Chattervox Personal PA System - STANDARD-C

Option 1:   Headset Microphone - unidirectional (Add $107.73)
Option 2:   Sweatproof Headset Microphone (Add $123.69)
Option 3:   Collar Microphone - unidirectional (Add $107.73)
Option 4:   Transdermal Microphone (Add $79.80)
Option 5:   Pencil Microphone - unidirectional (Add $121.03)
Option 6:   Vinyl Storage Case (Add $33.25)
Option 7:   Vinyl Jacket (Add $33.25)
Option 8:   Neoprene Jacket (Add $33.25)
Option 9:   Rechargeable Battery Set for PRO (Add $30.59)
Option 10:   Charger for Chattervox PRO (Add $25.27)
Option 11:   Automotive Power Adaptor/Charger (Add $25.27)
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Chattervox Personal PA System - STANDARD-C

STANDARD-C: Chattervox Pro + CM200 Collar Mic, Vinyl Jacket, No Carry Case, Rechargeable Batteries

ChatterVox is simply the finest portable voice amplifier. It can boost your volume by as much as 18 decibels. It consists of a rechargeable “fanny pack” amplifier and speaker unit along with an extremely comfortable headset microphone. You simply charge the ChatterVox overnight with the included charger, put on the fanny pack and headset, plug the headset into the fanny pack, adjust the volume knob and your set. Nobody beats ChatterVox when it comes to quality and ease of use. ChatterVox – Be Heard!

Ideal for: School Teachers, Aerobic instructors, Performers, Tour Guides, Presenters & Coaches
No Pain…Just Gain: Greater clarity for students: Less vocal stress for teacher
Recommended by ENT’s, Speech Pathologists and Audiologists
Up to 15dB of low: Distortion high intelligibility voice boost
Light weight- weighs: 1.25 pounds
Rechargeable NiMH Batteries: provide 14 hours of continuous use


Lightweight Portable Voice Amplifier (one pound six ounces including batteries)
Optional neoprene Sport Pack to hold and protect the amplifier along with a comfortable adjustable waistband
Built in rechargeable, environmentally friendly Nickel Metal-Hydride (NiMH) batteries provide up to 14 hours of use. Recharging is easy and can be done overnight or as quickly as a five hour charge. (For added insurance, you can even substitute AA batteries if you forget to charge the ChatterVox.)
Ergonomic design for comfortable use all day long
Simple to use
Adjustable volume
Super portable
Protective Custom Storage Case Included

Wearing the Microphone

The Chattervox comes with an extremely comfortable traditional style Headset Microphone. ChatterVox is also available with a comfortable Collar Microphone. The Collar Microphone is worn around the collar and has no contact with the hair or head.
ChatterVox is also available with a Pencil Microphone. The Pencil Microphone requires you to hold it to your mouth, it's small "pencil" size is very light-weight, it is an extremely high quality microphone.

Wearing the Amplifier

The unit is usually worn at the front of the waist much like a “fanny pack” that would hold your wallet. The woven nylon waist band is adjustable to 44”. Larger waist dimensions can be accommodated by requesting a free 12” belt extension.


Nominal gain before feedback:
  15dB w/ Headset Microphone
  15dB w/ Collar Microphone
  16dB w/ Pencil Microphone
Max power output: 5W (at 4 ohm speaker load)
Distortion: 5% Max at 2W output
Hum & Noise: 50dB Min
Audio frequency response: +/- 3dB 100Hz-10KHz
Power: 9VDC (6 x AA NiMH rechargeable)
Current consumption: 1.2A Max.
Dimensions: 8” W x 2.9” H x 2.5” D
Weight: 1 lb. 6 oz. (including batteries)

SKU: PRO H Chattervox Pro + HM100 Headset Mic, Carry Case, No Vinyl Jacket, Rechargeable Batteries,
SKU: STANDARD-H  Chattervox Pro + HM100 Headset Mic, Vinyl Jacket, No Carry Case, Rechargeable Battery,
Batteries, Charger
SKU: STANDARD-C Chattervox Pro + CM200 Collar Mic, Vinyl Jacket, No Carry Case, Rechargeable Batteries 
SKU: EXTEME Chattervox + HM150 Headset Mic, Waist Band Extension, Neoprene Jacket, Carry Case,
Rechargeable Batteries
SKU: ChatterVOX 6 ChatterVox 6 + HM150 Headset Mic, Large amplifier, 'dive suite' cover, tote case,
4-2500mah batteries, charger



ChatterVox is used for many applications

Anyone who might benefit from a boost in vocal volume would benefit from the ChatterVox. Educators from pre-school through graduate school enjoy the added volume. People with a wide range of disabilities involving low volume can be heard. Business executives enjoy “take your PA system in your brief case with you” portability. P.E. instructors, coaches, and health club instructors enjoy the added volume as well. The applications are only limited by imagination. Click on the links below to see several examples of the ChatterVox in use:
ChatterVox in the classroom

ChatterVox is an excellent device for boosting the volume of any teacher. Student comprehension is directly related to how well a student can hear their teacher.
Teachers with low volume benefit from daily use of the ChatterVox. Teachers with large class rooms or a large number of students benefit from the added volume. Teachers who are suffering from common cold symptoms or laryngitis also benefit from the ChatterVox.
ChatterVox for people with speech difficulty

ChatterVox works exceptionally well for people with disabilities that affect their speech volume. Even for someone who can barely speak or whisper, ChatterVox enables that person to be heard. People with many different types of disabilities use the ChatterVox with great success. For those who may spend time in a wheelchair or in bed, the fanny pack amplifier can be easily strapped to a bed or wheelchair. An optional Collar Microphone is available which rests on the shoulders and has no contact with the head (or your hair!).
ChatterVox in the boardroom

ChatterVox has found a home in many board rooms, training centers, even trade shows. The small size and extreme portability allow the traveling executive or sales person to go into a presentation assured that regardless of whatever setup they find at a clients office, they will be heard.
ChatterVox is popular at trade shows to enable booth staff to be heard above the noisy crowd without raising (or losing) their voices.
ChatterVox in the gym or on the field

P.E. teachers, coaches, and health club instructors use the ChatterVox for additional volume. The ChatterVox enables the instructors to be heard over a noisy class or gym, and the portability allows the ChatterVox to work just as well on the field. Football, soccer, track, baseball, basketball, swimming, all sporting coaches can benefit from the ChatterVox.

HM100 - Unidirectional headset microphone
HM100 - Unidirectional headset microphone

Unidirectional collar microphone

CM200 - Unidirectional collar microphone

Unidirectional sweat-proof headset microphone

HM150 - Unidirectional sweat-proof headset microphone

NOTE: Not all pictures applicable to this product.  See item description above.

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