HoverCam Solo 8 Wireless


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HoverCam Solo 8 Wireless

View and Control Your HoverCam Using Your Tablet, Wirelessly
Capture Ideas Easily and Engage Students Effortlessly, Wirelessly
The HoverCam Solo 8 – Splashtop Classroom Bundle allows teachers to view and control their desktop, applications and the live HoverCam image on their tablet from anywhere in the classroom. Teachers can share their desktop screen and HoverCam image with three 3 devices with the Standard package; or up to 40 students’ devices - including Chromebooks and iPads – allowing them to view and control the lesson content directly from their desk with the Delux package. Splashtop Classroom and the HoverCam Solo 8 are perfect for teachers and instructors who want to engage and interact with every student in the entire room, wirelessly!

View and Control from Anywhere

Teach from all four corners by:
+ Untethering yourself from the front of the class by wirelessly connecting your tablet to your computer to view and control anything as if you were right in front of your computer.
+ Accessing the HoverCam image and your existing applications directly from your tablet – no need to relearn or ‘buy an app for that’. Use what you already know and have paid for – even your Smart Notebook lessons and tools!

Annotate Over Content

+ Drawing over any content – including live video and the HoverCam image.
+ Taking snapshots of the screen, then save and share them with students.
+ Drawing over blank, ruled or graph backgrounds – or include your favorite worksheets.
+ Using the spotlight and screen shade tools to keep students focused.

Share Lessons with Students

Boost student engagement by:
+ Displaying Your HoverCam image on students’ devices1
+ Passing control to let individual or groups of students interact with your HoverCam image and other content without leaving their seats.
+ Capturing students ideas easily using the whiteboard tools2

1 – Supports Chromebooks, iPads, Android devices, Macs and PCs.
2 – Supports iPads and Android devices (Chromebooks, Macs and PCs coming soon!)

HoverCam – Splashtop Bundle Includes:

HoverCam Solo 8 document camera with Flex software for instruction and recording. A single user, one year subscription to Splashtop Classroom for the computer to make the HoverCam wireless. – allowing the teacher to view and control the Solo 8 from their tablet, annotate over content then share with students devices. Works with up to 3 devices. A single-user, one year subscription to Splashtop Mirroring 360 to display the teacher or students’ iPad, Chromebook, PC or Mac to the teacher’s desktop (and projector or large screen display if connected).

How It Works

Install the Splashtop Classroom software onto your PC or Mac (after the usual HoverCam FlexView and FlexCap installation) Install the Splashtop app onto yours and your student devices (download the Splashtop Classroom app for your devices from the relevant app store) Launch the Splashtop app and connect to your PC/Mac to view and control your desktop Your computer desktop and HoverCam image will be displayed on your tablet. You are now untethered and completely mobile in the classroom with full control over the computer’s desktop and the HoverCam image on your tablet. With your tablet, you can annotate, zoom in, zoom out, record, explain and interact with students. Optionally share your desktop with your students by starting a sharing session – students join by either snapping the QR code or entering the session code Students are initially in view-only mode – to pass control, choose the student from the teacher session manager panel Use Splashtop’s “Mirroring 360” to display the image from your tablet to the projector or large screen display without any additional hardware.

Solo 8 Document Camera Quick Start Guide


HoverCam Saves Teachers’ Precious Time: HoverCam saves teachers time allowing them to scan at their desk without going to the office. It allows them to quickly record flipped classroom videos directly to the computer, saving time compared to recording with a smartphone or video camera then downloading to a computer to edit. Because HoverCam is USB powered, teachers save time setting it up. And, using HoverCam’s GradeCentral software (or another grading program) teachers save time grading multiple choice tests using the same HoverCam.
Save Desk Space: HoverCam’s base--just 4” in diameter-- is significantly smaller than traditional document cameras saving space on a teacher’s desk. Using the HoverCam’s scanning and file management capability to digitize paper can help reduce desk clutter.
HoverCam Helps Teachers Teach Better and Students Learn Faster: Using a HoverCam helps teachers visually communicate concepts in ways that allow students to comprehend information more quickly.
Advanced Technology from an Innovative, Reliable Company: HoverCam is the technology leader in USB document cameras for schools. Many of the company’s innovations are patented or patent pending. The company’s accomplishments include: First high quality USB document camera. First document camera incorporating two cameras. World’s Fastest 5-megapixel USB document camera. World’s Smallest Document Camera. Over 100,000 HoverCams are in use at schools across North America, and new users are added every day.


