail with malware, thanks to our SpamTitan (and to the excellent work of SECLINUX Consulting Group) e-mail system now is much more quick, reliable and I heal. With the initial setup s we delete the spam mail in more than 90%. SpamTitan is an excellent protection solution for SMTP at any level, it is an excellent tool that has facilitated us vastly the administration and protection of our e-mail system.
Adolfo Herrera, Transportes Saferbo S.A., Colombia

SpamTitan eliminates at least 99,8% of our spam with no false positives. SpamTitan is also extremely fast, scalable, very easy to operate and have all features a Company needs to have a safe e-mail service with a low cost.
Jesse Gusmao, Sociedade Hospital Samaritano, Brazil

I am the IT Director at a non-profit agency with about 200 users. We have a Microsoft Exchange Server that we run in house, and were relying on it's built in anti-spam features. However, this was not doing the job. False positives were high, too much spam was getting through, and there was very little functionality available to fine tune the system. We searched for another solution and found numerous options. Many were too expensive for us. Some were too complex or needed to be installed on the Exchange Server, which we wanted to avoid. We found SpamTitan on the VMware Virtual Appliance Marketplace. We had the trial appliance set up and running in under an hour. It was easy to install and immediately effective. Our users are happy – they love the ability to review their filtered messages and create personal white lists and block lists. The filtering is extremely accurate – we only occasionally get a false positive, and even these are sometimes marginal. Very little junk slips through to our user's inboxes. The web based control panel is easy to use, and there is ample opportunity for customizing settings. During the ten months we have been using this product there have been a few minor updates, and one major update to the user interface, which was excellent. The advantage of having this product as a virtual appliance: We had a hardware problem on the host machine, but since we had a backup of the SpamTitan VM, we moved it to another host and were back in business in a matter of minutes. We used to have a spam problem which sucked up a lot of our time and resources. Then we got SpamTitan, and now the topic hardly ever comes up. It works, it's easy to use, and the price is extremely reasonable.
Ralph Smith, Gateway Community Industries, USA

Operation is quite easy, so every user including the system administrator and pc biginners. Over 90% of spams can be detected by default setteins. There is no complainment from users that they cann't recieve necessary emails. Reporting is easy and strong enough too. Serch by spam score is quite good for fauls positive analysis. Daily maintenance is almost free and I am very pleased using SpamTitan.
Masakazu Ishikawa, GOTO INC., Japan

It took only a short time for complete installation. SInce then I never had any problem. The system is quite stable and comfortable. I can get useful informations such as ratios of HAM, SPAM and VIRUS on the dashboard quickly. Now 85% over of the incoming mails ares SPAM but those are quarantined accurately then I never waste any time fighting against junk mails.
Noboru Teruyama, Videotron Corporation, Japan

Excellent Product. Easy to implement and to manage. Web based administration is very user-friendly. Very effective in the battle against SPAM.
Conor Devane, Hybrid IT, Ireland

Before install SpamTitan I underestimated the spam issue, when I now see that we are catching on average 50% of all our incoming email as spam and that less then 1% is released by users as business email then it becomes clear that this is(was) a real problem. SpamTitan is doing an excellent job, did have great support with some issues and as a Corporate Service manager I will recommend this product to colleagues.
Ton Bruil, Ewals Cargo Care, Netherlands

After suffering horrendously with Spam over the last 12 months and unsuccessfully trying to stop it using postfix, I looked for a product that would do the job for us. After being staggered at the cost of some of the appliances and apps available I found SpamTitan's website and downloaded the 30 day trial. Within 15 minutes I had a fully functioning anti-spam server up and running. Needless to say we only trialed the product for a few days before we purchased our licenses, such was its performance. We have very few false positives and more importantly no spam gets through to our users. All in all SpamTitan is a fantastic product and I recommend it to anyone who has a problem with spam.
Gavin Long, Van Elle Limited, UK

In short, one of the few products that lives up to its claims, gets the job done and doesn't cost the earth! We have been exceptionally happy with SpamTitan since we deployed it nearly 3 months ago. Immediately we saw the benefit of the system. Setup and deployment is simple and management and monitoring a breeze. Being able to tweak content filtering on a per domain and per user basis is big asset. A fantastic product. I would highly recommend it!
Hamish McArthur, Sonovision Studios, S Africa

I can tell you our experience is been outstanding. The product has been the most effective solution we've found. Initially, we tested it for ourselves, but given the success we've had, we're now signed up as a Reseller and are confidently introducing the product to our Small and Medium Clients. It's a perfect fit for our marketplace. Keep up the good work!
Lou Liberio, Clarion Data Systems, Pa, USA

Love the product. The price is one of the lowest for Small businesses. Easy to configure and tech support is above average. We have decided to recommend this product to our customers and we also considering offering it as a service. The one thing I would like to see is grey listing option. It would be nice to be able to stop the email before it even gets downloaded.
Kevin Carpenter, TecServ Inc, Utah, USA

SpamTitan is by far the best Spam Solution on the market. We utilise Spam Titan in our Managed Services Datacentre - shared across multiple clients. Its dynamic flexibility and intuitive end user self-management makes this package an outright winner over other spam solutions.
Michael Amira,, Wavenet Pty Ltd, Australia

