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U-Step II Walking Stabilizer - US-PC2-LA2

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U-Step II Walking Stabilizer - US-PC2-LA2

We created the U-Step 2 to increase your independence. The secret is in our patented U-shaped base. Its ultra-stable foundation braces you in every direction.

It is not like pushing a typical walker. Instead, the U-Step 2 surrounds you and moves with you. You will feel as stable as you would feel holding onto another person’s arm.

The innovative braking system is easy to use and puts you in complete control. The U-Step 2 will not roll unless you are ready to walk. When you lightly squeeze either brake release lever, the unit will roll with you. Once you release the lever, the unit will stop immediately. This feature is particularly helpful when standing up from a chair because the unit will not roll away from you.

Walker laser light included.

U-Step Walker Gives Added Independence While Preventing Falls!

This deluxe walker was specially developed for the unique needs of those with various neurological conditions, including Parkinson's disease, Ataxia, stroke, progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP), Multiple Sclerosis, tremors, extreme weakness and other movement disorders. Still featuring the patented U-shaped base for unbeatable walker stability, the U-Step II provides a solid foundation that supports the user fully as they walk.

Multiple comfort features on the U-Step 2 include a foam padded adjustable backrest, a spring loaded front wheel for walking safely on uneven surfaces, adjustable-height handles with comfort grips, ergonomically positioned soft-grip brake levers, and a wide and accommodating padded seat for added seating support.

Newer features unique to U-Step walkers include larger 4" non-marking casters, glow-in-the-dark tabs on the outer frame for low-light visibility, a convenient foot lever for navigating over curbs, and a completely redesigned laser line module for the treatment of freezing episodes (optional - see below).

The wide base, innovative Rolling Resistance brake design, compact folding frame and superior adjustability make this walker an exceptional choice for mobility assistance. The rolling resistance braking system requires the user to hold the brakes in order to move, while they are applied when the handles are not in use. This feature gives the U Step 2 Stabilizer unparralelled stability and prevention of accidental slips and falls.

One of the most well-designed and stable walkers on the market, the U-Step 2 Walking Stabilizer allows individuals with moderate to severe neurological concerns to safely ambulate and navigate around their homes. 

Step II Walker for Parkinson's Disease Features

Wide U-shaped base supports users in every direction
Innovative Rolling Resistance brake system controls gait
Ideal for treating neurological disorders and balance issues
Optional laser line technology helps overcome freezing episodes
Lighter, stronger and easier to manuever than the original U-Step
Easily folds for storage or transport
Comfortable handles and padded seat with adjustable back support
Increases stability, confidence and independent living

“I recommend the U-Step. It is useful for patients with balance problems, because of its wide base.”


U-Step 2 Rollator Walker Specifications

Max. Weight Capacity: 375 lbs
Overall Width: 23"
Length: 25"
Turning Radius: 29"
Height from Floor to Seat: 22"
Weight: 21 lbs
Folded Dimensions: 42" L x 23" W x 10" D
Height Adjustment Range: accommodates users from 4'10" - 6'2"
Color: Black
Warranty: 1 year manufacturer's warranty on walker; 6 months manufacturer's warranty on laser light

U-Step features

User guide


U-Step II for neurological impaired individuals


Why is it easier to maneuver with the U-Step?

Seven wheels allow you to swivel and manage uneven surfaces with more stability than standard walkers can offer. The U-shaped base promotes better posture by reducing the tendency to lean forward when walking.

If the U-Step rolls so easily, might it roll away from me?

Two features prevent that from happening. The hand brakes are configured as “pull-to-go”, in contrast to typical hand brakes. Also, a set of variable-resistance pads regulate the two large wheels on the base, according to the needs of the particular patient.

Is the U-Step only intended for Parkinson’s patients?

The U-Step offers more stability for anyone who requires a walker. Those with conditions such as Parkinson’s, MS, stroke, Ataxia or PSP often find that the U-Step is the only walker that provides maximum mobility for them.

How is the U-Step 2 different from the original U-Step?

The U-Step 2 uses larger front casters to better manage uneven surfaces. It also folds and unfolds with a single latch instead of two levers, and it weighs three pounds less. We modified several other features, but the essential U-shaped base design and dimensions remain the same.

Do I need the LaserLight option? How does it help?

The LaserLight addresses a particular symptom: freezing gait, a condition often associated with Parkinson’s patients that inhibits leg movement due to neurological rather than muscular factors. The laser projects a bright line on the floor; this visual cue provides a stimulus that overcomes neurological-based freezing in most cases.

Is the U-Step 2 suitable for someone 4’9” tall?

For those who require it, we offer the original U-Step built with a special frame that provides a lower seat and handlebar height range. While the standard 22-inch seat height helps the user stand up more easily, people with shorter legs may not be able to place their feet on the floor when seated at that height. The lower seat height of 19.5 inches accommodates someone whose lower leg length (from the heel to the back of the knee) is less than 18 inches.

Is the U-Step 2 suitable for someone 6’5” tall?

We offer a customized handlebar that extends the maximum grip-to-floor height from 38 inches to 41 inches. We also offer a customized seat with larger dimensions than the standard seat.
I mentioned the U-Step to my physician, but s/he is not familiar with the model. 

Will Medicare or insurance cover any of the cost?

Medicare reviews each patient’s medical condition to determine whether the U-Step and U-Step 2, classified as advanced walkers, will provide mobility that a standard walker cannot provide. The criteria include “severe neurological disorder or other condition restricting the use of one hand”.
Other insurance plans may use the same criteria, or they may offer greater coverage, depending upon the particular plan.

The two rear wheels are not level with the other wheels. Is that normal?

That is by design. When walking on ramps or uneven surfaces, the rear wheels stabilize you without hindering your progress. Their spring-loaded mounting can be locked, according to the user's need.

How do I change the original U-Step LaserLight batteries?

The battery compartment inside the basket unscrews to open. Use two AA alkaline batteries oriented in the proper direction.

How do I change the original U-Step caster wheel?

Over time, accumulated carpet fibers or pet hair may inhibit one or more caster wheels. In-Step provides replacement wheels for a modest charge. To remove a wheel, use a hammer as you would to remove a nail. To insert a wheel, apply force with a tool such as a rubber mallet.

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