Scan Right At Your Desk: HoverCam includes software for scanning and managing scanned images. Save time scanning pages from a book, newspaper, magazine and students’ homework right at your desk.
Easily Create Instructional Videos for Flipped Learning: The HoverCam includes a built-in microphone. Use the HoverCam to conveniently record HD quality video with audio directly to your computer’s hard drive. With the HoverCam, it’s easy to create your own instructional videos for the flipped classroom and flipped learning.
Clear Pictures 2X HD 1080p Resolution: Expect superb image clarity from the HoverCam when compared to document cameras three times the cost. The HoverCam allows you to zoom in and out in real time with the spin of the mouse wheel. Combined with the ability to click and drag an image, you have maximum versatility when presenting and teaching. It’s a great way to show worksheets, book pages, rocks and even your iPad or tablet screen. HoverCam’s 5-megapixel camera sensors are twice the resolution of HD 1080p.
Industry Leading HoverCam Flex Software: HoverCam Flex software is regarded as the best software of any document camera. It allows you to scan, record video, manage and share files, and more. It even works with interactive whiteboards, allowing you to easily show captured images and live video on your interactive board. And, the software is embedded inside the unit, making it easy to install anywhere without having to download from the Internet or find a misplaced CD.
Distance Learning & Remote Conferencing: The HoverCam image appears in a window on your computer screen, which means high resolution images of documents and objects can easily be viewed during remote conferences and distance learning sessions with Skype, GoToMeeting, Zoom, WebEx and other web conferencing programs in “screen sharing” mode. In addition, the HoverCam includes HoverCam Connect, a beta software feature that allows two HoverCam users at remote locations to share each other’s viewing screens and images over the Internet. The HoverCam provides sharper, clearer images in distance learning sessions than a typical low-res webcam.
LED Lighting That Never Needs Changing:Have a dark room? No problem. The HoverCam camera works well in low light, and if your room is completely dark, the unit incorporates long-lasting LED lights. For the price of the replacement bulb of some older traditional document cameras, you can buy a HoverCam.
Engineering Masterpiece: The HoverCam is designed to leverage the processing power of the computer to zoom and control most functions, so the HoverCam doesn’t incorporate the large and expensive optical parts found in traditional document cameras. The result is a patented, new form factor that’s compact, portable, durable and affordable. In summary, the HoverCam does more and costs schools less.


HoverCam Software



HoverCam is both a document scanner and a document camera, which offers full functionalities in both product categories at a fraction of peer product's costs.
Everyday scanning, copying, email/fax solution for offices.
HoverCam can be used a screen reader or video magnifier for visually impaired readers.
HoverCam is a visual presenter, can be used in schools for interactive teaching and distance learning.
HoverCam can be used to scan and archive students school works.
HoverCam can be used to trace a tool in tooling design.
And the list is growing...


You can download and install the Hovercam Flex Software from our download page (


Yes, absolutely, Intel-based Mac OSX 10.6 and above are supported by HoverCamFlex Software, and Hovercam Express for Mac OSX 10.5


Yes, absolutely, you can install Adobe AIR 3.0© based HoverCam Flex software on Windows XP/2000/2003, which is fairly demanding in computing power. Or you may choose to install HoverCam Manager software, which is offered complimentary to HoverCam owners.


Yes, Apple's QuickTime Player© software is a perfect program for video recording. Just start a New Movie Recording, and choose the camera to be "HoverCam Document Camera".


No, Google Picasa© has an excellent video capture functionality. Download and install Picasa from Google, start the Picasa program, click on the "Camera Capture" icon, and starting recording.


Yes, Skype is the perfect software for this purpose. To set up Skype to use HoverCam, please go to: "Preference" > "Video" tab, then select HoverCam Document Camera as the camera and save the configuration. Now you're ready for the video conferencing experience with HoverCam.

Getting the most from your HoverCam

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