GWP Bluetooth hub for controlling 3 devices - GWP-100

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GWP Bluetooth hub for controlling 3 devices - GWP-100

The wide variety of available smartphones, tablets, and computers are great, but they are difficult to control if you don't have normal hand control. GWP addresses this problem. Start by selecting an Android tablet that is a good size for your abilities, then install our free GWP app, and use our GWP Bluetooth hub to control up to three other devices. The GWP app is a large on-screen keyboard that includes several typing methods and has built-in word prediction. You can type letter-by-letter, use a swiping motion (a gesture) to move between letters, or use Google's built-in speech recognition to enter text into other devices. Cursor control is also standard.

The GWP system is a combination of three technologies: An Android tablet (not included), our free Android GWP app, and our GWP Bluetooth hub. GWP looks like a standard HID Bluetooth keyboard and mouse to other computing devices, so no special software is needed on them.

GWP should work on any Android device running version 4.1 (Jelly bean) or later, but we have only tested it on Samsung and Nexus devices. The app is a free download, so it is easy to check if it will work on your device. Call us if we can help.

The GWP app is available in the Google Play store. There is no cost for this app.

What It Does For You


Mobile devices come in a wide range of sizes and often have tiny onscreen keyboards. GWP enables you to use one tablet, optimally positioned for typing and cursor movement, to control up to three other devices, including smartphones, Windows and Mac computers, and other tablet devices. It also lets you type by speaking what you want to write. GWP provides several ways to enter text, including:

Standard letter-by-letter typing with word prediction. GWP includes sophisticated word prediction that predicts new words based on the previous word you typed. It also learns new words as you use them.

Swiping between letters with continuous word prediction (illustrated above with the red lines). We call this input method "gesturing". As you gesture through the letters of a word, watch for that word to be highlighted in the word prediction list. When it is (for example, "today" in the image above), just lift your finger off of the keyboard and the word is automatically inserted into your sentence! GWP usually predicts the word you want after you gesture towards two or three letters.

Dwelling on the first letter of a word and gesturing the remaining letters. You don't have to be good at hitting the first letter using this approach, and word prediction reduces the gesturing required to enter your text.

Dwelling on the first and final letter to be entered (with word prediction) so that you never have to lift your finger off the tablet surface.

Google speech recognition. As Google recognizes your speech, the text is typed into the selected other device.
GWP lets you seamlessly switch between the typing methods above (with some limitations) so that you can use the method that works best for the task at hand. GWP is also a Bluetooth mouse. You can choose between a track-pad or joystick user interface.

Curious? Try the GWP app for free. It won't type into other devices without the GWP Hub, but you can test drive the on-screen keyboard to see if it will work for you. Call us if you have questions or need help!

How it Works


The key to GWP is our Bluetooth hub. The input tablet running the GWP app sends commands to the GWP hub, which "translates" the commands into Bluetooth HID protocol and forwards them to one of three port devices (smartphones, computers, etc.). So what does that mean for you? It means that you have a customizable keyboard and mouse designed specifically for someone with limited hand control, but to the outside world the text from your onscreen keyboard looks exactly like text from a standard Bluetooth keyboard, and cursor control follows the Bluetooth standard for pointing devices.

This design approach assures that you can do anything on the target devices that a person using a standard Bluetooth keyboard and mouse can do. You have complete control of devices running Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X, or the Android operating system. Unfortunately, Apple iOS devices like the iPad and iPhone are not designed for complete access via Bluetooth. You can use our Bluetooth keyboard with these devices, but the iOS operating system does not support Bluetooth pointing devices. This can make iOS devices a challenge to control using only GWP.

There are two keyboard views in GWP: the main page with the alphabet (image above) and a second page that contains infrequently used keys (right keyboard image). You move between the two views by touching the space key and gesturing upwards. You can also gesture to the left to backword quickly.

GWP-Keyboard GWP_mouse

On the right is also an image of the joystick cursor control screen. The trackpad screen is similar, but without the arrows or "click" button in the center.

Note: The GWP software is computationally intensive and will run best on newer tablet models. We have had excellent performance using the Samsung Galaxy Tabs.

SKU: GWP-100

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