After trialing many well known 'high end' spam filtering appliances we found Spam Titan was not only better value but the filtering produced less false positives and caught almost all spam destined for our users mailboxes. The fact we can use our own hardware is another plus, providing an easy swap in case of failure. Overall I would recommend Spam Titan to anyone looking for a reliable filtering solution.
Paul Redpath, Catalyst2, N. Ireland

SpamTitan is fantastic! I only get about 4% clean messages in a day. Can you believe this? I was able to use a server that wasn't even all the powerful to run SpamTitan and it is doing it just fine. I love the fact that it sits on top Windows and uses a server that might not be very used. My users love the fact that they hardly get ANY spam anymore. It has even made my Exchange email server much faster than what it was because it doesn't have to spend any time trying to figure out spam. Spam Titan is also much cheaper than the other solutions that I have looked at. Thanks a lot.
Jeff Sabotin, RealTime Services, Fl, USA

In simple terms, Spam Titan works!!! With our previous Spam Filter, we would receive approx 5 to 10 spam per day, With Spam Titan we would be lucky to see 1 per month.
Steve Sharples, White Oak Transport Limited, Ontario, Canada

We have been running SpamTitan for around a year now, and it has made a significant difference to both the amount of spam and junk we get into the internal systems, and also to the overhead of managing it for our users. I figure keeping 98% of the traffic away from the Exchange servers is worth its weight in gold. SpamTitan has to be one of the best systems of this type I have seen, both in terms of ease of implementation and use.
Paul Scullard, Senior Network Engineer, Planit Holdings, UK

WebTitan has been doing everything Rapid Recovery requires and more, it's hard to measure events avoided when they don't happen, so I can imagine WebTitan has saved me considerable time troubleshooting spyware and other network threats that may have infected the network if users weren't blocked from everything but what they need to access.
Rodney Stalnaker, IT Director, Rapid Recovery, Arizona

WebTitan has definitely helped us improve productivity across the organization, we can manage policies very easily now and at an incredibly granular level, we simply fine tune our policies as we need to, to meet the organizations needs – WebTitan works for us.
Gregory A. Zolkos, CEO, Atlas Professional Services, Inc, Tampa Bay, Florida

We have been a client for several years now and there isn’t a product that comes close to SpamTitan. Your product continues to get better and better with new features and functionality. Not to mention that it is a rock solid appliance and requires very little attention to manage.
Hamish McArthur, Sonovision, South Africa

The deciding factors for us in choosing SpamTitan was the ability to use our own virtualised hardware, the general speed and stability of the solution and also the almost 100% spam catch rate. The 30 day free trial allowed us to evaluate the software in our own environment with a selection of real world customers who at the time were experiencing significant spam levels – but I’m happy to say not any longer.
Ben Durkin, Technical Director, Chilli Mint Labs, UK

We moved to WebTitan 6 months ago which saved us 50% in license fees. Our business was delighted about the saving, and as an Administrator I knew that I would enjoy the same flexibility, scalability and stability that we experience with SpamTitan.I believe that we added value to our organization by replacing our existing solution with WebTitan at 50% of the cost.
Louis Coetzee, Group IT Manager, Kulungile Metals Group (Pty) Ltd, South Africa

If only life was as easy as SpamTitan !! Lovely product - up and running beautifully & very simple to configure. As a software developer I appreciate well crafted software , and yours definitely wears that label. Retire all your support staff, they are superfluous.
Kevin Kidson, Wine SouthAfrica, SA..

"Each of our staff was receiving more than 200 emails per day on average - and about 90% of those emails were spam. The spam emails were often either offensive or phishing for personal information and we absolutely had to do some-thin to protect staff from that," "SpamTitan has performed perfectly since day one. It took about 30 minutes to install and was immediately able to block almost 100% of the spam that we had been receiving. The end-user controls are great and really help cut the helpdesk's workload. Staff can control their own whitelists and blacklists and can easily access any legitimate emails which have been incorrectly identified as spam and quarantined."
Mike Pluta, NRC Broadcasting Inc., 1201 18th St. Suite 200 Denver, USA

Since we have implemented WebTitan we have been able to increase productivity and are now able to make sure protections are in place so the company can benefit from the safe use of Web 2.0.
Kevin O'Leary, I.T. Manager, GVS, Ireland

We looked at various vendors and found the SpamTitan free demo very easy to get up and running which allowed us to vigorously test it for free for 30 days. In terms of pricing SpamTitan was very cost effective which for a business like us with growing costs in so many areas was a very important factor. I was blown away with how easy it was to get set up, the LDAP integration works and the fact that we had the solution, up and running within 60 minutes including active directory integration was very impressive
Ben Clifford, IT Manager,, UK

SpamTitan is a great product, most of all we like the fact that it is easy to use, efficient and last but not least good value for money.
Lorenzo Sampietro, IT Director, Precicast, Sweden

"We selected SpamTitan after an extensive search of both on-premise and outsourced anti-spam systems because of it’s 99% spam filtering accuracy and price point per user" said Brian Sallee, CEO of Reviora. "The thing we like best is that we deployed it as a virtual appliance which allows for high-availability and ease of management. We moved from another solution that was just becoming expensive to run. We deployed and configured SpamTitan in a few hours."
Brian Sallee, CEO, Reviora Networks, U.S.

SpamTitan is an excellent product that does what it advertises. That may not sound like a lot but with a world full of promises I always appreciate a product that delivers. SpamTitan has become an invaluable tool for our company.
Ryan Haller, AQP Publishing, Inc., Alaska

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